Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hey, quick note.

Remember a while back when I received a note about the South Orange Rescue Squad?  The piece was titled DIG DEEP & HELP RESCUE WORKERS SAVE LIVES. At the time South Oranger Rescue Squad needed to raise money to get their Rescue center built.  It was a huge undertaking, but a community, and many BYB readers came together to help them raise money.  It was awesome.

Now, the South Orange Rescue Squad needs your help again and I'm happy to pass this along. I just received this email from the Squad:

"We are finalists to win a $25,000 grant from State Farm to help rebuild our headquarters but we will only get the grant if you vote for us EVERY DAY through June 3rd. Click here: tinyurl.com/SORS2015 to vote now (and again every day until June 3rd) Please share this post with as many people as possible."

You can click on it. It's safe! You should vote for the South Orange Rescue Squad, the link is real, the cause is real.  Why? I'll tell you why.  Rescue personnel are the most courageous individuals ever!  They run into burning buildings when others are running out.  They show up when the conditions are at it's worst to make things better for everyone involved.  I was blown away by the support that South Orange Rescue Squad received last year when they needed money to have their facility built.  It was even better when they held their fundraiser and people from all over donated items to be auctioned off, many of it was Yankee memorabilia.  We too here at BYB donated some items.  It was an important cause then, and it's still an important cause... so VOTE and tell others to do the same!

I have no dog in this fight other than the tell you that I appreciate kindness and courage.  The South Orange Rescue Squad needs your help.  As a BYB family... I'm asking you to rally.  Take a minute to vote... and vote every day until the voting is complete.  Help them out, you'll be happy if you do, trust me... it's a good thing.

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