Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Look, there's a ton of Yankees news and names that I needed to fill you in about.  And sure, I wanted to post this Kate Upton video as well.  God Bless America and the New York Yankees...

David Aardsma: So great news for David Aardsma, he's on track, according to him.  Gotta love Twitter, read HERE.  20 fastballs he threw and he felt good.  That's good and once he starts mixing up the pitches he'll move on to the next step and hopefully we see him after the All-Star break.  Look, the Yankees pen right now is terrific and if Aardsma comes in and he can contribute, that can only be a good thing.  I'm psyched about this guy and again, I love that he communicates with us fans on Twitter.

Alfonso Soriano: According to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times, Soriano is interested in being traded to a contender. Read HERE. The question is, would the Yankees have a need or want to bring him back to the Bronx to utilize his bat off the bench?

Jose Contreras: Remember Jose Contreras? He's with the Phillies these days and I just wanted to fill you in on his life.  He has a tear of his ulnar collateral ligament and a flexor pronator tear...read HERE.  I always liked Contreras but he wasn't Yankees material.  I really loved what George Steinbrenner did with Contresas, outbidding the Red Sox back in the day...you gotta love that. It was right around then that the Yankees were called the Evil Empire...sour grapes much?

Austin Romine: Romine is back...kind of.  He announced on Twitter that he can begin baseball activities finally. Read his Tweet HERE. Let's not forget, this guy's had back problems since Spring. Hopefully he gets going, I'm really looking forward to seeing him at some point.

Ross Ohlendorf: Ross Ohlendorf had that potential that the Yankees always say they like about their kids, then, in a flash he was shipped off to the Pittsburgh Pirates near the trade deadline in 2008 with 3 others for Damaso Marte and Xavier Nady. Marte ended up being valuable to us in the 2009 World Series, so, it would have been interesting if we didn't make that move. The point is, I wanted to give you update on Ohlendorf who's on the move again. He was with the Red Sox on a minor league contract but opted out of it over the weekend. Well, he just signed with the San Diego Padres to a major league deal. Read HERE. Good luck Ross.

Cesar Cabral: Cabral was the lefty pitcher who was competing against Clay Rapada in spring training and literally got hurt right before the first day of the season.  Rapada made the team by default, Cabral was put on the shelf.  Here's the latest on Cabral, he's been moved from the 60 day to the 15 day DL. Read HERE.  That update was mid-May and to be honest, I haven't been able to get a better update now on June 4th, except to tell you that the consensus is he will miss the first half this season. Stay tuned.

Kate Upton: Kate Upton has been all over the place lately.  She recently appeared on the Dan Patrick show on one of the funniest shows by DP I've seen in a while. Read WHY IT'S ALL KATE UPTON ON DAN PATRICK'S SHOW. Upton recently danced the Cat Daddy and the video was "directed" by a guy named Terry Richardson.  Well... I guess he deserves an Oscar, because it's considered by many to be a great "film".  Here it is.
So there you have it, the New York Yankees, former Yankees and Kate Upton. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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