Saturday, June 28, 2014


I'm about to get real. I love the rivalry against the Boston Red Sox, but in the interest of my oldest sons and what they REALLY want to do last night... I picked the "Transformers: Age of Extinction" movie instead. My thinking was simple; "Vidal Nuno's pitching. I don't feel like being heartbroken tonight."  No, it's not a true fan mentality... but it was mine last night.  I had 2 kids that really wanted to see Optimus Prime kick ass. You do what you gotta do. I know you understand.

The movie was better than expected. Wahlberg was bad ass, Nicola Peltz was hot, and after alittle dialog with Orioles fan and BYB Reader, Rob on the social networks, I was pleasantly surprised when Mark Wahlberg himself "Favorited" my Tweet. 

Then I realized something... there would be no followup dialog... that's because Mark Wahlberg was probably watching the Yankees, Red Sox game...

I followed the game on my phone and for the BYB readers, I woke up super early this morning to watch it through. I am happy to report that the Nuno that's been missing so far this year was back... and I was thrilled to see him dealing!

Nuno went 5.2 innings. He gave up only 2 hits and zero runs.  There was only 1 more hit given up by Yankees pitching and it was off of Dellin Betances.  The rest of the pen did what they did best... hold down the opponent. 

The Yankees hitting and run scoring went like this;  It was amazing... it was the old Yankees we know and love!  In the bottom of the first, Mark Teixeira sacrificed home DJ. In the 4th, there were back to back homers from Kelly Johnson and Brett Gardner.

Johnson's was a 2 run shot knocking home Brian McCann.  In the 8th, Brian McCann homered as well knocking in 1.

It was in assault from the Yankees last night... as we fought evil and saved the world!.... Wait a minute... now I'm confusing the movie with reality.  I mean... the Yankees beat the Red Sox, defeated evil at the stadium last night. At the same time, I was in a crowded theater with 2 kids fascinated with the cool special effects and amazing story line of Transformers... as they too, defeated evil... a good night for all I'd say.

And Vidal Nuno? Mighty Nuno? He did great.  As I texted to fellow BYB writer last night Suzie Pinstripe... "Good for him."  You know, I've said this about baseball in general, and it applies to when you play, as much as when you root;  Sure, there's a rivalry here between the Sawx and the Yanks, but it's still a game.  Sometimes you need to step back, smell the roses... or, in my case, watch a Michael Bay flick... and come back later... you may be pleasantly surprised. I know I was... good job Vidal Nuno... way to go Yanks!

Final: Yankees 6 - Red Sox 0... Oh... and Optimus Prime won too... he always wins... bad ass.

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