Monday, February 18, 2013


Bleeding Yankee Blue has put together a very popular collection of great Spring photos.  Check out:

We now bring you Part 5.

Is it me or does Brett Gardner look like he's leading a bunch of dudes from the old Reservior Dogs movie?  I went through the Internet and found what I was trying to describe:
Hey, it's not exactly like it, but if the Yankees start calling Gardy Mr. Pink, then I'll know that they tried to copy it.

I swear this is the first time I have ever seen Michael Pineda smile since he became a New York Yankee... and you know what? I like it.  I hope he achieves all his goals this year and comes back dominant.

 Here is Derek Jeter signing an autograph at George M. Steinbrenner field.  Despite what people say, Jeter does sign autographs.  We wrote a piece about it too on BYB. Read DEREK JETER DOES SIGN AUTOGRAPHS!

Here is Ichiro showing up to Spring Training.  Look, you know that I've been a fan of Ichiro for years and just having him on the Yankees now makes me giddy.  I'm thrilled and I just know he's going to jump start this club!

David Phelps is throwing a few in and there is no doubt that he and Ivan Nova will be competing for a spot in the rotation this season.  That's not a bad problem to have if you're the Yankees, right?

More this week...look for it.

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