Sunday, October 12, 2014


If you've never heard of the South Sydney Rabbitohs... you will.

I've heard about them alot the past few weeks from my friends Charles & Joey Moses.  You remember them, huge Yankee fans, big time BYB readers and good friends.  Read FROM THE BRONX, AUSTRALIA... WITH LOVE for more!

This morning, I was checking out People magazine and came across this picture:

Then I started to do what I do at my computer every morning... NO... not surfing porn! I started researching. I started surfing and wandering and finding nuggets for my BYB audience.  Then I came across the Daily Telegraph.  In this article, titled "Rise and rise of the Rabbitohs as a great super club set to catch all other NRL teams on the hop" came this:

"The South Sydney Rabbitohs are fast becoming an unstoppable force in rugby league.
Just like Manchester United in soccer, the Dallas Cowboys in NFL or the New York Yankees in baseball."

I smiled... even in Australia, the Yankees are elite.  Putting the Rabbitohs in the same category, well, they must be a big deal.

Actor Russel Crowe and James Packer run the Rabbitohs ship and since they've come together, they put together a group of guys, believers, fighters, that don't want to lose.  As the Daily Telegraph writes: "Souths (Rabbitohs), are now on the verge of becoming the new powerhouse of the NRL, both on and off the footy field. They are a super club and there is no stopping them..."

Sounds like something the New York Media may have said about the Yankees during their run between 1996 and 2000.  True fighters with tools needed to destroy any team that comes in their path.

Fans love winners.  Fans love believers.  The Yankees 2014 weren't that, but there is no question we will have to fix it going into the 2015 season.  As I've stated here alot on BYB.  When you lose, it stings like hell, and you never want that feeling again, and so you fight to win the next time harder than before. If you want to know anything about the Rabbitohs, know this; they are inspiring because they are perfecting their craft.

I know, this really has nothing to do with the Yankees.  Well, in the spirit of great teams and fighting for tradition and pride... it does.  The Rabbitohs fans are similar to Yankees fans, that passion is there.

In fact, since I believe in winners, and there is no conflict with my New York Yankees... guess what I'm doing?

I'm buying a hat:

Go Rabbitohs... Go Yankees!

Enjoy your Sunday.

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