Thursday, February 18, 2016


Over the next few weeks, we here at Bleeding Yankee Blue will continue to celebrate Yankees baseball and Spring Training.  We will try and provide photos of the team as they start to show up to camp and write short commentaries or information about them.  We've done this each year for the past 5 years and it's become one of our signature pieces each season because everyone loves seeing the players each spring. 

So enjoy this... we certainly do.

Big CC Sabathia has been in Tampa for a month now and it's great to see our big Lug, clean and healthy and determined and ready to work.  Nice shot of him at camp today!

Here's Masahiro Tanaka with his translator talking to Larry Rothschild.  It seems pretty obvious to me that the translator has no idea what Rothschild is saying either.  Oh boy.

I kid... I kid.

Here's lefty Chasen Shreve. You know how much I love the lefty! Look, Shreve's biggest problem last year was the kid got tired as the season progressed.  He was used an awful lot early and was very effective. But he lost steam by the end of the season.  No worries, the guy will bounce back great in 2016.  We need him!

And the most controversial figure in baseball right now.  Ardolis Chapman looks good in Yankee blue though, doesn't he?  Look, MLB will try and determine if  they will suspend Chapman for his off season behavior.  Chapman has stated however, that if a suspension is handed down, he will appeal.  Stay tuned on that one.

We will have more Yankee Spring Training pictures real soon as there are always great shots coming from Florida.  Look for more of our A GLIMPSE OF YANKEE SPRING TRAINING series exclusively on Bleeding Yankee Blue for 2016. Why you ask? Because we love you... that's why.

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