Friday, December 20, 2013


Now everyone loves the Christmas Jeter... that was confirmed yesterday when we posted IT'S THE CHRISTMAS JETER and showed you a great shot of him in a Santa hat. Merry Christmas.   Look, there is now question, the guy is an absolute stud and it's clear to me that everyone loves the dude.

But Natalia, the lovely young lady who made it, also made a bunch of other Yankees in Christmas gear. This is her idea, not mine, give her the credit, she's the genius here.  So look, between now and December 25th, we will be featuring as many "Christmas Yankees" as we can to get everyone in the holiday spirit here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.  It's Exclusive to us... how exciting.  Natalia does it in her free time... that's the perk here.  You gotta love that.

So, here is a new one today and it's an instant classic.  It's the Christmas Gehrig:

Lou Gehrig had an incredible smile. The guy lights up the page.  Thank you to Natalia for putting this one together.  For all of you that didn't see the Christmas Jeter, just look below... I included it.

More this weekend as we are almost at Christmas.  My kids are driving me crazy... how about you?

P.S. I encourage you all to use these as your avatars... spread the Christmas cheer.  They are freaking adorable.

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