Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Not that he's a Yankee or anything anymore, but once a Yankee, always a Yankee, right?

Quick note about Joba Chamberlain. The guy literally figured out how to pitch again, and in 2016, he's been doing great for the Cleveland Indians compiling a 2.25 ERA in 20 appearances this year.  YESNetwork.com has the story:

"The Cleveland Indians have designated veteran reliever Joba Chamberlain for assignment. The team made several moves to help its overworked bullpen before Monday night's game against Detroit. Left-hander Tom Gorzelanny also was designated for assignment..."

Now it's just crazy to me that Joba would be DFA'd considering the fact that he worked his tail off to get back in his baseball career.  You gotta wonder if another team will try and sign the guy.  Hell, we just wrote about him here at BYB in AARON OR AARON?

It was there that Mikey O'Hara wrote about how the coddling of players like Aaron Judge could ruin him... much like the Yankee did to Joba and Phil Hughes:

"Stop the coddling. It hurts the players we value so much. Joba and Hughes were great young talents, but according to the Yankee “experts”, they were better suited here or there, or weren’t ready.  

Well, we ruined them…though Joba seems to dig Cleveland, and looks like he may have found something…maybe those damn midges gave him the inside dope on how to pitch like he did in 2007."

But with this latest news, the reality is, maybe hard work just isn't good enough anymore.  I know, we're Joba cheerleaders here, but I'm just wondering what the heck Cleveland is thinking.  They're winning for crying out loud! Why change things up... go with the flow. 

In my world, the Yankees will try to snatch up Joba, but I know many could care less about this guy anymore. But not me and O'Hara... we both love Joba... a good guy, a hard worker and a guy who caught a tough break... some of those breaks on his own bad choices. But the reality is, I like the guy, and I like to see players succeed.  Joba had a chance... he just wasn't given enough time in my opinion.  I hope the right team can put a bid in a make a deal with the Indians so he has more life in the majors and doesn't fade away. 

Anyway... I'm rambling now... but I did find it kind of interesting.  Anyway... carry on.

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