Monday, October 26, 2015


If you know anything about me, I'm a fan of Bucky Dent and the main reason personally was because of the choke up.  Me learning to choke up on a bat made me into a pretty successful hitter as a kid. That's because I didn't care that it wasn't cool.

The cool part was I was getting on base because I had the bat speed.  Bucky showed me that at a young age. I never forgot it, and did it through high school.

The Yankee community is torn apart this morning.  Bucky Dent's wife Marianne has passed away. According to a source, she was very sick. It's a news item I was having alittle trouble trying to put on paper for a few hours this morning because I didn't want it to be that old standard news story. Plus, the news is coming directly from Bucky's Facebook page.  For me personally, this story needed to have some personal element attached to it.  That's because it's a very personal and a sad situation.

The outpouring of the Yankee community is incredible.  I was reading Bucky's Facebook page and it's flooded with prayers and condolences.  That's a family coming together right there.

We will have a commentary coming later today or tonight about Bucky Dent from one of our top writers, Suzie Pinstripe.  Suzie's a gigantic fan of Bucky as well as family... and trust me, it will be a must read, so watch for it.

Rest in peace Marianne.  Prayers go to Bucky and his family right now.  Sad, sad time.  But that's why family is so important.  We're all here to help him through this rough time.

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