Friday, March 23, 2018


The Yankees and YES do a bunch of promos that run all season, every season and we fans love them all because it takes our Yankees and puts them in a different environment they may not be too comfortable with.  Good stuff.

Now I'm not gonna lie, sometimes they get on my nerves... but for the most part, I get a kick out of them.  The Stepbrothers scene with Didi and Castro was a real fun one and one of my favorites...

Anyway, this next spot is titled "Roll Call" Idol.  I did like it very much, but not because of the cringey acting and not because Greg Bird does every dance in American history...for like an hour (or at least that what it feels like).

I know what you're thinking... you think I think Gardner is the funniest part of this thing.  He gets so angry, he's overly critical. And no... that's not the best part for me.

CC Sabathia is the best part! He's friggin' hilarious.  It has nothing to do with what he says... he looks the part and I'm going to be totally honest here... I didn't even know it was him until the end when I saw him. When I saw the close-up, I was in tears... SO FUNNY!

Oh, and here are the outtakes!

Anyway... it's Friday.  I'm keeping it light.  Share this.

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(Feb. 20, 2018 - Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America)
This is a big blow to the Seattle Mariners.  David Phelps is a damn good pitcher, probably more mature, seasoned and better than he was in New York.  This just plain sucks if you're a Seattle fan and management is not happy about this either I suppose.  Phelps needs Tommy John. Not his fault, this happens to a lot of pitchers. It just sucks to it happened to David.

ESPN writes:

Photo: Getty Images
"David Phelps has a torn UCL in his pitching elbow and will have season-ending Tommy John surgery, the team said Thursday. The right-hander is expected to be sidelined 12-15 months. Phelps was expected to serve in a setup role this season for Seattle, which acquired him from the Marlins last July."

Photo: Getty Images
Damn.  Bottom Line, we love David Phelps here. Bleeding Yankee Blue even interviewed him a while back.  Check out EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: DAVID PHELPS for a trip down memory lane.

Get well soon, David.

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Hee hee.  Imagine if it was this Steven Wright? Anyway...

The truth is the Boston Red Sox have a righty pitcher named Steven Wright.  And he was just suspended for 15 games.

Photo: Boston Globe
Here's the right Wright... see what I did there?  MLB Trade Rumors writes:

"Red Sox righty Steven Wright has been suspended for 15 games under the MLB-MLBPA Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy, as Evan Drellich of NBC Sports Boston first reported.

It is believed that Wright will decline to appeal the suspension, Drellich adds. The suspension relates to a mid-December incident in Tennessee in which Wright was arrested and charged with domestic assault and prevention of a 911 call."

The fact is that putting hands on anyone is ridiculous and while this is alleged, you should treat all this stuff pretty seriously.

Just reporting this.  It's newsworthy.

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Photo: New York Post
Gotta appreciate a guy like CC Sabathia and all he's done for the Yankees in New York.  Most important to me is how when times got tough, he adjusted, re-learned to pitch with the problems he was having and literally re-invented himself as a leader again.  Not that he wasn't, but he was clearly struggling and trying to get back in the fan's good graces.  He never lost me as a fan. I stayed. I'm glad I did. He's a great leader and terrific mentor for these young kids on the Yanks.

Speaking of that, check this stuff out on CC is now working with Jordan Montgomery.  No doubt the kid will learn a lot from a veteran like CC.

"CC Sabathia's words of wisdom include a phrase that Jordan Montgomery says that he hears every day, 'You've got more in the tank.'...

Photo: Sporting News
Sabathia has been a mentor all spring. 'He's awesome,' Montgomery said. 'He kind of helps me out on both spectrums. He kind of tells me how to pitch like a power pitcher and how to pitch like I do. So I want to be right there in the middle.' Perhaps surprisingly to some, Montgomery will start the season right there where he was last season ... as the Yankees' fifth starter.

His spot seemed in danger during the offseason and early in spring training while rumors circulated that the Yankees were interested in signing a veteran starter, rumors that GM Brian Cashman admitted were true.

Photo: New York Daily News
'I've got to take it with a grain of salt and show 'em why they wanted to keep me around,' Montgomery said. 'I try to stay off of the internet in the offseason and even during the season. I'm off my phone a lot. This offseason, I just did my work..."

Doing the work. Putting in the work and working hard to improve.  Much of it learned through the years, but much of it pushed on by CC Sabathia.

That's what I love about this club.  The veterans helping these youngsters. Ultimately that helps a club improve.

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Look, I loved when the Yankees did their Sandlot re-enactment a few years ago.  I'm not gonna lie... the acting was bad, but the film is a classic and just watching our New York Yankees recite the lines was a whole lot of fun. I couldn't stop watching it.

Well... that's long gone.  Have you seen the Milwaukee Brewers do their rendition of the baseball classic?  Take a minute... watch this.

Now I know, the only guy you might recognize is Christian Yelich. Well, 2 things come to mind... One. Thank God he got out of Miami. 

Photo: Getty Images
But Two... a lot of none recognizable guys, but hey, that may be why it's so loose and good.  Who knows.

I love this rendition.

But let's compare... which do you like best? Here's the Yankee one.

OK... I still love this one too.

You tell me, what do you think?

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Photo: SNY
Yup, it's a football thing, because as much as we love our New York Yankees... we still dabble in other New York sports when we feel like... because we can... because I'm in charge and I decide.  I love that.

Besides, Bleeding Yankee Blue not only appears in We also appear on We are one of the few baseball sites to do so as far as we know.

Anyway. The New York Giants traded Pierre-Paul to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Forbes has the story:

"The New York Giants on Thursday announced that they have traded long-time defensive end and two-time Pro Bowler Jason Pierre-Paul to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The move sends JPP along with a fourth-round pick (102nd overall) to the Buccaneers in exchange for a third-round pick (69th overall) and fourth-round selection ( 108th overall)."

Photo: New York Post
Alittle nugget for you baseball fans.  So when you run out of Yankee stuff to talk about at the water cooler... you got this Pierre-Paul jazz in your back pocket.

See? BYB looks out for you.