Friday, February 6, 2015


News? Not really.  But we have an obligation here at Bleeding Yankee Blue... we gotta report stuff that's Yankee related... kind of, sort of. OK, this isn't even close to the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, but whatever... here's how I see it.  Derek Jeter is dating Hannah Davis, and Hannah Davis got the cover of Sports Illustrated... and fans know that... and here we are.

Hannah Davis has always been out there.  But her career was no doubt catapulted with the help of dating the King of New York, the one and only Derek Jeter.  Don't get me wrong, she earned the cover, that's the occupation she is in, but being with Jeter had to help, right?

Oh, and just to be clear. I've always been a Kathy Ireland fan.  It must be a generational thing or something, but that being said, Hannah's nice to look at and I know that all my female writers will yell at me and I deserve it.  Go ahead and yell!   Hey, we're just doing what any site would do when news breaks... sort of...

Yup... Jeet's hittin' that.

Slow news day... what can I say.

Enjoy your Friday.

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