Wednesday, June 15, 2016


(Photos by Paul Temmerman)
When we last spoke about the South Orange Rescue Squad, it was back in May 2015 when we wrote REVISITING A GREAT CAUSE FOR COURAGEOUS PEOPLE.

It was about an incredible community who needed to rally together to get a building built for that New Jersey Rescue Squad.  Bleeding Yankee Blue didn't do much but donate BYB merchandise to help raise money, and we let you all know that if you had a few bucks, you could do the same.  As we wrote then:

"I have no dog in this fight other than the tell you that I appreciate kindness and courage.  The South Orange Rescue Squad needs your help.  As a BYB family... I'm asking you to rally. "

Well... many did and I'm happy to report that South Orange New Jersey Rescue Squad has a new home.

In this day and age with sad news, tragedy and stress all around us, it's nice to know that kindness still exists. A community did something right, and I am thrilled to say that BYB and it's readers had a small part in that.

Congrats to the SORS! Many thanks to our readers! You did good!

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