Monday, December 19, 2016


(Sept. 28, 2016 - Source: Jon Durr/Getty Images North America)
There was a report coming out this morning about Jose Quintana today from Jon Morosi of MLB Network, and while there is some credible info on the rumor, BYB waited to check it out and report it when we knew more rather than just throwing it out. Partly because I just wrote KEEP LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE...yesterday and was pretty clear about weeding through the crap:

"We're trying to keep you up to date on any new Yankee moves, we're still trying to give you updates as large or small as they are, we're trying to cut through the B.S..."

(Sept. 12, 2016 - Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)
I am happy to report that the following report from Morosi is true... but fabricated a bit:
Fabricated no so much by Morosi, but by the poor souls that followed that wanted you to click on their story about virtually nothing.

The truth to this story actually comes from our guy Jack Curry of Yes Network... God love him with the specific followup:
Now the key word is "slim" and it's logical and in line with everything BYB has been saying. You don't collect a slew of top prospects just to trade them away... you slowly build your future... and that's what the Yankees are doing.

I'm not saying a deal with Quintana won't happen... I'm just siding with Curry here... it's slim, and that's that.

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