Friday, October 18, 2013


I know what you're thinking.  I'm just writing nonsense to get you to read Bleeding Yankee Blue.  I wish that was the case. Truth be told, this is an opinion piece and over the past few years, I have actually been known to make smart predictions that have helped the Yankees.  If the timing is right, there is nothing that won't stop a team like the Yankees gather "big name" players.  Over the years, it's done by having the team they are trading with pick up the bulk of the contract of that "big name" player, but that being said, they are trying at least.  Look at how they pulled off getting Ichiro Suzuki last season?  And remember... BYB had our dream about getting Ichiro, just days before it happened.... don't remember?

Read ICHIRO TO THE YANKS IS MY PIPE DREAM from July 22, 2012, only to be followed up with ICHIRO IS A NEW YORK YANKEE on July 23, 2012. I'm not saying we're geniuses... I am saying we're Team Awesome.

I have also written about my love for Tim Lincecum to be a New York Yankee 1 day. While we have written many pieces back in the day suggesting it could be a great thing for both the Yankees and Lincecum, We have recently floated it in  PITCHING FITS writing the following:
"Expect the San Francisco Giants in the mix. They have Matt Cain and Madison Bumgartner locked up, and would be foolish not to pick up the option on Ryan Vogelsong. The Giants will be losing a grip on Chad Gaudin, Barry Zito, and Tim Lincecum. It is hard to believe they will hang on to all of them. Zito should be avoided. Gaudin would be an improvement over Hughes. That leaves The Freak.
It’s hard to believe that the Giants won’t sign him, but if they don’t, the Yankees should take a good look at Lincecum. He will be expensive and there is a risk element to that, always, but Freak seems to be returning to big game form. Relocation to Yankee Stadium might just re-energize him."

Good timing... that's what we do here at BYB and a special thanks to our writer Chad MacDonald for nailing it! It turns out that Andrew Baggarly of that Lincecum will in fact test the free agent market, this is according to sources. He writes:
"Lincecum can become a free agent five days after the conclusion of the World Series. The Giants have presented a two-year structure to Lincecum but talks haven’t progressed; assuming nothing gets done before the end of the World Series, the Giants plans to make him a qualifying offer (one year, almost $14 million) that would set them up to receive draft-pick compensation if he signs elsewhere... The Giants shifted gears to Lincecum after they re-signed outfielder Hunter Pence to a five-year, $90 million extension to prevent him from going to free agency. The Giants also want to re-sign left-hander Javier Lopez, preferably before he hits the open market."
The Yankees need pitching. The Yankees need to rejuvenate their starting rotation.  The Yankees need to pursue Lincecum.  He's not an old man and most likely he'll only need a change of scenery to get himself back to his old Cy Young self again.  And before you tell me that a National League pitcher can't hack it in the American League... I have 2 words for you... Hiroki Kuroda.

Hey... the Freak is someone to think about... I know I am.

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