Monday, September 16, 2019


Interesting little tidbit came out yesterday from HERE, DJ Lemahieu is signed through 2020 but if the Yankees could sign him on an extension should they do it? We all know how important he has been to the team this season. So maybe, the Yankees will consider adding some more years and money to keep him here?

Maybe. I take this with a grain of salt though. We all know how the rumor mill goes, and while this is an exciting rumor for Yankee fans, there's no source attached to this one. It's just hearsay at this point. Oh and not for nothing, but when an article floats a story about an important player like LeMahieu and can't even get his age right....I raise an eyebrow. reported in their story that LeMahieu is 33, when it fact he just turned 31 in July. Oops!

So we all know how important LeMahieu has been to the Yankees. He's been versatile and productive. I don't care about his "mini slide" that referenced where we went 4-for-31 before Thursday's doubleheader in Detroit. He could still win a batting title with a .329 BA which is the second-best average of his nine year career behind his .348 in 2016. Even with a few weeks left in the regular season he has career high in home runs (24), RBIs (92) and with 9 more hits, he will have the most of his career (193). That is why I would say he has been the Yankees most valuable player.

And what about that most valuable player talk? We first mentioned it back in July in THE AL MVP DEBATE HAS ALREADY BEGUN because let's face it, an MVP debate with LeMahieu along with Mike Trout just gets everyone talking. In fact, I read two articles this weekend that were talking about a Trout vs LeMahieu battle. Of course, WFAN believes the LeMahieu deserves consideration while The Daily Campus still calls Trout the deserving MVP. It's just cool to see LeMahieu get the recognition here.

So bottom line, we see how important LeMahieu has been. I've seen some call him the greatest addition to the Yankees during the 2018 offseason despite the pitching addition the Yankees made with James Paxton.

So if the Yankees can get a two or three year extension out of him then good! It's not easy going from the National League to the American league and also play for the Yankees at a high level on top of all of that. Who knows if this rumor amounts to anything, but if it does and the deal makes sense for both parties then I am on board!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
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Sunday, September 15, 2019


Source: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I can't imagine what it was like for Jordan Montgomery last night as he went to sleep. He either felt giddy like Christmas Eve anticipation or anxious like the night before the SAT.  It's been a long time since Montgomery pitched in pinstripes. Back in May 2018, the Yankee pitcher went down in pain during his start against Houston. After Tommy John Surgery and months of painful and emotional rehab, he takes the mound this afternoon for the rubber game against Toronto.  With Montgomery back, what role will he take on as the Yankees surge toward the post-season?

Source: NY Post

“Hopefully he can get in some outings here to where it’s a momentum builder going into the offseason. But I wouldn’t rule out the fact if he comes out and pitches really well and efficiently he could push himself into that conversation,”said Aaron Boone as reported by the Daily News.
Boone says the 26-year-old is expected to throw about 60 pitches in his season debut today. With the JA Happ and CC Sabathia uncertainty, it would be great to see Montgomery step in and pick up where he left off 16-months ago.

Source: Wikipedia

"Before Montgomery underwent Tommy John surgery in June 2018, he looked like a quality homegrown arm for New York. Montgomery, a fourth-round pick of the Yankees in 2014, debuted in 2017 and proceeded to amass 182 2/3 innings and 35 starts of 3.84 ERA/4.09 FIP ball with 8.23 K/9 and 3.1 BB/9 through last season," reports MLB Trade Rumors.  He suffered a set back earlier in the year when he threw harder than his arm was ready for, but now Montgomery says his mechanics are cleaner, his change up is more fluid and he's ready to take the helm today.

According to, "Montgomery said it was “really nice to have’’ teammates Ben Heller and Didi Gregorius to lean on during the early part of his rehab. All three were recovering from Tommy John surgery and “they helped me get through the hardest times right out of surgery.’’

I have been looking forward to this day for such a long time myself as have all of you I am sure.  Let's hope he can strut into Rogers Centre confidently, be efficient with his pitches and do some damage against the young Blue Jay lineup.  That would set him and the Yankees up nicely for the next phase of the season and start of the playoffs.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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Friday, September 13, 2019


I've always been a Cameron Maybin guy, but this is ridiculously fun, isn't it? I love him on the Yankees!

Put him in, he contributes. Sit him, he brings an energy to this team I haven't seen since Nick Swisher. Point is, he's a veteran these days, but he knows his role.  Playing hard... teaching the youngsters and leading by example. I could not be happier. Come October, this guy's gonna be extremely important.

You guys all know I love Elite Sports NY. They have a great piece today about Maybin… be sure the check it out:

"The Yankees do have the option to go with another outfielder as their fourth but Clint Frazier is just too shaky in the field, while Maybin the veteran has proven time and time again that he can patrol the outfield with the best of them.

While he has little postseason experience during his time with the 2017 Houston Astros and didn’t get much of a fair shake, his defense is enough to have him be a huge difference-maker for this team. Maybin is not only a versatile player but he has spent significant time commanding centerfield during his time in the league...

Having a healthy Cameron Maybin in the outfield chasing down base hits wasn’t the original idea but it’s definitely the best solution. Maybin will provide a boost defensively to the outfield and be given an opportunity to prove himself at the plate as well."

I agree with Allison Case over there at Elite Sports NY. I am NOT as down as she is on Frazier however. I just think there's just more experience and energy with Maybin. You know... plug him in... let him go!

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It took a while. No... it took forever, but now it appears that Luis Severino and Giancarlo Stanton will be returning to the Bronx... like... soon!

The New York Post writes:

"Luis Severino is expected to start Tuesday against the Angels, which would be his first start of the season. And Giancarlo Stanton could be in the lineup.

Severino came through his second rehab outing with Double-A Trenton fine, and manager Aaron Boone said Thursday that Severino’s next start would be in the Bronx....And when Severino pitches on Tuesday, Stanton could be active, as well. 'There’s a good chance of that,' Boone said.

Stanton might play in instructional games in Tampa this weekend, and the Yankees hope to get him healthy enough to be an option in the outfield."

Good news. I was beginning to think that Stanton was milking it like Jacoby Ellsbury. (Read STANTON & ELLSBURY EXCHANGE TEXTS  for a fun Friday laugh.)

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Thanks to weather this season, the Yankees have played seven doubleheaders. This is the most in a single season in almost 40 years, however, the Yankees have posted a 13-1 record in the 14 games.

Just an odd fact, but the Yankees are the first team to sweep as many as five doubleheaders in a season since the 1996 Reds and sweep six doubleheaders in a season since the Orioles and Pirates in 1979. They are also the first Yankees team to play as many as seven doubleheaders since 1982.

Despite the sweep, we suffered three losses. Edwin Encarnacion left with a strained left oblique, J.A. Happ with bicep tendinitis, and Gary Sanchez with groin tightness.

"It's something I've had in the past," Happ said. "I feel like I can manage it. I have been able to manage it."

Aaron Boone did not seem like he was too worried about Encarnacion's injury.

"He felt it in his first at-bat. Obviously homered in his second at-bat, and my understanding was he was fine swinging," Boone said. "We hope it's minor and we got ahead of it but we won't know until we get him checked out."

Sanchez said he exited the game before anything got worse.


"Running toward the dugout I felt fine," Sanchez said. "Then I put on my equipment and once i squatted behind home plate, that's when I felt it tightening up. I thought it was the smart thing to say something to prevent it from getting worse."

These are three key players on the Yanks, so safe to say it is okay to feel worried. However, nothing seems to be too serious we should have them for the more important games coming up. 
"Obviously those are really key people we're talking about," Boone said. "I'm optimistic, frankly, on all three of them. We'll hope that the news we get back in New York and the treatment moving forward makes these things not long term."

--Missy O'Rourke
BYB Contributor
Twitter: @missy_orourke

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Thursday, September 12, 2019


Yesterday was 18 years since the September 11th attacks. To this day, I have never seen replay video of the planes hitting the towers.  Not in a gif, not in video.  It's too hard for me because that violent act disturbs me to the core.  Don't get it twisted. I still honor the fallen. I still honor the dead and the heroes just like they would be my own family member.  I say a prayer, I always listen to the names of these innocent men and women when they are read every year.  But I will never look at the attack video for the rest of my life.  I cannot imagine hating a group of people so badly that I would do something so drastic and violent to another human being.  It doesn't seem imaginable... and yet here we are 18 years later and everyone's lives have changed in America. I know mine has.

This will sound like a ramble, but over the past 24 hours there is so much going on in my head, a head scrambled by that horrific act... so bare with me...

I remember the good times surrounding that awful day. I remember the hugs and the support and the politicians coming together because nothing else mattered but humanity and kindness in those dark days and weeks.  I remember when the late night shows weren't funny for a few days... and then one night.... there was comedy again and life did go on.  I remember baseball calmed me... and when Mike Piazza hit that home run in the Mets first game back... I remember realizing that it would all be OK.  I'm not a Mets fan... not a Piazza fan, I'm an American, and at that very moment, it was time to get back to life... and I knew that...we all did.

Baseball for many of us was our saving grace because the Yankees and Mets at that time were both solid ballclubs.  Me being an obsessed baseball AND of course New York Yankee fan... I was eager to get back to baseball.  It was my happy place.

18 years later around this time I know that I can always fall back on baseball, but it doesn't always get my mind back on track.  You see, I saw the 2nd plane hit the towers that morning. For the past 18 years, I will typically start feeling quite anxious and panic internally around September 1st each year. As the years went on, it was closer to the 5th, then the 9th.  It's just that internal clock we all have...when the weather changes and it feels "like September 11th weather" someone once said to me.  I always found that phrasing so strange, yet, I understood what he meant. The cooler air. The sun in the sky just a little different than other times of year.

Well, this year my anxiety didn't get the best of me until September 11th.  As we were just about to make that turn toward the Lincoln Tunnel.  I don't know why, but I looked at the spot where the Freedom tower now stands. It was the exact spot where I viewed it 18 years before. My emotions ran deep yesterday for about 10 minutes... HARD. God dammit what an awful day it was.

Eventually I'll be able to not cry around September 11th. But for now, 18 years later I still do. But in 2019, I know the Yankees are there to sooth me. And I know my family is and that's comfort right there.  My family is large now, my boys are older, they understand emotion and conversation about that terrible day.  "You saw it?" my oldest would ask. "Wait... where were you?" my 15 year old would ask. It's painful to speak about.

I wasn't a hero, I wasn't running into the buildings saving lives. I was in a bus across the river with no direct connection to the attacks other than I lost some good friends. I was also helpless and useless that day.  But as an American, as all of you know, we were all attacked. And so, there's curiosity from my children, and that allows me to at least tell the stories of not just me, but of the people that have more heroic and important moments that day than I.

Baseball will always be my fallback because it makes me feel good.  It's where I am the happiest and thank god for that.  The irony is that these days my 17 year old's team is the team I watch the most... traveling the country with him on weekends, watching him perform to the best he can on the diamond, it's my favorite team... and my favorite player is my son.  My oldest son, the one my wife and I said had to happen after September 11, 2001.  Yes... we had children fast, faster than we were going to after 9/11... because we realized life goes too fast.  18 years later we have 4 healthy boys, all smart, all incredibly kind and all into their own sports.  And luckily... that is my happy place these days. I am lucky enough to watch them compete and I can smile ear to ear and know that my wife and I made the right choice when the world was falling all around us.  We started a family like many of you, and I am blessed with that even though that nasty memory of 18 years ago still haunts me around this time of year.

I'll never forget 9/11 because my mind won't let me. Every year in September it plays in my head. In fact... I didn't even want to write a thing about this anniversary because it's just too hard.  But I thought it through and realized that if that terrible tragedy didn't happen... would I be sitting here telling you about my amazing sons? My path? My happiness?  That tragedy has ironically made me a better person... a better American.

I love this country. I love my family... probably more than I ever can love something.  But not only that... I will always love thy neighbor, my job... my city, humanity.  We are all human beings and we all changed that day.

I changed for the better. I became a father... and a better man.

9/11. Never forget.

I know I won't.

--Robert Casey
BYB Chief and Head Writer
Twitter: @BleednYankeeBlu

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