Friday, April 17, 2015


Eric Boland of Newsday has a piece out about the Yankees, their 'shoddy' defense and Brian Cashman being surprised. Really Brian?  He writes:

"Brian Cashman certainly didn't envision a 3-6 start to the season. The primary culprit, he said Thursday, is easy to pinpoint.

Pretty much everything. 

'We have fumbled, whether it's running the bases, defense, starting pitching, the bullpen,' he said by phone. 'All of it in some form or fashion has factored in the six losses.'

But one area, he said, has surprised him the most.

The Yankees have been poor defensively, committing a major league-high 11 errors entering Thursday. Nine came in the first six games."

Now, look... as fans, we're all a bit surprised.  We really didn't need an article about it, but the question is, how do you fix it?

There's been rumblings that the Yankees are high on this Braves kid, Jose Peraza. he's a second baseman, a top prospect, a ton of upside, but is it a panic move?

The names that would be included in this potential trade are Gary Sanchez, who the Yankees clearly have passed by, and Luis Severino, which, in my opinion, would be foolish. 

Look, the Yankees have 2 second baseman in the minor leagues... Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela.  It's my opinion that they really don't have much of an interest in bringing up Refsnyder, but from a fan perspective, there is so much buzz about this kid brought on BY the Yankees, I'd love to see them hand him the keys and see what happens. Logically, it wouldn't be much worse than what we have right now.  If we did that though, it would be obvious to me that Stephen Drew, who's playing well, would move to Shortstop, and Didi Gregorius would either be sent down, or benched, or what... I don't know. 

The same moves would be made if the Yankees traded for Peraza, but here's the thing about that... we'd give Severino and Sanchez away.  The move for Peraza really messes up the entire idea of raising Yankee farm hands to shine, but I guess the Yanks don't have the patience anymore. They clearly haven't had it for years.  Look, I'm not opposed to Peraza, but I just want consistency. We used to wait for things to blossom.

Remember what it was like when the Core Four came up? There were errors, there were mistakes, but they stayed with them and soon enough, things got better.  Repetition happened.  Consistency happened.  Wins happened and that's because there was no jerking around of kids up and down to the minor leagues.

They brought them up, ready or not, and they learned from the veterans and from playing daily in the Big show.  We don't have that anymore.  We go out and get Stephen Drew, who, I'm telling you... his lucks about the run out. 

We go out and get Didi Gregorius, who, I believe still has time to shine, but right now we look like we just got Ken Phelps for Jay Buhner.... Shane Greene is fantastic in Detroit.  You know what I mean?

(In Photo: Ken Phelps signed baseball)
We need to wake the F up. If Chase Headley is having alittle trouble at 3rd fielding a baseball, guess what, throw Alex Rodriguez at third alittle more.  Sure he's old, but he's been dynamite for us this season... showing up and playing and not saying anything dumb. 

You can still use Headley's bat, rotate he, Garrett Jones, ARod, Mark Teixeira between 1st, 3rd and DH and let's get things moving here! Big bats, decent fielding with this group... LET'S GO!

Look, if we're gonna try things, I'd rather do it now.  I just don't know what else to do. Do you?

I do know this... the Yankees have zero patience, and maybe that's because us fans are annoyed so quickly.  Hey, maybe it's a good thing, maybe they're listening.  I'll tell you what though... Yankee fandom is dwindling... empty seats, no faith. It's obvious and it's only April.

Hey, say what you will about the Mets, but the Mets are looking good right about now.  What does that say about the Yankees? Sure, Brass will say "We don't worry about the team across town." Sure... maybe not, but notice what they're doing.  Raising kids to play.  Sure, it took awhile for them, but things are starting to fall into place.  Why?  Patience. 

Maybe bring our own kids up. What do you say?  Bird's waiting in the wings.  Refsnyder is too.  Severino could be the next big stud... but I don't want to find that out when he's a star on the Braves.  I want him in pinstripes.   You feel me?

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