Thursday, April 9, 2015


I love David Cone.  I've meet the guy only once, but when I did, I loved our chat.  He was engaged and actually appeared to want to talk to me.  He signed a card for my kid without hesitation. I had a really good time with him and I am more of a fan of him now then when he played. Cone's a really, really nice guy.  He's also a great baseball analyst.  But there's something else... he's also wrong about Masahiro Tanaka. 

Look, as a fan, I was thrilled when Tanaka decided to play for the Yankees.  It was a great day in New York when he made his announcement on Twitter.  He has a gorgeous delivery and a great fastball.  It's a fastball that both the Yankees and Yankee fans expected to take us to future championships in the Bronx. 

But tonight, in Cone's chatter during the game tonight, he said something that puzzled me very badly:

Cone said "Everybody wants to push the panic button. No reason for that at all. So much made of Tanaka and 1 mile an hour fastball difference on his average velocity. Some of the comments his made... about changing his style. Way overblown."

Way overblown? Come on Coney, you're smarter than that!  The Yankees signed this guy for his approach and for his fastball.  His fastball and his ability to throw masterfully is the reason why Tanaka is a New York Yankee!  Fans want to see the fastball!  Fans DON'T want to hear that he's changing his style. 

It would be like if IBM designed a brand new "state of the art" computer and they released it today. You read the specs and you saw the photo and you love it. In fact, you spent alot of money and you bought it and it will be delivered to your house the next day. 

Well, tomorrow comes and the IBM warehouse decides, "You know what, scratch that.  It's nice, but we're bringing back the PC Junior. Let's give that another shot." 

No way, bro! I didn't pay for the PC Junior... I paid for the new, hot one.  Give me that one, because that's the one we were sold on. 

I don't want changes in anything.  All that tells me about Tanaka is he's not healthy and he's not pushing himself so he WON'T have to have Tommy John Surgery.  How about the Yankees and Tanaka are just honest with us?  Fix the guy now and we'll have a Tanaka at 100% in 2016.  Right now we don't have Masahiro Tanaka... we have the knock off... Melvin Tanaka... and he's not that good.

Cone can act like fans are over blowing Tanaka's "change" in pitching style all he wants, but we didn't sign up for that... bottom line.

Coney... don't hate me. I'm just being honest, man... I'm a fan. When you buy the best dog at the shop, you don't want the one that shits on the carpet. You want the best dog.  We paid good money, for a great pitcher with a great fastball.  We didn't pay good money on a great pitcher that's worried his arm may fall off... so he's throwing softer.  It doesn't work that way.  Fans get angry fast.

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