Wednesday, May 2, 2012


"How does this show not win an Emmy?" - Dan Patrick

This has nothing to do with the New York Yankees and everything to do with enjoying a good sports show. I work for a living and I never watch or listen to the Dan Patrick show even though I love the guy and his crew, the Danettes, so when I catch it on TV, it's enjoyable.  That being said, I found yesterday's show to be quite entertaining.

Dan is funny, he's always funny, and he's just so good at what he does. The Danettes are epic and a great compliment and today supermodel Kate Upton stopped in. Clearly Dan was nervous, so were the Danettes and in my opinion, there was 1 creepy moment where Kate was in Dan's side of the studio (it's separated by glass from the Danettes) and the dialog between Kate and Dan was strange:

 Kate: "We're not all in the same room."
Dan: "You can put your headphones onto hear them."

Now I love Dan and I know there was absolutely nothing wrong or suggestive with this dialog and conversation, but it was clear as a viewer, she wanted to have more interaction with the Danettes more. It seemed creepy for those few seconds, that's all. But it got way better. When they started the interview it was great, freaking hilarious actually.  5 dudes drooling over Kate Upton, every viewer was doing the same, trust me.
The best part had to be when Fritzy came in and was told to sing while Kate Upton danced.  The song he chose? Rick Ashley's "Never gonna give you up". (Ya'll remember her dancing at a basketball game on YouTube right?

Anyway, I was rolling. Fritzy couldn't come up with a better song? Come on... I was waiting for him to get Rick Rolled. Through all of this, I get a text from my buddy, who also had a day off today writing "How much you want to make a bet Christie Teigen calls in and says 'Are the Danettes cheating on me?'" (If you don't know, Teigen does Dans' show from time to time.)

Look, we're a Yankee site, I know. What does this have to do with them? Nothing, I have a vehicle to speak my mind. I love sports, I love the Yankees and I appreciate and respect shows like the  Dan Patrick Show. If you don't listen, you should, if you don't watch, you should.

Kudos to Dan and the Danettes, they do a great job. I mean, they even has Bob Costas on and Dan and him broke each others balls because Costas won like his 23rd studio award and Dan got the shaft. It's just funny, I love it.

Hey, Maybe Seton, a Yankee fan will give me a shout out, I found yesterday's show to be really really great.

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