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Jesus man, everybody relax, you know what I mean?

One brief whiff of Yankee interest of a lefty pitcher from Chicago by FOX guy Jon Morosi and suddenly Yankee blogs everywhere are hot and heavy for this dude like he's the next coming of Jesus.  I mean, I know it's almost Christmas, but let's face facts... while we need a few Yankee starters, Jose Quintana is just another pitcher.  I mean, my God, we don't HAVE to trade for this guy. In fact, I can't believe we're still talking about this 2 days later.

Look, Jack Curry of YES said it best the other day:
And then I added to that in INTEREST IN QUINTANA THERE, BUT SLIM with the following:

"You don't collect a slew of top prospects just to trade them away... you slowly build your future... and that's what the Yankees are doing."

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So why in the world are blogs writing stories like this? The Yankees Should Trade These Five Prospects for Jose Quintana

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I love 'Yanks Go Yard', but I totally disagree with this one: "...The White Sox want Justus Sheffield, Dietrich Enns, Chance Adams, Domingo Acevedo and Albert Abreu? Have at it..."

Also mentioned are fielders, and in a nutshell, and I encourage you to read their piece, YGY is suggesting a mix and match. Pick 5 from all those prospects and trade for Quintana. Read below:

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"...the Sox can have Tyler Wade, Rob Refsnyder or Hoy Jun Park. My preference is Billy McKinney..."

But my question is why? WHY?  Jose Quintana is not some superstar stud that gonna suddenly fix the Yankee rotation, and I go back to what Jack Curry said... it's damn slim, so why try to force it?

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Quintana is a career 3.41 ERA pitcher with a 46-46 record.  Nothing there alone is blowing me out of the water.
Photo: The Trentonian
If I had to upgrade my rotation right this second, I would rather just see if Justus Sheffield can hack it before I ship my farm off to Chicago on a guess.

Right now the Pirates are trying to get Quintana.  The Yankees are not.  Hey... as far as I'm concerned... the Pirates can have him. At this very moment.... I'll stay.

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