Monday, December 17, 2018


In case you missed it, Manny Machado is on his way to the Bronx for his interview on Wednesday, read more HERE. Yeah, I am calling it an interview. He's got a lot of explaining to do with  his "Johnny Hustle" comment and he's going to have to convince the Yankees that he isn't the dirty player some perceive him to be.

I'm glad the Yankees aren't blindsided by their intrigue with Machado. He's a shiny new toy many teams would like to have, but they have to have more than just a "Plan A" on board. The Yankees shouldn't be caught with their pants down if Machado doesn't sign with us. I'm glad there is talk of a "Plan B" even if it isn't as flashy and that plan could be Freddy Galvis, maybe.

According to the New York Post HERE, the Yankees could make a run for Galvis but they aren't the only interested suitors. He has a lot of attributes that the Yankees could benefit from while they wait for Didi Gregorius to return sometime between June and August. He is versatile, he can play second, shortstop or third base but the Yankees are likely drawn to his 655 games played at shortstop. He's a good defensive infielder and he's also a switch hitter with some pop in his bat. He's got some nice positives there....but there is one area of concern to consider...

Galvis doesn't fit the Yankees ideal mold for a hitter with his career on base percentage of .290. No player is perfect, right? But is that enough of a concern that the Yankees decide to look at other "Plan B" alternatives? Maybe not. There are other candidates out there, namely Alcides Escobar and Adeiny Hechavarria but they finish first and second respectively for worst OPS amongst active players.

Adding Galvis to play shortstop until Didi comes back would strengthen the infield. This should continue to be an important element for the Yankees until Didi returns, especially with the defensive concerns they have with Miguel Andujar at third base. Considering the alternatives to Machado, Galvis may be the best option.

Some of Yankeeland is "all-in" for Machado and let's face other free agent comes close to his appeal. Whether you are in on Machado or Galvis or neither, the Yankees should continue to be smart and look at this from all possible angles. I guess we will know more about any Machado plans or "Plan B's" after Wednesday.

Stay tuned.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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Sunday, December 16, 2018


Source: MLB Trade Rumors

The Manny Machado tour has begun as the All Star infielder interviews in Philadelphia next week.  According to The New York Daily News, "The superstar shortstop is scheduled to meet with the Phillies in the City of Brotherly Love this coming week, reports, so it would only make sense for the 26-year-old to hop on the busy road and make his way to the Stadium afterward."

Brian Cashman has stated that he continues to have interest in Machado and will not hold his unprofessional performance against him should he interview with the Yankee general manager.  "I’m sure it wasn’t his best moment, but that doesn’t mean that’s the moment that should define him either,” general manager Brian Cashman told YES Network earlier this week as reported by The New York Daily News.

Source: Yahoo Sports

Yankee manager, Aaron Boone, has also weighed in on Machado, respecting him for his talent and minimizing the so-called hype with regards to his lack of hustle.  “There is an expectation that we have and hopefully as a professional that there is a certain way you go about things, and running balls out can certainly play into that,” Boone said. “Frankly, it is a little bit down the list as far as what I define what makes a player. My definition of a player who plays hard, who plays through adversity and is tough and brings things behind the scenes and has the ability to post when it is not easy. Those are things that define playing hard a little more to me," reported the News.

Source: Yahoo Sports

So we know a few things about the potential interview with Machado.  He will meet with the Philadelphia Phillies this week.  It would make logistical sense for him to head up the NJ Turnpike to the Bronx shortly after and then hop a plan to Chicago, where the White Sox have some interest in him and a chip to play as they just traded for his brother-in-law Yonder Alonso.  Where will Machado play in 2019?  It's anyone's guess right now.  I am hoping somewhere other than the Yankees.  It's more than just hustle, it's attitude, and we don't need his kind of attitude in New York.  Been there done that over and over again.  Have a nice trip to Bronx, Manny but don't let the door hit you on the way out.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Saturday, December 15, 2018


Quick note because the bottom line it, it's still puzzling to me that now that Major League baseball has the drug policy in place, players are still using and still getting in trouble.  If you are minor leaguer Alex Mauricio, you really have some explaining to do. You aren't even a major leaguer yet. Plus, you gotta wonder if this suspension hurts his chances in that. I'm sure it will.

Anyway, the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier simply writes:

"OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF BASEBALL — Suspended Boston minor league RHP Francisco Lopez-Soto (Lowell-NYP), New York Yankees minor league RHP Alex Mauricio (Staten Island-NYP) and St. Louis minor league RHP Griffin Roberts (Palm Beach-FSL) 50 games each, following second violations for a drug of abuse. Suspended Cincinnati minor league C Hunter Oliver (Greenville-Appalachian) and Oakland minor league P Dallas Woolfolk (Arizona Athletics) 50 games each after testing positive for Amphetamine, a stimulant in violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program."

Come on man... really?

And no pay.  Oh boy.

Friday, December 14, 2018


We ended up with JA Happ.  No Machado. No Harper. No Syndergaard. No nothing.  The Twitter experts don't know anything as we stated here on BYB. Just a lot of hot air.  Do we want a few big names? Sure we do. I for one would like to secure David Robertson and Ottavino. I stated that yesterday on Twitter.

That being said, I have no knowledge they will... and that's the thing. It's all speculation and guesses. And in the end, the Yankees' Brian Cashman spent a week in Vegas and walked away with a familiar face... JA Happ.  And we all look like fools.  Many of your "sourced" stories were stupid. Face it... many of you know absolutely nothing. As my kids will tell me when I fill in for their mom on lunches or drop-offs at school... "You're doing it wrong."

On a side note, my favorite tweet was Andrew McCutchen, who quietly signed a 3 year deal with the Phillies.  It may have been the funniest video Tweet I've seen in a long time.

That moment you reportedly sign a new $50 Million deal with the Phillies 😂😂😂

Love that dude. I wish him well.

And yes, Lance Lynn is on his way to the Rangers... but who cares. He was the Jaime Garcia of 2018. No one wanted the guy... we just needed him "in case".

Now look, there's no question Cashman laid the groundwork.  There's no question that moves will happen eventually. But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... until it's revealed at a later date.
We are seeing this now with Cash... the stealth genius.

Yankees need a few things. I personally love the Happ deal. But I do wonder if he'll pitter out at some point.  Did I want a more successful starter? I did, but I'm a fan, not an owner. I root for the uniform. It is what it is.

With the securing of Happ, the Yankees have now pivoted and rumors are flying that now they want to secure their pen.  No more starters... it's about relievers now... keep up. That's why I liked the idea of Robertson and Ottavino.

Bolster that pen. Make it unstoppable and more importantly, do NOT let DRob go to the Red Sox or the Mets.

If I had to predict, which I hate to do, I feel like a big fish is coming, but I don't know who that is.  The Yankees still have Sonny Gray I'm pretty sure he won't be there on opening day.

Will the Yankees get Machado? I doubt it.  But will the Yankees get Tulowitzki?  Makes better sense believe it or not.  That's usually how the Yankees operate. Plus, with Didi coming back, it makes better financial sense.  The downside? Troy gets hurt like...all the time... so I'm not sure it's smart. But there is no question that the Yankees are thinking about it.

But what else will happen? Let's be honest... NO IDEA.

And you know what? When it happens, we at Bleeding Yankee Blue will tell you.  We're not going to make up stories or get crazy. We will give it to you straight.

Enjoy your Friday. Don't get crazy. You've getting yourself all worked up for nothing.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018


MisHAPP....get it?

Photo: New York Daily News
Happ likes it. In this picture he's smiling at me.

Anyway... last night Ken Rosenthal took a rare swing and a miss with J.A. Happ. It was reported that Happ signed a three-year deal to return to the Bronx, but later he retracted his statement. It happens, even Rosenthal is human. No biggie.

I've seen multiple reports out there that Happ is holding out for a third year, and is willing to sign with the first team to offer it to him. It is rumored that he has a few two-year offers on the table from other contending teams.

Photo: Yahoo Sports
Happ did pitch well last season, especially against the AL East so him holding out for a third year isn't hard to understand from his point of view. The real question is, should the Yankees feel comfortable giving him that third year he's looking for or are the Yankees just being cheap?

Some sources believe a Happ deal can still happen even without that third year.

I am not eager to give Happ a third year, but then again I am not eager to miss out on another starting pitcher either. The Yankees already missed out on deals with two of the top two starters this season due to ONE year. It's odd to see the Yankees get outbid on a guy, especially over one extra year, but it has already happened twice in this young offseason.

Photo: NBC Sports
The Yankees maxed out their offer on Patrick Corbin at five years but he signed for six. The Yankees didn't want to go beyond three years on Nathan Eovaldi, but Boston gave him four. It's only December, but one year has been a deal breaker for the Yankees so far....will it continue? The Phillies are also in on Happ, too. Will they give Happ the third year? They also lost out on Corbin, so maybe they are feeling extra aggressive.

Photo: New York Post
I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with Happ, and if Joel Sherman is right. One thing we know definitely won't be happening is a reunion with Lance Lynn. He just signed a three-year deal with the Texas Rangers.

I'm surprised Lynn got a three-year deal....and that he got $30 million after his struggles last season. I was thinking Lynn might get to years at $15-16 million. Lynn struggles (a lot) and gets three years, but Happ hasn't yet. Did the Rangers out-bid themselves or is a three-year deal just going to be the minimal going rate?

Photo: USA Today Sports
Oh and in case you liked Charlie Morton, he's no longer an option either. He just signed with the Tampa Bay Rays, so we'll be seeing a lot of him.

So if the Yankees do miss out on Happ, who is next? Dallas Keuchel? We already know THE BRAVES WANT KEUCHEL. DO THE YANKEES? It's a good question. The big names are disappearing, and after Happ the list gets shorter. It would be nice to not have to bat against him anymore. He's willing, he's able and he's proven in the postseason. I think more teams should have shown more interest in him by now.

Can't forget the bullpen either. There have been a lot of rumors out there, and if there is any merit to some of these a reunion with Zach Britton or David Robertson could be bleak.

The Yankees did meet with Adam Ottavino's agent last night. He's a local boy that would be dynamite to help strengthen the bullpen. Oh and he says he would strike Babe Ruth out "every time," read more HERE. Hey, at least he doesn't lack confidence.

It's definitely early, but if the Yankees want to make the necessary improvements to win a championship we NEED the pitching. It sucks losing a guy, especially over one-year. I don't think it becomes a pattern though, at least I hope not. If it does the list gets way too short and names like Gio Gonzalez rise to the top, and that scares me.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


He's annoying. Scott Boras is a pain in the ass annoying.

I just want to make this statement and then I'll move on.  Bryce Harper was NEVER on the Yankees radar. We have plenty of outfielders.  Bryce Harper is not a first baseman.  The Yankees would rather not try that $300 million experiment and look like morons.  Plus... let's be honest... Bryce Harper is too expensive nd 6 years from now he's going to slow down and that contract is going to suck.  And so, the Yankees didn't... I repeat DID NOT EVER WANT HIM BECAUSE THERE WASN'T EVER A FIT FOR HIM.

The ONLY reason why this rumor crap came to a head was because Bryce Harper was a free agent this off season and he expressed at one time in his career that he wanted to be a New York Yankee. But Brian Cashman told you all plenty of times that the Yankees weren't interested. And while I know you all want him in your stocking for Christmas... I am also 100% sure it will never happen. SO STOP IT... ALL OF YOU.

Enter Scott Boras, the biggest dunce of them all. The New York Daily News writes:

Photo: Sports Illustrated
"...Scott Boras hinted Wednesday that Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s expressed disinterest in free agent slugger Bryce Harper may be overstated. Recalling the Yankees’ swooping in in the process to sign Mark Teixeira ten years ago, Boras indicated we should all stay tuned. 

'When the nurse walks in with the thermometer, the issue isn’t what (the temperature reads) that’s the health of the patient when they’re ready to leave the hospital,' Boras said about the on-going Harper market."

It's madness and this jack ass gets paid to do this.  Guess what... at this point, even if Cashman was interested in Harper... Boras just turned him off.

<Mic drop>

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