Thursday, April 16, 2015


The Yankees are stinking up the field. Yup, that is an understatement I know. I can sit here and bitch about it and I know it doesn't change the games we have already played but it still needs to be said. This team should be doing better than they are. It may only be April but games in April still matter and we are not keeping pace. Something has to change....and fast.

We have all waited all winter for the Yankees to come back and quite frankly this is not what I have waited for. The defense is sloppy and the offensive struggles continue. It may be a new season, but the theme is still the same. I got really angry watching last night's game. Partly because my MLB extra innings package only gives me broadcasts for the home team so I had to listen to Orioles announcers all night. But the worst part for me....was realizing that this loss meant we lost another series. "So what..." you may be saying. The Yankees have not lost the first three opening series since 1991 so it is a big deal. It's not a good note to start out on.

I can't keep sitting here throwing objects at my television. I am not a rich woman and I do not need to raise my blood pressure but this team is bringing out the worst in me. Last night there were some stupid mistakes were made.

First of all, not to continue to rip on Didi Gregorius....but seriously ya made a bonehead mistake last night Didi. At first I was clapping. I was cheering and happy because he made this great stop. The ball was in his glove....and then it wasn't! He goes to grab it with his free hand and drops the ball. Then he haphazardly kicks it. had the ball in your glove. There is no reason to lose control and drop the ball like that. Get your head in the game, Didi. New York is a tough place to play. We are all on your corner but until you stop making dumb errors you are going to keep hearing it. It's how we roll in New York. I can say this unlike anyone else because I know you used to play in Arizona in my backyard. I get it better than anyone....but I also know how stupid these errors are that you are making. Get it together!

We gave up Shane Greene for you....and I really liked him. Don't make me miss him even more. Too late,'s headline says it all: Former Yankees pitcher traded for shortstop Didi Gregorius is flourishing in Detroit.

The Yankees need to learn how to play small ball. Again, not a new concept. Last night I was SCREAMING when Chase Headley went up to the plate. It was the perfect opportunity to bunt and it could've even been a HIT not just a sacrifice. Manny Machado had shifted so far over he was playing the shortstop position! All Headley had to do was bunt it to third. There is no way Machado would have made it there in time and I bet money that we would have had runners on both first and second. The Orioles were basically GIFTING us a hit and again, since we can't play small ball we just ignore it. That was a bonehead of a move. And speaking of bonehead moves....can we PLEASE take Carlos Beltran out of the three hole? PLEASE?! Switch hitter or not.....

Nathan Eovaldi battled last night, but he kept us in the game. I can't complain with 9 strikeouts, 2 earned runs over five innings. The Orioles made him work, but he kept us in the game. With some work, I think Larry Rothschild can really transform him. The Yankees were winning when he was pulled from the game and David Carpenter replaced him. He gave up three runs and he just wasn't fooling the Orioles last night. His runs were really what caused the momentum to change but Justin Wilson and his earned runs didn't help either.

If I wasn't irritated enough....I see we are chipping away in the 9th inning. Joe Girardi decides to pinch hit and puts in Gregorio Petit for Didi. WHY?! It is the last opportunity the Yankees have. You have nothing to lose here!

Garrett Jones is also on the bench and he has some pop in his bat. I don't understand this move! If the Yankees tie it up and it goes into extra innings then so be it, deal with it then. Petit is not the guy you trust to keep the game going. He can't hit AND he can't field. Maybe that is a little harsh right now....but come on!

I am extremely disappointed in the performance of this team. They are better than this. Starting the season 0-3 in series matchups just is not acceptable, especially not when they are all against division rivals. This could come back to haunt the Yankees later if they don't get their act together. The team needs a Jorge Posada team meeting. Someone needs to stand up and take the reigns here. Who is going to step up? There is no more Derek Jeter....and Yankee management needs to wake up and get their heads out of their asses. They are equally to blame.

Rant over. Thursday is an off day....thank goodness. The players need it and quite frankly so do I.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ  

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