Saturday, February 16, 2013


More great shots of the Yankees as they start to arrive at Spring Training in Tampa.  If you haven't seen our other posts, be sure to check out the great pictures in YANKEES SPRING IN PICTURES: PART 1 and YANKEES SPRING IN PICTURES: PART 2. Here is part 3... enjoy this, I do.

This shot is all I need to be happy.  Seeing our boys in a light trot with palm trees all around.  This means spring has sprung and it doesn't matter that there's snow up here in the Northeast... I'm happy.

I love watching Mariano Rivera smile.  The guy is the happiest dude I've ever seen and this picture of the pitchers doing drills is great.

 I'm assuming this photo is of Nick Goody who is a right handed pitcher for the Yankees and an invite this Spring. Cito Culver is #90 also, some of the players that were invited doubled up numbers.  Speaking of Culver, be sure to read out EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: CITO CULVER, he's a good kid and has bright future.

Kevin Youkilis in Yankee gear.  So weird, but I'm sure we'll get used to it if he is a solid contributer to this team.  Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to seeing him perform in pinstripes. It will be a wild ride.

Why does CC Sabathia always look sad?  Is he missing his family? Is he thinking about Captain Crunch? I love this big lug. Can't wait  for him to get 20 wins this year.

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