Monday, July 16, 2018


Will it ever come?

Teams are interested. The Yankees have the prospects every other team wants but can the Yankees get any quality pitching that they want in return without overspending? It's an ugly market out there this season. The off season was crappy, the rotation ideally needs two more additions but is there anything worth chasing after? It's not looking so great.

So, the Giants have so kindly reached out to Brian Cashman and said that Jeff Samardzija is available. Anyone excited about that? The Yankees were interested in Samardzija years ago before he ran into shoulder and pectoral trouble this year. He's been on-and off the disabled list this year. He's pitched 44.2 innings and given up almost as many walks (26) and he has strikeouts (30) and has a 6.25 ERA. He's owed around $45 million through 2020. So to sum it all up, he can't stay healthy, has pitched poorly and still has a lot of money left on his contract. No wonder why the Giants are willing to get rid of him. We need pitching but he's not an upgrade to the Yankee rotation.

So Samardzija makes no sense but what about Zack Wheeler? According to Marc Carig HERE, the Yankees have recently inquired on Wheeler. The Yankees and Mets still have a trade rumor connection going on despite the fizzled Jacob DeGrom idea. Could the Yankees and Mets make a connection with Wheeler?

 I will believe it when I see it but if the Mets are going to trade anyone to the Yankees Wheeler makes the most sense because he's only under team control for one more year and has an injury history and now is the time to sell him. Wheeler has pitched 107.1 innings this season. He has a 4.44 ERA but I don't read too much into it because he's pitching for the last place Mets. Last place....even the Marlins have a better record. Wheeler has pitched well in his last few starts and he's actually throwing harder since returning to the Mets post Tommy John and is now throwing a splitter. The extra velocity and new pitch is intriguing. He's worth checking in on.

Then there is Michael Fulmer....again. Talk about this guy just won't go away. The Tigers are doing their homework to prepare for a potential trade. The Tigers have been scouting the Yankees, read more here and they have interest in Tyler Wade and Clint Frazier. Cashman has already said he doesn't want to move Frazier, but would he move Wade? Fulmer could be a great addition to the Yankee rotation. He's been streaky at times but his stuff is good. He's one or two tweaks away from being a dominating pitcher. If the Yankees could the get Fulmer by creating a package with Wade or Frazier should they do it? Or should Frazier be off limits?

I feel like with all of the "maybes" the Yankees have been chasing but haven't made a move on yet is it possible that they have another idea in mind? The Yankees have said they don't want to move Justus Sheffield and CC Sabathia doesn't want them to either. In fact, he wants the Yankees to give Sheffield is shot by calling him up, read that here. Is that a possibility right now or is it too soon?

It's been a long first half. Hopefully the All Star break brings some clarity and some pitching to this team that it really needs. We are waiting for you to attack that weakness Cashman....anxiously waiting.

Stay Tuned.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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Sunday, July 15, 2018


Source: Scott Taetsch/Getty Images North America

A year ago we were looking for starting pitching nearing the trade deadline and a year later, we are still looking.  The pitcher we picked up might be the one we are dealing away on or before July 31st.  According to Jon Heyman, "Some believe the Yankees will consider trading Sonny Gray a year after acquiring him. He has struggled this year, and especially so at Yankee Stadium. Some believe it's either the stadium, or the city, that doesn't agree with him, and that he'd do much better elsewhere." But if we trade him, potentially to the Milwaukee Brewers who have his old pitching coach on the payroll, who do we pick up?

Source: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America

The Yankees are showing some interest in Mets starter Zack Wheeler among the other guys they have already established connections to like J.A. Happ and Cole Hamels. They also have renewed interest in San Diego's Brad Hand and Orioles Zach Britton, to provide more power to the bull pen.

Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America

Zack Wheeler is healthy for the first time in four years.  And he is throwing hard and fast.  "Wheeler, 28, owns a 4.42 ERA in 17 starts this season. While that ERA doesn't jump off the charts, Wheeler appears healthy, is throwing hard and sports a FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching) of 3.70. If the Yankees think his stuff will continue to lead to success, a possible upgrade for the stretch run can likely be had without surrendering a haul," reports

Source: Getty Images North America

The Brewers also have an interest in Wheeler.  We did well in our trade with another pitcher from Milwaukee, and he is still with us today.  That guy is CC Sabathia and who knows what kind of trade combination could yield us some starting pitcher to replace Gray and support Masahiro Tanaka and the rest of the staff?

 Source: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America

We are a day away from the All Star Break and with guys like Greg Bird, Brett Gardner and Didi Gregorius heating up, I almost don't want to break the momentum.  Post-All Star, I hope we see Gleyber Torres back in the lineup, and a shake up in starting pitching.  Could Sonny Gray be someone else's problem the second half of the season? I hope so, as long as there is someone else ready to play ball in pinstripes with the guts and grit we need to carry us to the post season.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Saturday, July 14, 2018


Photo: Getty Images
So many things happened last night that shouldn't have happened. And so many things didn't happen that should have.  Either way, the Yankees lost and you can't go back, you can just go forward.  Sucks, but that's life.

George King III writes this... and had me chuckling:

Photo: Getty Images
"If Aaron Judge had stolen second base in the eighth inning while Aaron Hicks was striking out, nobody in their right mind could correctly say Giancarlo Stanton would have followed by hitting the home run he drilled leading off the ninth.

To think otherwise is stupid because Stanton would have been pitched differently with Judge on second in the eighth — instead of the bases empty in the ninth, with the Indians leading by two runs. Still, after Stanton homered in the ninth and the Yankees dropped a 6-5 decision to the Indians..."

Yanks fell short. We can't go crying about it and we can't wish it was done differently, because, let's face it, it's not changing shit.

Photo: Getty Images
But the real concern right now is that the Yankees are not winning consistently and that's what;s really bothering me. And that's the other point that King addresses... the "dig out"...

"Thanks to Domingo German’s early bout of wildness — 18 of his first 34 pitches were balls — the Yankees spent the evening going uphill. "  

Photo: Getty Images
German is struggling, and more to that, the Yankees need reliable and... that word again... CONSISTENT pitching.  It's unsteady and many times not reliable.  In other words, as much as I'd love to see Manny Machado in pinstripes, it's my feeling that the offense is fine, it's our pitching that needs the major tweak.

Look, the Yankees are a great team, but we need a few important building blocks and we need to stop wishing about what could have been after the fact.  Come on, man.

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Friday, July 13, 2018


Not a lot to talk about here because let's face it... all of it is rumor and when baseball insiders get together it's unbelievably confusing and the info is never correct until it's over.  But I like this tweet none the less. Bob Nightengale tweets:

Now is this true? Who really knows. also writes this:

"...the Yankees have told the Orioles they refuse to deal top pitching prospect Justus Sheffield for Machado, a 26-year-old four-time All-Star who will be a free agent at season's end. It's unclear whom the Yankees are considering trading for Machado. They have talked in the past about dealing highly touted outfielder Clint Frazier and Triple-A starter Chance Adams."

And yes, we have heard the same rumors about Clint Frazier.  While many believe that Red Thunder is the next to replace Brett Gardner... I have always believed that Frazier, when he's playing in the Bigs, is merely a showcase for another big league team ready to make a deal. Like the Orioles perhaps. Frazier appears to be a player without a home in the Bronx right this second...much like Rob Refsnyder was before him.

Whatever the case... let me be clear. Who really knows what's going to happen.  As you know... it's a rumor season.

Let's wait and see what happens next though. Stay tuned.

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Photo: Getty Images
David Hale was great for the Yankees for 1 hot minute.  Now he's not... because he's no longer a Yankee.

MLB Trade Rumors writes this:

"The Hanwha Eagles of the Korea Baseball Organization announced yesterday that they’ve signed right-hander David Hale for the remainder of the season... Hale will earn $500K with the Eagles, per the announcement....

Hale’s season is one of the stranger in recent memory; he has as many DFAs on the season as he does Major League appearances (four), but he’ll now have a more stable and more lucrative opportunity in the KBO. He’ll carry a career 4.49 ERA with 6.0 K/9, 3.1 BB/9 and a 51.2 percent ground-ball rate through 192 1/3 big league innings with him to South Korea, where he’ll join the second-place Eagles."

There you have it.  It's over-ville.  Buh-bye.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018


Oh here we go.

I don't know why we are going here or IF we are going here but there's buzz out there. There's more Manny Machado talk in the rumor mill so compose yourself.

If you are excited....compose yourself it might not happen. Don't get your hopes up.

If you are irritated and think this is stupid.....compose yourself it might not happen. Don't let your blood pressure go through the roof.

Many of you that read us have said "We need starting pitching!" and I don't think anyone disagrees. Brian Cashman says his job is to "attack weakness" but it looks like he made a wrong turn somewhere. We have the offense, but he's chasing Machado right now.

Last time I checked, he didn't turn into a pitcher overnight. Multiple sources are reporting that the Yankees have made the Orioles an offer, a "strong" one at that but it does not include Justus Sheffield read that HERE.

Twitter has been flooded with all kids of updates like these:

So, who is included in this offer and WHY did we even make it? Machado is more of a WANT for the Yankees at this point and not a necessity. We need a Cole Hamels, Jacob DeGrom or a J.A. Happ.
We NEED pitching. Our infield is just fine.

Is Cashman just driving the price up for Machado? If so, that's pretty genius. The Red Sox are also one of the other rumored tumors to possibly have made an offer so maybe Cashman just wants to keep Machado out of the Red Sox hands? I don't want to see the Red Sox get better no matter what that move that may be.

The only other thing I can think of is that Cashman doesn't have a reasonable option for a starting pitcher right now and with limited options he may not like the cost. Remember last year when Justin Verlander was the pitcher to get? He was the big name and this year there really isn't one that will make the impact that he did. Is Cashman just looking for another powerful bat to out slug everyone else? Maybe he thinks that if the Yankees can't get a pitcher we could just try to score a ton of runs and it won't matter. That wouldn't be my thought process though. Pitching wins games.

I still think there is a pitcher out there for us and Cashman is going to find him. It may not be the splashy trade that Verlander was last year for the Astros but it's out there. Cashman always finds a way to pull something off and it could be a guy none of us would ever expect. Cashman is going to surprise us all and it won't be by adding Machado and sacrificing pitching. Believe it!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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