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If you can't understand the significance of the Red Sox snagging Chris Sale from the White Sox today, not just for the team, but for baseball itself... you just can't be a true baseball fan. 

The Red Sox did something that was once a signature of the New York Yankees. They snuck in during the Nationals "hot and heavy" negotiations for Sale and made an offer too good to pass up. The Sox weren't concerned about their future. They were concerned for the immediate now. There is no question in my mind, this move was important for baseball, and as much as I am not a fan of that team... as a baseball person, I'm the first to say from a Yankee fan standpoint, what an incredible deal! 

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Don't be mad at the Yankees. We were never in on the Chris Sale sweepstakes... at all! You gotta be in it to win it... the Red Sox were. We were not.  Don't be mad at the Red Sox... they did it right.  Wow... they just blew me away.  

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Look, the Yanks have another plan. The Yanks have other needs apparently. The bullpen is very important to them. Aroldis Chapman is their priority and to that I say 'stay on track'. The offer is in to he and to Kenley Jansen... it will be one or the other... one would hope at least.  Hell, maybe both.  What I wouldn't want is none.  Then we would have failed as an organization.  But Chapman and the Yankees have an understanding, and I would hope that that plays into Chapman's decision to come back to the Bronx.  Let's hope.

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Look, the last thing the Yankees would wanna do is build up our farm system just to give it away to Chicago for Chris Sale, right? We needed to stay the course, and Cashman has. To be honest, as much as I would have loved to have seen Sale in pinstripes... we Yankee fans can't have everything.  Relax.

The Red Sox have a rotation that could one day be one of legend one day. I tweeted that earlier tonight.
It doesn't mean I'm a Red Sox fan. It means I respect the process and tip my cap.

One day that rotation of Price, Porcello and Sale could be something you read about like we did of Koufax, Drysdale and Podres.  It's great for baseball, crappy for the American League East, but hey... this game isn't always fair, is it?

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Brian Cashman should stay the course. Brian Cashman should keep to his plan. Let the man work. Let's have faith in what the Yanks can pull off to counter those nasty Sox. That's all we can do as Yankee fans. And don't get angry at those Sox fans either, bro. They got a great player for Christmas. They didn't have anything to do with it. Sure they'll gloat, but wouldn't you?

Wow... Sale to the Sox.

You can't make this stuff up. My goodness.

Come on Cash... whatch'a got?

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