Monday, March 30, 2015


A fun nugget here.  My buddies in Australia, Charles and Joey Moses (Read FROM THE BRONX, AUSTRALIA... WITH LOVE), not only love and respect the New York Yankees, but they turned me onto the South Sydney Rabbitohs. The Rabbitohs are an Australian Rugby Football Team that won the whole thing last year.  That sparked my interest and then, I read about them in People magazine.

That's when I knew they were going mainstream.  Then I found out that Russell Crowe owned the team, and then, when he retweeted Bleeding Yankee Blue's story about the Rabbitohs and their similarities to the New York Yankees, I was then convinvced of 2 things;

Me having my story retweeted by Russell Crowe was about as close as I would ever get to the actor, and that the Rabbitohs were in fact the real deal. (Read WHEN RUSSELL CROWE RETWEETS YOU... IT'S A GOOD DAY)

My buddy Charles just sent me this photo above of a shop in Australia just a few weeks ago. This window is from Mick Simmons Sport in downtown Sydney.  It's the Rabbitohs and the Yankees side by side.  If that's not a glowing endorsement for greatness... I don't what is.

And now maybe Russell Crowe will Retweet my story again.  We're buds you know...

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