Sunday, January 20, 2013


Stan Musial was an outstanding hitter and a Hall of Famer.  As a kid, I just remember people saying "Stan the Man" and I remember opening an Encylocopdia (I'm not kidding) and reading all about him.  I was a baseball nut and that's what you did in the 80's.

Stan past away at the age of 92. The Los Angeles Times (HERE) says "The Cardinals announced Musial's death in a news release. They said he died Saturday evening at his home in Ladue, Mo., surrounded by family. The team said Musial's son-in-law, Dave Edmonds, informed the club of Musial's death.

Musial was so revered in St. Louis, two statues of him stand outside Busch Stadium. He spent his entire 22-year career with the Cardinals and made the All-Star team 24 times — baseball held two All-Star games each summer for a few seasons."

Yesterday was a sad day in baseball, losing Stan and Earl Weaver was a hit in a gut to all baseball fans... we lost 2 icons.  Let's not forget them.

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