Friday, May 4, 2012


I have to laugh. Not at Mariano's injury, no, a torn ACL is serious stuff and to me, that within itself is devastating, but I have to laugh at all of  Yankeeland.  Remember isn't over.  Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer of all time, that's documented, but he's also not a machine. Sure, this season was most likely to be his last season, his swan song. The world would come to watch the great Mariano complete his final season in pinstripes and most likely walk away from the game forever. That was the plan at least, but that's not happening.

After Mariano's injury in Kansas City yesterday, read HERE, it's clear this great man will retire not his way, but whatever way fate has determined for him. But let me repeat, it's not the end.  What if Mariano retired last season? What then? We'd pick ourselves up, make David Robertson or Rafael Soriano our closer, and we'd move on. The Yankees keep moving, we don't sulk and nor do the fans... What's wrong with you people?  Yes, the way Rivera went down yesterday was shocking. The video is disturbing and thoughts of him never playing again is sad, but Mariano Rivera didn't die and I'm tired of reading that "it's over!" When, in fact, it is not over!

Have we forgotten what makes a team? 25 men, good men, who wear their uniform proud and clean, only to get it dirty on the field. Derek Jeter is hot as hell right now.  CC Sabathia is leading the broken down rotation and David Robertson is keeping the bullpen intact. Do you think they're sulking? Hell no. They know the season continues, with or without the great Mariano Rivera.  We still have a full season to play.

Am I being too harsh? I don't think so...I think about Jorge Posada in these moments and I know what he'd do. He'd see sad faces in the clubhouse and he'd call a player's meeting. He'd tell his men to stop the crying. He'd remind them of their talent and he'd pump them up so their hearts would explode in their chests. They'd come out ready to win tonight, for Mariano, for the fans and for themselves and they'd continue the dynasty. Sure, the Core Four is more like a broken down Core One and a half right now, but the Yankees never say die, EVER!

I'm surprised at Yankee fans this morning. I'm not looking to belittle you, but I'm trying to send a message...WE ARE THE YANKEES!  It's a blow, but it's not a death and it definitely isn't the season! We have the talent and the men to fix this blip on the radar and we will. How do I know? I know because we're the greatest team in the world and now we have a new focus...we win it all for Mariano... And we will.

The Mighty Casey
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