Saturday, January 19, 2013


It's being reported that long time Orioles Manager and baseball staple Earl Weaver has died while on a Cruise.  Reports are he had a heart attack and the full story is HERE.

"...Weaver was traveling on an Orioles fantasy cruise in the Caribbean when he collapsed in his room with wife, Maryanne, at his side on the cruise ship at about 2 a.m. Saturday.."

He was 82.

As a Yankee fan and as a kid whose team often played the Baltimore Orioles, I had my share of watching Earl Weaver manage.  One thing I can say from the personal standpoint, as a fan, I had so much respect for this guy. Why? Because he believed in his players and fought until the end to get the call right. He was also a showman and we all knew it, but loved it.  He and guys like Billy Martin I also appreciated for the same reason. Passion for the game. Passion for their team and for their players.

Earl was a great manager and every player young and old need to tip their cap today to a true competitor.

We'll miss you Earl, you made baseball fun for all of us.

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