Thursday, February 27, 2014


Some things I don’t mind hearing about.  I like to hear positive things.  If Ty Hensley was able to raise a ton of money for BeEdmond… I love that and I’m all in (Read NEW TY HENSLEY INTERVIEW: CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN).  When players like Bobby Abreu are able to come back to baseball and try to make a pro team again... like the Phillies, again, I love that. It’s a story about “the comeback” and I can’t resist to read and write about it.

I tried to stay positive all throughout Derek Jeter’s ankle injury and recovery last season, but whenever I’d find that positive nugget, there would be a setback and eventually, Jeet was put on a shelf.  I wasn’t misinforming the audience. I was looking for the positive nuggets, the accurate nuggets to keep the BYB audience encouraged.  It never worked out last season.  This season however, it’s different. Derek Jeter IS 100%.  Jeter is NOT worried. Brian Cashman is NOT worried…

Then I read David Waldstein of the New York Times and he has a quote from Mark Texieira… and now I’m worried again.  Don’t know what I mean? Read this:

“Teixeira sustained a similar ankle injury while playing at Georgia Tech. If Jeter’s recovery is anything like Teixeira’s, he may not fully heal until after he retires. Jeter has said 2014 will be his final season, and some of it may be spent compensating for playing through soreness or weakness.

'I wasn’t right for two years,' Teixeira said.

Teixeira was 20 was he was hurt; Jeter is attempting to come back at 39."

I know, I know... someone tell me I worry too much. Please! I hope and I pray that because Tex and Jeter are different players, this Tex stuff won't affect Jeter's progress.  Lets hope Jeter is 100%. He's got to be right?   There’s no question though that now this will be in the back of my mind.

Also, I tip my cap to Waldstein. Great piece today, great nugget… but you’re worrying me sir.

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