Thursday, February 25, 2016


(In Photo: Luis Severino)
More fun photos from Yankee Spring Training and just an update.  Today Alex Rodriguez will have a chat with the press.  If you don't remember, last time he was under a microscope.  This time around, the spotlights on Aroldis Chapman and Alex had a successful 2015 Yankee season under his belt and in  the clear.

If you haven't seen our photo gallery of Yankee spring training on BYB, be sure to check out the previous 4 parts of A GLIMPSE OF YANKEE SPRING TRAINING:


Now here's part 5:

Here's our pine tar friend Michael Pineda.  I believe that he will be our secret weapon this season.  He's still young, he's maturing and I believe the kid can easily get us 15 wins this year.  Let's see what happens.


Andrew Miller here... killing it in warm up.  It will be a give and take between he and Aroldis Chapman this year when it comes to the closer role.  No matter what, the pen will be unstoppable.

Ivan Nova standing there like he's holding a newborn baby.  Nope, it's his mitt... all good.  Ivan Nova is a wild card.  Many don't feel like he will do much for us.  I think it will be fine, but I also believe that if a team comes knocking, Nova will be the first to go. We'll see.

Brian McCann, the unspoken Captain of the New York Yankees... or at least that's what I think.  I feel like this year's his break through year in the Bronx.

More soon.  Hope you're digging this.

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