Sunday, April 20, 2014


I wrote about Jack DiSalvo recently.  He was a great coach in the North Jersey area and someone that many could learn from. In this day and age, some coaches are out there doing for themselves and NOT for the kids. Sure, the idea is to help and teach kids, but that almost seems like a thing of the past. These days, there are too many coaches out there in it, not for the kids, but to bring the championship trophy home to their own living room. Jack DiSalvo was different.  Jack believed in his kids and trained and educated them and had the drive to motivate and inspire. He was a great man and was loved by many.

He passed away late last year and shortly after, the Jack DiSalvo Foundation was born in hopes to continue his legacy.  Read STRIVE TO COACH THE JACK DISALVO WAY! for more on that. Trust me, you will be blown away.

Yesterday, the first annual Jack DiSalvo Foundation Charity baseball game took place.  Hundreds of baseball fans, DiSalvo supporters and charity givers honored Jack and offered their time and services to this very special event.  The irony here is Jack DiSalvo took the time out of his busy life to give back, and yesterday, hundreds of others did the same, be it with their checkbooks, their aprons or their baseball bats. A community came together. You gotta love humanity some times... it makes the world go 'round.

At Hawthorne High School in Hawthorne, New Jersey, there were a ton of players that showed up for a great game. The support was overwhelming, and New Jersey Amateur Baseball League really handled the game well, bringing in a bunch of great players with a lot of heart and a lot of talent. Oh, and there were a ton of laughs too. That's what happens when great causes are executed... you enjoy yourself alittle more.  It's not every day that a bunch of strangers can get together to support a great cause. But on a gorgeous day in North Jersey, that's exactly what happened. 

Chef Anton was on hand cooking up a storm for many of the patrons. Now, I observe alot when I'm in a space filled with people. I watch everyone.  I will tell you something... and it won't traction anywhere else, but I understand commitment and determination and that's why I'm mentioning it;  This cat never slowed down. Anton never took a break and made sure everyone was fed.  If you've never had the Pesto Burger... you are missing out on the most incredible meal this side of the Mississippi.  I tip my cap to Anton, he is the man!

In the end, over $2400 was raised for St. Joseph's Children's Hospital on behalf of the Jack DiSalvo Foundation.  Job well done.  In life, you meet many different types of people.  Yesterday, in Hawthorne, the inspired and motivated came together and made a change.  I applaud this event and am proud to say that for me personally... it wasn't about writing something provocative for my BYB audience to get readership clicks, it was about this important cause.

When I first wrote about Jack DiSalvo on April 9th, I believed in the man enough to post his incredible story.  This morning, I'm doing it again, because it's damn important to give back. 

I applaud all who participated, all who donated and all who believe in a positive force for our children.  Be inspired today ladies and gentlemen... Strive to coach the Jack DiSalvo way.  Be a leader.

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