Friday, June 19, 2015


And it had to be because BYB readers and Yankee fans Jenn and her man were at the game tonight...
Good work! Look, BYB will have a recap tonight of the game and we'll speak about the homer further, but I have to say, if there was ever a dramatic moment for Alex Rodriguez, it was hitting a homer for his 3000th hit at Yankee stadium. 

When Derek Jeter did it, much like he did with everything in his career... it was almost obvious for Derek, because good vibes always seemed to find their way to him. I guess that's because he was our beloved Captain.

Now, Alex hits a homer for his 3000th hit, and that's pretty damn cool... but I can see the haters now, "Oh, what a jerk, he had to do what Jeter did."  The guy just can't win.

Anyway, look... I'm not an ARod guy, but I tip my hat on a dramatic 3000th hit.  Thanks for continuing to help the Yankees win, and congrats on the milestone.

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