Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Guess what, Ike Davis signing with the Yankees is a real thing idea, and it's being considered and it should be considered... especially if it's a minor league deal.

According to Ken Davidoff of the New York Post, he tweeted this: writes, "With Greg Bird (shoulder surgery) out for the season, the Yankees are thin at first base depth and it's likely that Davis — if he were to take a deal with New York — would become the club's Triple-A first baseman. "

I like this idea alot, it gives us alittle depth.  If Davis signs in the Bronx, we will let you know!

Stay tuned.

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 Talk to the hand. My writer has put up with enough abuse.

Bleeding Yankee Blue is not looking to change the world.  Bleeding Yankee Blue is a bunch of amateur writers and die hard baseball fans, mostly Yankee fans, and we have opinions just like you.  We write daily, for free, and we do it because we have a passion for writing and for the Yankees.  That's it! There is no secret formula.  There is nothing earth shattering here. We do it because we love it and you found us and shared us and it's a wonderful ride. It's because of you that we're popular.

I received this comment today in a post BYB writer Erica Morales wrote (titled DON'T EVER CALL MY FEMALE WRITER A 'FEMINAZI' ON DOMESTIC ABUSE!)

"If by asking if I need a hobby you think that I should stop commenting on your articles, perhaps you are right. I notice from the pitiful lack of reader feedback that pretty much everyone else has."

That's right, I have been monitoring this young man for a while now, trying to be courteous to all comments and he just doesn't seem to understand what we do here.  So yes, I told him to get a hobby.  Nothing wrong with that, I'll protect my writers... Erica has an opinion and nothing wrong with any of that.  We all have opinions. This individual can have opinions as well, but it's the hate that I will never understand.  But there's more to it.  I was confused by his comment about "pitiful lack of reader feedback".  Does anyone know what he's talking about?

There are just some... There are literally thousands of banter between readers and us.
BYB was created and RUNS on reader feedback.  Facebook and Twitter are our vehicles.  You've all talked to me and my writers regularly here.  We hide behind nothing.  Am I wrong???

This guy kicked the cat too many times.  He's a loser at this point and he doesn't care to actually learn about the fandom of BYB and so, he's blocked and he deserves to be.

Hate always loses.  You're too close to it, Chump... you don't see it.  Step back, see what we created. Actually read... actually see the comments on the social networks... it's called communication.  It's fascinating.

For all of you. I'm sorry.  I'm sorry you have to see these types of people on our pages and on some occasions these people try to insert themselves in our playground daily.  We are a family here.  We will invite anyone in, EVEN IF YOU HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS.  But I won't sit back and allow morons to act like they are the authority.  Humanity doesn't work that way.

To our fans. We love you.  Thanks for the banter.  Thanks for understanding what we do.  Most importantly... thanks for being so respectful. 

We're trying.

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Here's a little nugget for you to chew on...the Yankees and Mets have weighed in on their take on smokeless tobacco and they say, no chew allowed.  According to the New York Times report Citi Field and Yankee Stadium Could Become Off Limits to Smokeless Tobacco, the Yankees and Mets would support a bill that would ban smokeless tobacco from their respective stadiums. 

"If New York passes this bill, and I think it will, it moves us dramatically closer to the day when smokeless tobacco is prohibited in all major league cities,” said Matthew Myers, the president of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids." New York City has been at the forefront of taking a stand on healthy initiatives by placing stricter requirements on food and drink purchasing and offerings.

Why is this important?

Well it is another step in the right direction for health and wellness.  As many organizations look to reward their employees for taking care of themselves, this smokeless tobacco initiative fits right in line with a healthy body.  "The effort has achieved results. Starting this season, smokeless tobacco will be banned in three of baseball’s most notable sites: AT&T Park in San Francisco, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and Fenway Park in Boston. Players will be barred from using the substance both on the field and in the clubhouse," stated the same article.

How many players would this affect if the ban went into effect for all of Major League Baseball? You'd probably be surprised to know that as many as a third of players use smokeless tobacco.  I know I was surprised.  In fact a number of young Met and Yankee players are among the one third.
Met favorite, David Wright who does not use smokeless tobacco, stated, "We are role models and the last thing we want is for an underage kid to begin using because they watched their favorite players do it.”  The New York City Council, is set to introduce a bill this Friday and the ban will extend to other public facilities in the five boroughs.  Stay tuned!  Health is on the way!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
BYB Hot Stove Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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I wise man once told me, “If you’re gonna take shots, back it up!” I will do so now...

My fellow BYB'er, Erica Morales wrote a great piece defending the recent post game behavior of Panther’s QB Cam Newton. I too agree that it is ABSOLUTELY understandable to be totally disappointed after a Super Bowl loss. It’s what you dream about as a little kid playing in the backyard. The biggest game there is for an NFL player. The biggest stage! Against one of the greatest QBs to play the position…sure, we’d all be pissed, saddened and in a foul mood. But how you handle it is the measure of the man/ woman.

Cam Newton is an extremely gifted athlete. He plays the game with passion and is a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Do I mind the celebrations? Not one bit…after a touchdown. But after a first down? Yeah, just do YOUR JOB and keep the chains moving. That’s my opinion. Maybe it’s not yours…that’s OK too.

My biggest beef with Cam is he wants it both ways. He’ll claim that people don’t like him because he’s a black quarterback…all due respect, BULLSH*T! Yeah, I KNOW there are some simpletons out there that look at the color of a man’s skin, but believe it or not Cam some don’t like you because you seem like a bratty showboat who is all about the name on the back of the jersey. And the behavior displayed after the game Sunday was PROOF positive of that. End. Of. The. Story.

I am a big fan of the player who can be a leader on and off the field. Think back to Tim Wakefield after the 2003 Aaron Boone walk off. Is there a greater defeat as a pitcher? He gave up a dinger to the New York Yankees with the Boston Red Sox inches from reversing the imaginary curse! And did Timmy give a moody teen’s excuse for a presser? No, he faced the music, tipped his cap to the Yankees and vowed to be back. I’m I nuts to expect a similar response from a National Football League QB? NOPE!

Look, Cam wants to be the man…well, ACT LIKE ONE! You got beat by a defense that was absolutely relentless. They were BETTER than you, they just didn’t play better. They abused Carolina’s bigger O line! They pursued like a pack of hungry wolves and covered like a squadron of F-18 Hornets. The BRONCOS are Champions for a reason. Tip you cap and quiet your critics…not as a black quarterback, but as an NFL MVP quarterback that took it on the chin.

This is pretty simple. Cam Newton has the talent to be in the conversation with names like Marino, Montana, Aikman, Favre and Young. But maturity and accountability are PARAMOUNT to being in the company of those men. 

And as of this moment Cam Newton is closer to Johnny Football than Johnny Unitas. To defend him is to enable that type of behavior…I’m not making that play. When it comes to backing the young Carolina QB I’ll punt.

** I think Cam is the NFL equivalent of this kid. Talented? Sure, but who cares…he is just a solo act that who we all got tired of quick. **


--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Not sure if any of you know 31 year old Yulieski Gourriel, but he defected from Cuba.  According to many sources, now that he has, he has big dreams of playing for the New York Yankees.

Lou DiPietro of writes:

Gourriel "...has his sights set on joining Major League Baseball…and the Yankees may be his top target...

...back in 2015, while talking about the possibility of playing Major League Baseball, Yulieski Gourriel told Yahoo! that it is "the dream of all players to play at the maximum level baseball in all the world," and he also said that he desired to join the Yankees so he could play alongside his favorite player, Alex Rodriguez."

What does it all mean? I mean, who DOESN'T want to play for the New York Yankees.  Well, we will have to see.

Gourriel plays 3rd and can play 2nd base, and has played in Cuba for 15 seasons.  DiPietro writes that Gourriel "...has hit a combined .333 with 245 home runs and 999 RBI." Those stats are with Cuba and with Japan Nippon Professional Baseball. DiPietro also says he just doesn't see the Yankees as a fit, and you know what? He may be right.

I just needed to bring this to your attention because with all this talk about Chase Headley and whether or not he's capable anymore... the idea of Gourriel in pinstripes is definitely intriguing.

We'll keep an eye on this for you. More to come...

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