Friday, December 16, 2011


Clearly the Yankees, while they are “in love withGio Gonzalez, are not doing a thing about their love for him. It’s like the kid who stares at the girl in the cafeteria every day and then that one day there are no seats except for the one next to her. He sits down, eats and never looks or says a word to her… he never makes a move…then it’s over. The Yankees appear to no be making a move on Gio. Sad really.

The Athletics want a lot of talent in return for Gio and the Yanks should feel good about that. We have great prospects that we appear to be holding onto. Look, let me be the first to say that I like having prospects, but not a lot of them. I like using some to get immediate major league-ready pitching. I’ve always liked that. Sure, you keep a few around to blossom and become home grown superstars, but you need some young “chips” to gamble with.

That being said, why when I wrote WHY MY GUT SAYS FELIX IS BRONX BOUND less than 6 months ago, everyone told me I was being silly and he wasn’t coming.? But when ESPN writes How the Yanks could trade for King Felix, it’s praised? I don’t think I was that off when I wrote my piece in July. I know, ESPN is world famous...BYB is new, I get it, I don't take myself too seriously... I'm just saying, we've been talking about this for a while now! And for the record, I wasn’t stating that Felix was going to show up in the Bronx the next day, I was merely stating the fact that I believe, whether it was within weeks, months, or a year, Felix should be a guy the Yankees should pursue. Andrew Marchand’s piece is about ESPN’s Jim Bowden proposal to simply send the Mariners Ivan Nova, Jesus Montero and Dellin Betances for Felix Hernandez.

(In Photo: Dellin Betances)

Now, while I may not agree with the personnel that Bowden wants to unload, I agree with the idea and I would almost suggest Austin Romine to replace Montero in that scenario now and maybe even give the Mariners a low level player to be named later. In my piece in July, I wrote:

"Personally, I like the idea of trading Montero. Look we have some great catchers with great futures behind him, Austin Romine and Gary Sanchez."

It's funny how a good September for a prospect can change my mind. Now I would NOT want to part with Montero because I know what he's capable of. Also, I’m not a fan of trading pitching for pitching, but in this case, Hernandez is better than Nova. The question is, if we did that, could should the Yankees make Manny Banuelos as our number 5 in the roation to balance it out? It could be CC Sabathia, Felix Hernandez, AJ Burnett, Phil Hughes, Freddy Garcia or Manny Banuelos.

Look I know, the Mariners claim to have no plans to unload Felix,read HERE, but as we saw last season, the Mariners are going no where. They finished 67-95 last season, 29 games out of first in their division and to be honest, how many more years is Felix going to want to be part of a losing team? Wouldn’t he want to be with a winner? True, why waste players on Felix when we can wait until he’s a free agent in 2014 and them pay big for him? Good point... this way he’s not under Mariners control and hopefully the Yankees could Woo him. Any way you slice it though, if Felix were to come to the Bronx, he’s an automatic #2 and he behind CC would be a lethal combination.

Could Felix be Bronx bound at some point? Maybe at the 2012 trade deadline? Maybe during the season? Maybe in 2014? Maybe, just maybe, the Yankees can get Felix Hernandez, one of the most talented pitchers in baseball...maybe that's what Cashman's working on, because Lord knows he's not working on much more... Stay tuned…

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