Saturday, October 25, 2014


I don't get crazy about tweets and retweets, but this particular one I did.

As you know, recently I was informed about the South Sydney Rabbitohs, a rugby club in Australia that is on fire and had been all season, and according the Daily Telegraph

"The South Sydney Rabbitohs are fast becoming an unstoppable force in rugby league.  Just like Manchester United in soccer, the Dallas Cowboys in NFL or the New York Yankees in baseball."

That quote caught my eye, namely because I saw the Yankees listed in there.  Obviously, many in Sydney consider the Rabbitohs to be a future dynasty... and there is no question the team is rolling right now.  Here are the Grand Finals, won on October 5th:

Well, much to my excitement, I woke up to Russell Crowe's retweet of our Bleeding Yankee Blue piece I put together a few weeks ago on the Rabbitohs:

Read what Russell retweeted, it was titled: YEAR OF THE RABBITOHS. A special thanks to Charles Moses, my pal who tweeted it to Crowe... just to make sure he saw it:
I thank you Russell. It was about as exciting as when Mark Wahlberg favorited, VIDAL NUNO VS. OPTIMUS PRIME. THAT WAS THE QUESTION.

You made my weekend pal.  A special thanks to my Australian family Charles and Joey Moses and their amazing commitment to the Yankees and to BYB. They turned me onto the Rabbitohs!

Gotta love it. International love. All good.

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