Friday, October 24, 2014


I once mentioned a fundraiser that took place for a rescue squad in New Jersey that needed money raised to help construct a building to house their rescue workers. You know, volunteers that sacrifice themselves to serve and protect regular citizens.  It was for the South Orange Rescue Squad... and the piece was titled:


The South Orange community and surrounding area residence all helped out in some way and that's terrific because there is nothing better than a community coming together.  We here at BYB were proud to be apart of it and donated hoodies and other items in their auctions.   Now it appears that the early stages of a new facility are about to take place, but with the building process comes more expense. And so, I received this letter the other day and I wanted to pass it on to my loyal readers.  Please take a moment and check it out:

"Our headquarters for the past 43 years has been bulldozed to make room for a new real estate development. The developer contributed funds towards the project but it is estimated that we need to raise at least another $100,000.

So we are asking individuals and businesses to sponsor different parts of the construction.

Larger donors can sponsor entire rooms, pieces of equipment or even ambulances.

Those interested in making smaller donations can sponsor bricks that will become part of the walkway to the building and tiles that will line the front entrance way.

The bricks and tiles will be laser engraved with text and logos that the donor specifies and will become a permanent part of the building's exterior."

South Orange Rescue Squad has teamed up with the Crowdfunding site  and anyone interested in donating can visit. You can either click on the highlighted words above or click on the link below.  Don't worry, it's legit:

You can also sponsor the bricks and tiles directly at the following website:

That's the South Orange Rescue Squad website.  In closing, the letter said this:

"The best thing you could do (aside from donating) would be to share these links via social media with your circle of friends. We are hoping to get this out to a wide audience so please share the links via Facebook, Twitter, etc. and help us spread the word."

That's where I come in. BYB may be a Yankee website, but we're also givers.  We're also informers and when a community needs help, we like to lend a hand.  Truth be told, I have no connections to South Orange at all. I do however understand what it takes to sacrifice your own time and family to go out and help others on a volunteer level.  It's an incredible gesture... and noble.

Take a look, make a donation, or take those links and post them on your Facebook page.  Take a moment and help. I'm not asking you to donate $500 bucks... I'm asking you to think about donating $10. 

But trust me... $500 would probably be incredible.

I hope this helps guys... good luck.

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