Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The Seattle Mariners are closing in on a 4 year deal worth about $100 million to keep Felix Hernandez...or, something like that.  Every Yankee fan who had a "gut feeling" that one day King Felix would be in pinstripes just groaned, me included. Read about it HERE.

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (HERE) writes though: "The Seattle Mariners continue to talk to Hernandez about an extension, according to major-league sources. And while no deal is close, the Mariners are at least weighing a four-year, $100 million proposal, sources said.
 It is not known whether the Mariners actually have made Hernandez such an offer; one source described the two sides as “dancing” but not deeply engaged. But a $100 million extension added to the final two years of Hernandez’s current contract would amount to six years, $139.5 million — a starting point for further discussions, and perhaps even a reasonable framework for a deal."

Wait... so Ken, what you're saying is... there's a chance? There's a chance for Yankee fans? I kid... I kid.

Look I would love to see Felix come to the Yankees. We wrote about it here a while back in KING FELIX SHOULD BE THE YANKEES BIG FISH . But, let's face facts... it ain't happening.  If this "source" is right, even if a deal hasn't been officially offered by the Mariners, it will be and Felix will accept because he's always indicated he loved it in Seattle.

Stay tuned for this though... we'll let you know when it's official.

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