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We've all heard about pitchers given a scare when a liner comes back at their head off a live bat.  Truth be told, it's the scariest moment in sports.  We've actually written about it quite a bit here on BYB. Read our recent piece titled BASEBALL'S SMART NEW FASHION TREND.

(In Photo: Patrick O'Hagan)
Not to get off track, but the reality is, a blow to the head is serious and recently, in the Jersey area, it happened to a 19 year old playing organized softball. Now, Patrick O'Hagan is fighting for his life.

As reports: "Patrick was pitching during the June 5 practice for a charity softball game when the ball was drilled back at him. He never lost consciousness, his father said. 

(In Photo: Patrick O'Hagan)
His friends - all home from college for the summer - scooped him up and drove him to the home of a friend whose mother is a medical professional, O'Hagan said. Unsure about how serious the injury would be, his parents later drove him to The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, where doctors told the O'Hagans that Patrick's brain was swelling significantly. 

The doctors tried to treat the swelling medically, but it would not subside - not even slightly..."

Later, surgeons at New York Presbyterian performed a surgery to cut away some of his skull. That relieved some of the pressure from his brain. It was speculated that if they didn't do the surgery, O'Hagan may have died, but if you talked to his friends and family, he would have kept fighting... because that's the type of guy Patrick is.

We believe in fighters here at BYB. We also believe in the family unit, kindness and life. As you know if you read us, that's what we write about... besides the New York Yankees. So, we saw the need to help Patrick O'Hagan and his family, and we're going to spread the word about something special.

I mean, I think about my own family and if this happened to one of my sons or daughters... I'd want to die if I saw my child in a situation like this.  Baseball is an amazing sport, but the opponent never just rolls over when you compete against each other.

Players show up, and in O'Hagan's situation, in others like Major League pitcher Alex Cobb or Aroldis Chapman... sometimes a liner can do serious damage. That next half second is never enough time to escape danger. My heart goes out to the O'Hagan's and so, BYB is doing our best to give back.

We here are all in, heading an auction in coordination with the Jack DiSalvo Foundation and First American Title Insurance.

The auction is simple, for all you Yankee fans out there, we are auctioning off 4 tickets to a game at Yankee Stadium on July 19th.  The auction is four tickets to a private MVP Yankee Suite, with complimentary food and drinks. You and 3 of your friends can hang at Yankee stadium, watch the Yankees play the Cincinnati Reds, and know that your donation went to a great cause, to raise money to help Patrick O'Hagan and his family with medical expenses. The tickets were donated by First American Title Insurance.

To bid in the auction, all you have to do is click HERE. It will bring you directly to the auction. All the details are there to read. And if you want to just donate, and don't necessarily enter to win the bid for Yankee tickets, you can do that too, click HERE.

Look, the bottom line is, we want to help, and you should too. Do it, try and win tickets, make a donation, make a bid, whatever you can do, it's what humans do, we get each others back!

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