Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 I read an article in the New York Times the other day about Derek Jeter.  It's from Scott Cacciola, a real good piece, read HERE.  The gist of it was that Derek Jeter "might" sign autographs for you but only if you line up and shut up.  Now, truth be told, I have 1 autograph from Derek Jeter and I got it years ago.  He signed one for me and it happened quickly. That being said, when I read Cacciola's piece, I was worried that maybe this whole "Yankee great" thing had gone to the Captain's head. Then again, I understand that he can't sit there signing autographs all day, the dude's got a job!  I was alittle disappointing to read about how security at the park handles the fans though. No one wants to be treated like cattle.

Then I chatted with Jean on Twitter, who told me some good news. She Tweeted:

 There was hope. I asked her to expand a bit so I can smile about the Captain and her tale.  She did and told the full story about her experience with Derek Jeter and the autograph.  Put it this way, after you read her story, you'll felt better too.

"Today was my third visit to Tampa in the past month. My goal was to get Jeter to autograph my arm, so I could get it tattooed along with Mariano's.   The first visit, Jeter wasn't at the complex. Two weeks ago, my daughter and I took the ride down, but when Jeet came out, he got into his car and left. We were bummed.

Today, I rode down again, with my daughter and son. It was packed and I felt discouraged as soon as I saw the full parking lot.  We waited, and Mike, one of the security guards came out and told us that we needed to stay in a single file line, "no chit chat" and have one item signed. He also asked the regulars who already had numerous autographs to step out of line so the rest of us would have a chance. So, we had hope at that point!
Derek came out about an hour later, and joked with a fan, while getting into his car. Then, he pulled around, stopped and opened his window. Mike the security guard called for the kids to come up first, so my kids went up, and GOT JETER'S AUTOGRAPH!  I had walked up with them at that point and said, "Jeter,will you sign my arm?" He did open his window, but said, "No, I'm not gonna sign your arm." He wasn't mean or rude when he said it, and Jeet actually talked directly to me.  So,even though he said what I didn't want to hear, he did answer me, and he could've just kept his window closed, and pulled away.

I'm going down to Steinbrenner Field this weekend. I'm going to try again. If he doesn't sign, I'll have my tat guy copy Jeet's autograph from my daughter's book, and make it permanent. Love my Yankees,and nothing will ever change that."  

You gotta love a true Yankee fan, huh? Thanks for sharing Jean!

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