Sunday, July 24, 2016


It looks like Aroldis Chapman could become a Cub at any moment.

Looks like every Yankee fan who bought that No Runs DMC novelty shirt, while nice at the time are now looking at it like it was a waste of money... kind of like my parent's old 1982 World's Fair Tennessee shirt. 

You wonder why you bought it in the first place.

Anyway... Word is the Yanks and Cubs are hammering out a deal. Chapman would go to the Cubs, SS prospect Gleyber Torres would go to the Yankees, and they may even throw in more. 

Yahoo Sports guy Jaff Passan just tweeted this:
Now you gotta wonder if a guy like Adam Warren would be brought back to New York.  After all, Yanks could use alittle pitching too, especially if Chapman goes.

Look, I'm going to sleep. I'm tired.  If the Yankees make this deal, we will inform you for sure in the morning. But I at least wanted to share this latest bit of news.  Things are happening folks... things are happening.

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At 12:33 I was at my son's baseball game in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  By 1:35pm, I was in the Bronx watching today's Yankee / Giants game in literally a last moment decision to take some tickets from my buddy who happened to live in Fort Lee, but could not go to the game. 

He showed up at our field, handed me the tickets, 'Go have fun' was yelled out, and just like that, I pulled my son from his game, and we headed to the Bronx.  Crazy... absolutely crazy, but the timing was right, and my kid seemed kind of psyched.

We showed up late and got up to speed on the game when we arrived.  It was nice that Carlos Beltran cranked it out today.  It was nicer to see Mark Teixeira crank out a solo shot. But as I wrote on Twitter...
I'm mean. I know it. I'm sorry.  I just feel like Mark's time in the Bronx is up.  My son was quick to remind me to be nice, and "Tex did some good things, and he's still good defensively."  OK, OK... I toned it down, but my tweet was out there, what could I do at this point?

Eovaldi pitched and looked good.  But all I kept hearing from the guy next to me was how it will be his last start in pinstripes, and "Beltran's gone too."  I find that crap annoying.  I just came to watch a game have a few beers and get out of there.  I don't need the bull... it's freaking hot.

The Yankees were up 5-0, but when Chad Green came in, he gave up 2 on a Buster Posey liner up the right field line.  Look, I didn't for a second think the Yankees were going to lose, and my son's a big Posey fan, so that was special, but for the love of God what is it about Green that the Yankees love? I cannot put my finger on it.
Now yes, he got his first career save today.  He helped execute a terrific double play when we needed it most... but as I told this guy... I'm still not there as a Green fan yet.  That's on me... sorry.

On the Jersey side, we didn't miss much.  My boy's team continued to stomp on their opponent and my kid's team got the win.  Pulling him, while unlike anything we've ever done before, was worth it today though. The Yankees are beating very good teams lately.

You gotta wonder what Cashman and the honchos are thinking leading up to the Trade Deadline.

Final: Yankees 5 - Giants 2


The rumor mills have been turning and it appears the Yankees are closing in on a deal to ship out flame-throwing closer Aroldis Chapman. Ken Rosenthal reported last night that although a deal is not imminent, the Yankees appear ready to ship the free agent to be out of town.

John Harper from the New York Daily News reported this morning that even before Saturday night's tough loss Brian Cashman had convinced Hal Steinbrenner it was time to ship out Chapman.

Jon Heyman tweeted this morning that the Yankees like Nationals pitcher Joe Ross but a source told Heyman there is 'no chance' they move Ross for a rental.

Besides the Nationals, the Cubs, Giants, Dodgers, and Astros have been rumored to have significant interest in the closer. The best case scenario for the Yankees would be a bidding war between several clubs allowing the Yankees to get a better return. Teams are jumping in, Jon Heyman reports - tweeting that the Cubs, Astros, Marlins, and a "mystery team" have entered the race.

Stay tuned here at BYB as we will have updates on the trade deadline moves as they come in!

--Dan Lucia, BYB Senior Writer
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Time for alittle Sunday Feature folks, straight from the pages of BYB.

I heard it with my own ears.  My sister confessed to me while down the shore this week, why she stopped watching the Yankees and became a certified Met fan.  She said, deep down, the Yankees just weren't the same without Derek Jeter.  To translate, Jeter's retirement forced some fans to hop over to Queens and join the ranks of the Metropolitans.

I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.  My own niece left the Yankees for the Mets just a short time ago. It down right hurts to see fans leave for what they see as something better.  But in reality, although Derek Jeter spent two decades with us, he should not be the reason you stop liking the Yankees.

To stay in the Citi Field dugout for a moment, David Wright, arguably one of the beloved modern day Met players, said this about Jeter just after he announced he would retire, "I've always been a big Derek Jeter fan for what he has done on the baseball field. I became an even bigger fan after getting to know Derek and learning there is more to this game than what goes on between the lines."

Jeter has given so much to this game but if you are a Yankee fan, you are a Yankee fan.  You don't stop being a Yankee fan or any fan for that matter because a player is traded, or decides move on with the rest of his life off the baseball diamond.  You don't stop being a Yankee fan because they lose too much.  You may get frustrated with the team, but you don't give up and become a Met fan.  You just don't.

Perhaps, Matt Marrone, senior editor at, brings the ultimate perspective to the idea that fans may have moved on from the Yankees when Jeter retired.

"I was on hand for so many of his greatest moments, I was also sitting in the stands when he had to be carried off the field during the 2012 ALCS, when his ankle finally gave way following one of his most incredible seasons.  Never have I heard such silence in the Bronx. Walking out that night had the aura of a funeral procession, the polar opposite of how Jeter has made Yankees fans feel for nearly 20 years. His absence reverberated like no other Big Apple ballplayer’s I've seen."

Does my sister have a point?  I mean, is Yankee baseball somehow still missing that special something following Jeter's departure more than two years ago?  Yes, of course.  Undeniably, we know he was beloved, respected and a calming presence at short stop for twenty years.  And that void is still there for many.  But, guess what?  As Yankee announcer Michael Kay said so eloquently as Jeter retired, " I literally have taken moments and thought to myself, "What would Derek Jeter do in this situation?" And tried to follow his course."

So what would Derek Jeter do?  Become a Met fan? No way.

Stay with us.  Don't give up on the Yankees.  We will find that magic again.  Just like when Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio retired, we grew more heroic players, like Don Mattingly, Mariano Rivera and yes, Derek Jeter.  Jeter made the game more exciting and powerful to watch, but the game was exciting before he came and will continue to be, long after he is gone.

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
BYB Hot Stove Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Quick update on Chris Sale once again...

I know, we're obsessed with Sale lately, partly because we read about the Rangers being interested in him, and that peaked our interest because as you know, we need pitching and the Yankees could use a guy like Sale. But many are wondering at what price?

Anyway...yesterday we wrote SALE COULD BE SOLD because he was scratched from a game he was supposed to start in.  Speculation would lead you to "Hmm, maybe he's about to get traded" at least that was the editorial stance of Bleeding Yankee Blue. To who, we had no idea.

And so we waited and waited and now this was sent out by the White Sox:
Further reportingby Ken Rosenthal suggests this and was reported by the Chicago Tribune:

"Ken Rosenthal, an MLB reporter for FOX and an MLB Network insider, tweeted that Sale was unhappy with the 1976 throwback uniforms the team was supposed to wear, saying they were uncomfortable. As a result, Rosenthal reported, Sale cut up the jerseys during batting practice and was "upset that, in his view, PR and jersey sales were more important than winning."

I love this kind of thing, but I gotta tell you a quick story and it holds no matter what age you are...

My son was uncomfortable one day throwing a bullpen with his pitching coach.  The mound had a huge hole in his landing spot and he couldn't get proper footing.  He told the pitching coach and the pitching coach looked him straight in the eye and said, "You know what? When this kind of thing happens, and you're in a game, while not perfect, you gotta try and readjust, suck it up, and stop being a pussy."  He was 12 at the time. My son smiled, readjusted and grinded through it.

That's about right... you know what I mean?