Thursday, November 6, 2014


So... I saw my future husband again yesterday morning, and no I am not referring to Mark Teixeira. I think the people at Dunkin Donuts are experts at making more than just great coffee, they make cute moments possible too.

Last year I wrote about an absolutely adorable little boy named Brayden in A YANKEE PROPOSAL....SORT OF. We hit it off and will always have a bond. Remember... he gave me this ring.

Then, I ran into him again earlier this year and I wrote about it in UPDATE: A YANKEE PROPOSAL....SORT OF. Well, yesterday, again.... I ran into him on my coffee hunt. Last time I saw him he didn't recognize me at first. This morning he did though and I was greeted with a big hug.

When I last chatted about that boy Brayden, he was playing Little League and was telling me about he was "super fast" like Brett Gardner. Little League is over now and he started playing flag football, but he got hurt in his first game. So for now he said mom and dad won't let him play until his ankle heals. You could tell he was a little bummed out. Who wants to sit out on the sidelines?

I asked him about David Robertson, too. After all, we can't have a breakfast date without talking about the man who brought us together in the first place. That would be a crime! I asked him if he thought Robertson was going to be on the Yankees next year and he kept it short and sweet...

"Yeah! He's not going to leave the best team." I liked his positive attitude. Then I asked him how much should the Yankees pay him to come back and he said....

"A trillion dollars!"

Of course I had to ask him how many years should his contract be for and he said....


And in case you are wondering how he feels about Dellin Betances as a closer he said....

"He's good but he's too young still!"

Hey, Brayden has a vision here and I like it! I just don't want to think about how he will react if Robertson isn't on our team next season. Last thing I want to see is this poor guy crushed that his favorite player isn't a Yankee anymore.

So my favorite part of this meeting was for the first time Brayden asked me what I have been up to lately! I told him that just like him I have been playing in a league too and that is where this story goes from cute to ADORABLE! Next thing I know....Brayden is asking me if he can come watch my team play. If he only knew how awful we are. Seriously, the kid has no idea. I didn't tell him because I don't want his opinion of me to change.

So Brayden....I definitely like all of our meet cute moments. I think that is the best way I could possibly define it. Where and when will we meet next? Who knows! As long as it isn't on our softball field, of course.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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