Tuesday, January 29, 2013


(In Photo: Disorderly Orderly Movie)
Sure, that title is just me poking fun at good old Nick Johnson, because it seemed like every season the kid played, he got hurt. The most games he ever played in a season was 147 and that was with the Nationals in 2006.  2000 was supposed to be his rookie season, but he was out because he was hurt. He'd get hurt a lot, what can I say.  When Nick Johnson was on, he was effective at the plate. I loved his stance, his uniform was always dirty, he looked like a throwback, or at least had that throwback mentality.  The difference is a throwback would always be in the lineup. Nick was always sidelined.  That being said, it's my opinion that he was a good Yankee, he just had a worse injury streak than Mr. Fragile himself, Eric Chavez.

So yeah, it's being reported HERE that Nick Johnson is calling it quits, he's officially retiring. Let's hope he doesn't get hurt doing it.

Good Luck Nick.

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