Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I just wanted to point something out.  David Ortiz might be the biggest S.O.B. on the East Coast. What kind of arrogance and disrespect to you have to have to just step out of the batter's box on a pitch? It's wrong... and I'm calling crap on this dude!

Now look, I understand moving the game along. I also understand intentional walks and un-intentional walks.  What happened the other night between the Red Sox and the Cubs was despicable.  Don't know what I mean? Read this from NESN...

"David Ortiz knew he was going to be walked before it even happened. With the score tied 1-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning, Big Papi strolled to the plate with a man on and two outs. In the tight situation, Cubs pitcher Neil Ramirez went the unintentional-intentional walk route and opted to pitch around the slugger."

I don't care what he knew or didn't know. RESPECT THE GAME JACKASS! Watch this.

This douche gets a pass every time he's out there on the field.  I will never understand why someone like Bud Selig can unofficially anoint Ortiz Major League Baseball's Ambassador, hugging him after the 2013 World Series... meanwhile he was just as guilty as all the other PED users out there.

Don't forget, he tested positive and was on that "list" with other offenders... some of which had to serve their suspension. But not Ortiz... he's baseball's Golden Boy...

I guess he's still out there looking into how he could have possibly tested positive for PEDs... unreal.

Much like OJ looking for the killers, he's doing his best to search for the accusers. We all know it's bullshit.

There is no respect in this game anymore.  If you can't stand there for 1 second to take a pitch, what else is this guy allowed to do?  According to Selig... anything he wants...

Papi needs one high and tight. No pitcher will do it though... because they'll get in trouble. Ortiz is sacred...

but he needs to be Glass Joe.

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