Saturday, July 2, 2016


We all have our issues with the current Yankee roster. No, I won’t tear into a certain 1st Baseman who…oh NEVER MIND! I’m looking forward to 2017... enough said.

Things that truly bother me these days are situations like the one involving Aaron Hicks. 

Look, I like John Ryan Murphy a good deal. I get trading him away however. We have a log jam behind the dish, and if an upgrade is possible, trade away. BUT WHAT DOES HICKS DO THAT’S AN UPGRADE? Yes, he is an athletic outfielder who can play all three spots. He’s young…but he doesn’t hit. Murphy hit. Hell, Chris Johnson hits here and there, but more than Hicks. 

Cashman wanted DESPERATELY to be right about this Hicks kid. This was to be a “DAMN, LOOK AT CASH FINDING THE DIAMOND IN THE RUFF” type moment. He did no such thing. Now Murphy is in AAA so we don’t feel the burn here in the Bronx, but still. There is a MONSTER down on the farm that is KILLING the ball. 


It’s time! Stop the coddling. It hurts the players we value so much. Joba and Hughes were great young talents, but according to the Yankee “experts”, they were better suited here or there, or weren’t ready.

Well, we ruined them…though Joba seems to dig Cleveland, and looks like he may have found something…maybe those damn midges gave him the inside dope on how to pitch like he did in 2007.

The point is our GM was WRONG about Hicks and it’s time to let Judge play at the Major League level. Yes, he may scuffle, but so what? Long term he will hit more than the current solution.
We always hear Sports Talk hosts belittle callers who offer up opinions with, “Well, if you knew the answers you’d be GM.”  But it doesn’t take Billy Beane to see that Aaron Hicks should give his job to Aaron Judge and quick! 

The AL East is mediocre at best. The .500 Bronx Bombers are still in it…I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST WROTE THAT... But it’s true. We can improve from within and still build for the future…what are we waiting on? This is not “YOU WERE RIGHT, BRIAN!”  It's “THE BOSS WOULDA CANNED YOU FOR THAT HICKS MOVE, CASH.” Am I right?
Happy 4th of July to my Fellow Americans!
 “MAKING BETTER DECISIONS FOR YOU…or at least better than Cashman”

 ** I always liked his version at the Stadium. The Kate Smith recording is weak sauce**

--Mike O'Hara, Senior "Features" Writer 
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