Friday, July 31, 2015


One thing about being a Yankee fan...we always have a lot of crap to endure from baseball fans in general. If it's not the generic "Yankees Suck" comment, it's a comment about how we have 26 rings and a pocket watch but we aren't relevant anymore. Or, our team is a bunch of dinosaurs and we are cheaters. I can go on and on....we've all had these debates. It's tough being a Yankee fan, we wear our own uniforms and battle gear too.

So old news, but last Monday night Mark Teixeira had a meltdown. You can read more about that HERE if you need to but now it is as Joe Girardi puts it a "non-issue" in the organization. As far as the fans and Yankee haters go it is FAR from over. So after the picture of Teixeira beating up a trash can surfaced next my cell phone starts to light up like a Christmas tree, and my Facebook and twitter got private messages on them. Yes, let it be known I am a Mark Teixeira believer but seriously, can't these people antagonize someone else?

::Red Sox fan:: Hey Jee! I told you that SUCKteira guy you like so much is a jackass. That is disrespectful to his team.
::Me:: I will be sure to tell him next time we talk.
::Red Sox fan:: I am serious! Carrying on like that is unprofessional.
::Me:: What do you have a problem with exactly? Yelling at the Coach or the trash can?
::Red Sox fan:: The trash can and his temper tantrum. Get a grip Paul O'Neill wannabe.
::Me:: Yeah, because David Ortiz never beat the heck out of a phone in the dugout before.
::Red Sox fan:: Well....that's different.
::Me:: How convenient....get outta here!

Or how about this one?

::Yankee hater with multiple "favorite" teams:: GET THAT MAN A PED's TEST!
::Me:: Right....because a reformed Gluten free .259 hitter is on the roids! That is a ground breaking idea right there.
::Yankee hater with multiple "favorite" teams:: Well Asprin doesn't cause that.
::Me:: Asprin....not a bad idea right now with how many of these messages I am getting.
::Yankee hater with multiple "favorite" teams:: Well you guys like your steroids.
::Me:: Oh that's right....Yankee players are the only ones that take PEDs.
::Yankee hater with multiple "favorite" teams:: Maybe Alex Rodriguez hooked him up.
::Me:: Yeah, maybe he knows Tony Bosch!

But this one is my personal favorite, especially after today's breaking news of Jenrry Mejia second failed drug test this year, read more on that HERE.

::Mets friend:: Check your boy, that is Roid Rage no doubt about it.
::Me:: Did he share it with Mejia?
::Mets friend:: What are you talking about? He served his time. He's back.
::Me:: Check the news homey.
::Mets friend:: LIES!
::Me:: Ok, if that is what helps you sleep at night.

So no people...the Mark Teixeira is on Roids is not funny and in fact, my friend the Mets fan was living under a rock. It's called PASSION people. That's right the stoic Mark Teixeira himself showed some emotion. The world must be coming to an end. I don't know what to do with myself. This temper tantrum changes everything.....except the amazing score last night and the leader in the AL East.

Keep searching haters. Carry on Yankees!


--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 

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