Monday, May 20, 2019


It's only May, so to hear talk of a potential fire sale seems premature. There's a lot of baseball left but I guess if the Washington Nationals continue to struggle it could happen. If they don;t rebound Joe Sherman seems to think it could possibly happen, read more HERE.

It's been an odd start this season. We saw the Mets come strong out the gate and now they are struggling. No, maybe tripping and faltering miserably is more like it. They did just get swept by Derek Jeter's Marlins. The Marlin's for crying out loud! It's rumored Mickey Callaway's job may be in jeopardy.

Then you have teams like the Red Sox who crashed and burned also until recently. The Rays have been overachieving all season thus far and the Yankees have been winning despite all of the injuries. Oh and the Twins look crazy strong while the Cleveland Indians look deflated. It's been a weird season so far.

So here are the Yankees, winning despite all of their own challenges. If the Yankees continue to stay within AL East contention could Brian Cashman look at a team like the Nationals to reinforce the team? Maybe.

The Nationals may be in fourth place in the NL East, but they are only 7.5 games out of first place, which is nothing to worry about right now. But if they don't work their way up names like Anthony Rendon and Max Scherzer could become available. Could....maybe.....big maybe.

The Nationals had their best chances for a championship with both Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper years ago. Now they are trying to change their identity. The Nats have talked to Rendon about an extension but if they doesn't work out maybe they would trade him.

Rendon would be a nice pickup for a team but Scherzer would be harder to trade. He's been everything that the Nats had hoped for even though they have never won a championship with him. He's finished in the top five for Cy Young in the last four seasons. The Nats love them as much as I do.

If the Yankees cold get Scherzer that would be a dream. A very expensive dream though. Sherman's article quoted an NL scout saying "If you ever took him to market, you would get an unholy haul for him." The prospects demand would be crazy and so would the cash that the Yankees would have to take on. The Yankees would pick up the remainder of his salary this year of about $14 million plus whatever portion of the $84.3M that is owed and can negotiate down through 2028. High dollars and prospects....that's an expensive firesale.

It's just a rumor, but a fascinating rumor. Who doesn't at least dream about Scherzer? It may only just be a dream, but if the Nats continue to under perform it's worth a call....even if it is a very short one.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Source: Frank Franklin II | AP Photo

Last year the new normal for teams like the Oakland A's and the Tampa Bay Rays was the "opener" strategy where a bull pen pitcher started the game because the team did not have enough true starters in the rotation to fit the bill.  Earlier than teams instituted the shift, which has become very controversial among baseball analysts and fans alike.  Now the Yankees have defined a new normal for teams who experience more than their share of injured list, better know as the IL. They win.

Source: Newsday

"Calling the Yankees baseball's best story would normally qualify as big-market pandering. This year's group is different, however. The Yankees have found their way to the catbird seat despite losing nearly 100 more days to injury than any other team -- a predicament that has forced them to replace multiple headliners in their lineup with afterthoughts," reported CBS Sports.

Source: AP

These afterthoughts include guys like Gio Urshela who contributed to the walk off on Friday night and is currently batting .353 with two home runs and 16 RBIs.  "Urshela stopped being a surprisingly-effective fill-in, and became the Yankees’ starting third baseman on the spot. Many wondered if he could keep his start up, or if the team would eventually need to look for a more sustainable option in a pennant race. It looks like an answer has arrived," reported

And even though Urshela has earned respect with his performance defensively and offensively, fans still can't believe that these kind of performances have longevity.  Even on Twitter after his game-winning RBI on Friday night, baseball fans were skeptical as tempered by this tweet.

Another guy who seemingly was off the radar and unexpectedly has risen to the top of major league starters is Domingo German, the stand-in for Yankee ace Luis Severino.  He's risen to the top of the Yankee rotation with a 7-1 record with a 2.70 ERA.  "He’s shown the ability to throw all of those for strikes in any count and he has the confidence that he can go out and deliver that. And that’s what we’ve seen from him, the ability to pitch with all three pitches,” said Yankee skipper Aaron Boone via

Source: AP

Guys like signed free agent DJ LeMahieu, Luke Voit, Cameron Maybin, as well as Clint Frazier and Thairo Estrada have more than stepped in as fill-ins.  They have carried this team to the top of the American League East.  Despite dropping yesterday's game in a 2-1 heart breaker, the Yankees have remained strong, persistent and keep winning even without the big bats and arms.

Will this last? As a Yankee fan, you root for your team no matter what. And with roles reversed as the Yankees shift from the role of Goliath to that of David, you have to be excited about what this team is doing, despite the odds. Would I like to see Aaron Judge back in the lineup, absolutely.  Am I thinking about getting a Gio Urshela shirzy, absolutely.  The 2019 New York Yankees may not resemble the team expected at the end of spring training, but nonetheless, they are winning and somehow are rewriting the formula for winning with their team of afterthoughts leading the way.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Saturday, May 18, 2019


When the Yankees lost all their stars to injury... I'm gonna admit, I was down and out.  But I didn't give up on my team. I just didn't care as much to watch Gio Urshela and Thairo Estrada as closely as I would a Stanton and Judge.  Nothing wrong with that. The game was still on in the background and I'd peak in periodically to get the score. And then something happened, and that something was nothing... meaning, there was no bump in the road. In fact, it just got more exciting!

Last night the Yankees beat the red hot Rays.  And not only that, they took first place.  The New York Post has this:

"Voit’s leadoff blast in the ninth inning drew the Yankees within one run and sparked a 4-3 comeback win Friday night at the Stadium, allowing them to leapfrog Tampa Bay into first place in the AL East."

And then this...

ESPN writes:

"Enter stage left, Gio Urshela...Two quick balls from Alvarado, and Urshela was in the driver's seat.

'When it got 2-0, I knew he was going to get something to hit. There's no doubt in my mind,' Voit said. 'The kid has just been unbelievable, and every time there's a big situation, he just comes through.' 

He certainly did. Coming off his bat at 109.7 mph -- the fourth ball in the inning hit 100 mph or harder -- Urshela blasted a liner deep into right-center field. 

Although Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier gave desperate chase to the fly ball, he couldn't quite corral it. The ball went over his head. Game over."

And just like that. Here are your standings this morning:

Honorable Mention. CC Sabathia was amazing last night... a true leader.  A true captain!

Let's go Yanks!

Friday, May 17, 2019


Source: Charles Wenzelberg- NY Post

With the Yankees off as the Tampa Bay Rays make their way to the Stadium for a three game set this weekend, baseball continued to please fans across the country with exciting plays and intriguing stories throughout the MLB this week.

Kicking things off with baby bomber Gleyber Torres seems a good place to start this week's highlights as Torres made it clear that Gleyber Day is here to stay in the Bronx.  Torres hit three home runs during the Yankees double header sweep against the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday evening. The 22-year-old’s performance joined Joe DiMaggio as the youngest Yankees to have a three-homer day.

"It's really good," Torres said. "In a doubleheader, we felt really tired in the second game for sure, but you just focus and do the job to help the team. I think there's no better feeling than when you do the job and you help your team,"reported

Source: USA Today

Aroldis Chapman also came in clutch during the doubleheader, pitching scoreless innings and earning his 10th and 11th saves. It was a great week to be a Yankee!

Source: NY Daily News

The Mets are well...doing Mets things such as Michael Conforto suffering a concussion after colliding with Robinson Cano on Thursday. Jeff McNeil also leaving the same game with lower abdominal tightness.

“We had some tough things happen today, but we’re not going to give up,” manager Mickey Callaway said. “Those guys in there definitely will never quit," reported the NY Post.

The Mets are on their way to Miami which will helpful help the team get few wins after this disaster.

Speaking of Derek Jeter's Marlins (10-30), the team is currently on pace for the most losses in a season since 1899. Not a record you want to break. After trading away their biggest players, Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich, things have gone straight downhill for the team. I thought maybe getting rid of that terrible home run statue/fountain/nightmare in the outfield would maybe help the team but I guess it isn’t that easy.

Source: CBS Sports

Keston Hiura, the Brewer’s number one prospect (15th overall in MLB) learned he was headed to the majors less than two years after being selected by Milwaukee.  Hiura did not disappoint and finished the night 2-for-3, becoming only the fourth Brewers player to reach base three times in his debut, the first since 1976.

“It wasn’t nerves; it was more just soaking in the moment,” Hiura said. “The lights are brighter, grass is greener, dirt is nicer; everything just stands out to you. I was really just soaking it all in. It hasn’t really hit me yet, but I’m quite sure it will sometime soon," reported

That’s all for this week! Here’s to hoping out teams continue to improve and we have another exciting week of baseball.  Let's sweep the Rays and the Orioles in the coming two series.

--Missy O'Rourke
BYB Contributor
Twitter: @missy_orourke

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Thursday, May 16, 2019


It's not what we wanted to hear, but you can't always get what you want. I wanted to see Miguel Andujar come back after an exciting 2018 but I guess we will have to wait until 2020 because according to multiple sources like the New York Post, Andujar is having season ending surgery.

It's the worst news that we all knew was likely inevitable. It's a bad break, and I am sure it wasn't an easy decision for him but I think it was the right decision. We could all see that even though Andujar completed a rehab assignment he just wasn't the same. He made it through rehab games, but once he got back to the Bronx it was hard to watch.

On May 4, Andujar was activated but in nine big-league games he showed no resemblance to what helped him finish second in the AL Rookie of the Year race last year where he hit .297 with 27 homers and 92 RBIs in 149 games.

Since he was activated he is 3-for-34 or a 0.88 BA and those three hits were singles. I'm sure the decision was hard. This surgery ends what was supposed to be the season of growth and improvement. Even though he finished second for Rookie of the Year, there has been a lot of concern over his defense. He went into the offseason working hard to improve defensively, and now we will wait to see what happens.

I was really hoping that Andujar was going to be able to just rehab this, but a shoulder injury to your throwing arm is no ordinary injury. He suffered the injury on March 31 diving back into third base against the Orioles at Yankee Stadium. Surgery was an option then but a rehab program was chosen instead. 

You can argue he "should've" had the surgery in April, hell I wouldn't disagree with you. It's easy to say that in hindsight now that we know the rehab program didn't work. It certainly seems like the Yankees rehab programs have been less effective this season....Troy Tulowitzki went back on the Injured List after his rehab also. The Yankees acquisition of Kendrys Morales was also a good indication that the Yankees were preparing for this just in case. Andujar is young. This is the best move for both his future, and the Yankees since he won't be a free agent until the 2023-2024 offseason.

Andujar will have surgery on Monday, and then we wait until next season. For now we continue to rely on Giovanny Urshela's clutch bat and great defense as well as DJ LeMahieu to man third base. The Yankees are in good hands for now, and so is Andujar. It sucks it came down to surgery, Miggy. But here's to a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Rest up and be ready to come back better than ever next season. We've got it from here.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj


What a game by Gleyber Torres. If it's not one player on the Yankees, it's another!  Last night Gleyber had 3 home runs. The New York Post has this:

"After being hit in the right elbow on Friday at Tampa Bay and having difficulty throwing from shortstop on Saturday, Torres got Sunday off and showed no signs of injury on Wednesday, homering three times in the Yankees’ doubleheader sweep of the Orioles. 

'No pain, no gain,’ Torres said following the 5-3 victory in the first game, when he hit a pair of solo homers. 'I know it’s a bad situation for us, with everyone’s injuries. If I can play with pain, I do.'"

How do you not love this kid?  How do you not like what the Yankees are doing this season?

It's impressive. I love watching these guys every single night. A new star takes the reigns and runs with it. Last night, it was Torres!

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