Thursday, March 17, 2016


We have Brett Gardner.  We have Jacoby Ellsbury.  We need to get on base. We need to run.

I've stated this here on Bleeding Yankee Blue for years, and while Little League isn't exactly the same, the concept is... you get on, you run your ass off and you get in scoring position for your big boppers.  It's that simple.  I did it in my young baseball career for years, and it worked. Bunt, slap it over third... do what you gotta do and get on base... AND get in scoring position!

Quick, and obvious nugget here.  Gardy believes in the need for speed and how he needs to do more.  Let's hope the team allows it to happen.

 SNY (I'm not kidding) writes:

"Brett Gardner hopes to solve the New York Yankees' need for speed. He swiped 47 bases in 2010 and a league-leading 49 the following year. While he was a first-time All-Star last year, he stole just 20. 

'Obviously a little less aggressive,' Gardner said Wednesday night before going 0 for 2 in his delayed spring training debut. 'Can't steal 40-something bases if you don't try and steal 40-something bases.'"

And it's true, you need to take those chances, you need to trust your abilities and get in scoring position.  Do it early, do it often and do it.  Sure, Gardy is no Rickey Henderson, but you gotta energize a club and sometimes that means running.

Small nugget.  Something the Yankees really need to think about.

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