Friday, July 11, 2014


The trade for Brandon McCarthy was the start of it the other day.  The Yankees know they need to upgrade. While I didn't want to see Vidal Nuno go, I knew it was important to upgrade with a seasoned starter and I was semi-excited about McCarthy, but I was torn about Nuno leaving. I think, down the road it could prove to be a smart pickup by Cashman.

Now the Yankees have acquired lefty starter Jeff Francis. The Daily News has it:

"The Yankees made a minor move Friday afternoon to add pitching depth, but presumably have more of this kind of work to do in the wake of Thursday’s news that Masahiro Tanaka has a partially-torn elbow ligament. The Yanks acquired lefty Jeff Francis from Oakland, both teams announced. The Yankees said they got the 33-year-old Francis and cash in exchange for a player to be named later, though the Athletics’ Twitter account said the deal was Francis to the Yanks for cash."

As I also read it, I then read comments from people on Facebook and Twitter that were literally the equivalent of raping and pillaging my village. Everyone is angry, but everybody needs to calm down! Fans always think that they have it figured out. But fans, me included, aren't dealing with big contracts, money, injuries, personnel, the other teams and the players that we all want. Brian Cashman is doing the best job he can under the circumstances of that very moment. In other words, Jeff Francis became available, and he went for it.  Is it considered a band-aid situation? Not necessarily, but it appears to be that way because Francis hasn't exactly been lights out these days. Plus, it was a cash for player deal, so it's not "major news".

I will tell you what Francis is though... he's decent, and a lefty, and that will fill the CC Sabathia void for a bit at least.

Also, I personally don't think Cashman is finished. I believe there will be more trades and more pickups. The Yankees know what they need to do and they hear it from the fans every day.  One thing they will HAVE to do is fix the problems we've had all season. They also know that in the back of their mind, they cannot repeat NOT making it to the playoffs again. Trust me, it won't' happen.

Do me a favor BYB family, wish Jeff Francis good luck.  The guy will do fine for us...

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