Thursday, November 17, 2016


Just a small nugget here but something we have been talking a lot about when it comes to Brian McCann and Aroldis Chapman.

First off, there has been plenty of stories out there that would have you believe that McCann is about to get traded to the Braves, the Astros, and really...who knows at this point.  The reality is, while the Yankees don't NEED to trade him, they probably will, but the big thing is finding the right fit.

The second guy we talk about a lot is Chapman. Chapman was traded from the Yankees to the Cubs this past season. We got Adam Warren and Gleyber Torres. The Cubs got a World Series win.  Now, Cashman wants him back and I hope we get him, because he was terrific in the playoffs for the Cubs down the stretch. Plus with Hal Steinbrenner saying he wants to improve our bullpen, you gotta know that Chapman could get an enormous pay day from the Yankees... at least that's what I think. has this about both McCann and Chapman and the Yankees wants and needs:

"If Yankees GM Brian Cashman has his way this winter, he'll get free agent closer Aroldis Chapman back in his bullpen and deal catcher Brian McCann to free up money for another big piece. 

Cashman was surprisingly open about his plans Thursday during a call-in interview on WFAN's Boomer & Carton Show. When asked if the Yankees would be spending a lot of money this offseason after not signing any free agents last year, Cashman said, 'I think it depends on how our trade discussions go. Our plan is to dip our toes in the water this year and we'd love to bring a Chapman back. He liked it here.'

 'He's going to have a nice bidding war, as you'd expect for high-end relievers ... him and (fellow free agent closers) Kenley Jansen and (Mark) Melancon,' Cashman said. 'We have to wait and see how that market develops, but it would be nice to have him back..."

I'd say Cash, who's never this vocal, is gearing up for a nice off-season.

Stay tuned.

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