Saturday, August 1, 2015


I thought this was interesting and I only say that because it's moments like this that you should be thrilled that you come to Bleeding Yankee Blue to read about the Yankees and family and nuggets like the one I'm about to present to you.

BYB Senior writer Jeana Bellezza wrote a terrific piece for us here yesterday morning.  It was titled CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT, BUT IT AINT 'ROID RAGE!  In it, she wrote this:

"If it's not the generic "Yankees Suck" comment, it's a comment about how we have 26 rings and a pocket watch but we aren't relevant anymore."

Now, I don't think I'm a Yankee historian, but I know quite a bit of unusual facts about the Yankees. Strange things. In fact, when I did my edit on Jeana's piece, I knew that the BYB audience may have stumbled on that statement above and could have been confused by it.  That is exactly why I left it like that for the final draft.

The truth is, the New York Yankees have in fact won 27 championships.  But they only have 26 rings.  They have 1 pocket watch.  Fact.  Here's further evidence of that:
"...Prior to the 1922 World Series, players on the World Series-winning team were given keepsakes, such as a pin or pocketwatch...When the Yankees won the 1923 World Series, players were given a commemorative pocketwatch. The Yankees first gave rings to their players following the 1927 World Series."
Interesting right? Thank you Wikipedia.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that nugget with you.  Yes, today people wear their shirts with 27 rings on them, sure, that represents 27 championships and that's fine and good.

But if you're getting technical about it... it's wrong.

It's actually 26 rings... and a pocket watch.

Well done Jeana.

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