Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Source: NY Post

There is just so much banter about Manny Machado and his potential fit for the Yankees that I am ready to scream.  Now this nugget from Bryan Hoch is putting me over the edge.  According to SNY, Dellin Betances is weighing in on the potential transaction. "I think he'll put us over the top," Betances said. "We were short last year. Things could have gone our way, but they didn't. ... Our lineup is already impactful, so adding a guy like that would be pretty crazy." Since when did Dellin Betances get a say?

Source: NESN

According to Hoch, Betances thinks the addition of Machado would be a difference-maker.  Quite frankly I think he would just end up as an extended contract with very little presence in the clubhouse except for his big fat contract getting in the way of picking up the pitching the Yankees so desperately need.

Source: Sporting News

"Machado is expected to seek a deal north of 10 years, $300 million but Cashman left the door open to possibly trying to stay under the luxury tax threshold for a second consecutive year, raising doubts on whether or not the Yankees are serious about Machado," reported SNY.

Source: ESPN

Sure Didi Gregorius will be out most or potentially all of 2019 and that puts the Yankees at a serious deficient when it comes to both his bat and his glove not to mention his energy and leadership in the dugout.  I don't think Machado is a leader nor does he add the consistency that Gregorius gives to his team since filling in the hole left by Derek Jeter.

Source: NY Post

The solution is quite simple, frankly.  Move Gleyber Torres to shortstop, his natural position, and elevate a rookie from the farm to second base.  And don't trade Miguel Andujar even if he was "just" runner up for AL Rookie of the Year.


Who cares if Betances wants Machado.  Betances needs to worry about being the Betances who pitches the Yankees out of  trouble in the late innings.  He should keep his mouth shut and focus on improving his arsenal of pitches so he can provide the Yankees his best self in 2019.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Photo: Chuck Crow, the Plain Dealer
I love Joel Sherman and love to hate him some days... but when I say that... I love to read him.

Great piece today about the Yankees and the intrigue of guys like Manny Machado, Corey Kluber and Patrick Corbin and whether or not they can do something strategic, smart and slick... taking the patience of today's Yankees with the selfishness and "want" of the old regime.  And to be honest, the article was terrific. I enjoyed every moment of it. A tip of the cap to Sherman.

This part of the article was what really caught my eye:

"I sense the Yankees are, at minimum, intrigued by Machado, and his signing would give them latitude to use Miguel Andujar as the central trade piece to obtain Kluber — taking a logical leap that the Indians like the AL Rookie of the Year runner-up enough to deal their ace. Imagine 10 years at $330 million for Machado, six years at $126 million for Corbin (the Yu Darvish pact from last offseason) and the assumption of Kluber’s Indians contract, which, if his 2020-21 options are picked up, has three years at $52.5 million left, but costs just $11.3 million toward the luxury tax in 2019. "

Photo: AP
The thinking is there and it's brilliant and I can actually picture it.  Now do I like Manny Machado on the Yankees? Not 100% no.  I think there needs to be some maturity from this guy. And the irony is, he's a veteran at this point, and some of the Yankee youngsters... like Aaron Judge for instance, show more hustle and maturity than Machado.  But he can play, and he would fit in nicely.

Photo: AP
And what are the Yankees thinking when it comes to Miguel Andujar? Well... they love him, but they need pitching and guess what... if he won the ROY award I think it may be harder to part with him. But he didn't... say those writers, and now maybe that helps them flip him for a Corey Kluber. I'd hate to see Miggy go... but we need to bolster the starting rotation, and sometimes you need to trade high to get high. Sadly... it's business.

Look... this could be fantasyland for all I know. I do know this... I love this article today and appreciated this scenario.  It's new and refreshing.

Let's see what happens next, shall we?


He should have won.  It really makes no sense that a Pitcher/Hitter who is out most of the season with injury gets the American League Rookie of the Year award.  Unless you just don't want the Yankees to win.  It was Ryan Ruocco who said it best last night on Twitter:

And that's how I felt the moment they announced Ohtani.  Look, no question the dude's talented, he hits, he pitches... but he also didn't play much.  These writers are maniacs. I'm pretty sure collectively they plot who they want and who they don't.  But in reality... the voting wasn't close, and I don't think I'll ever understand their reasoning other than the fact that they never want to give the Yankees too much.

Whatever. I'm over it... now. But last night I was burning up, which is why I didn't post.  I'm not gonna end up saying something stupid.  Sure, passion is how BYB was made, but this my friends was silly.  It really was.

Congrats to Ohtani.

Miggy? You got robbed.

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Monday, November 12, 2018


The Yankees are aggressively looking for pitching this offseason, and signing CC Sabathia back to a one-year deal was just the beginning. According to Brian Cashman, he's not just looking for one or two, he's looking for "multiple" starters to add to the team. Starting pitching is a necessity to get back to the World Series and win and they have the resources to get it whether that is money or prospects.

Photo: Houston Chronicle
So could the Yankees spend some money and sign Dallas Keuchel? Maybe. If the Yankees are interested it sounds like Keuchel would like to be a Yankee, "the lure of the city would be really cool. I like pitching in Yankee Stadium," he said on air with FoxNews HERE. Both sides are familiar with each other. Keuchel has a 2.22 ERA against the Yankees and pitched in the 2015 Wild Card game that eliminated the Yankees. It would be nice not to have to face him again. He would even shave his beard off for "the right opportunity" so maybe that could be with the Yankees. He says money isn't the most important thing to him because "It’s all about winning and I’ve made that very clear from day one of my career starting to this position right now." The Yankees have been close, maybe Keuchel can win another ring with the Yankees.

Photo: CBS Sports
The Yankees have also checked in with the Mariners for James Paxton according to the NY Daily News HERE. Paxton is an attractive option for the Yankees for both his performance and potential price tag. He finished the season with an 11-6 record, 3.76 ERA in 28 starts and struck out 208 in 160-1/3 innings. He also pitched at least seven innings in 11 of his starts which could be a big upgrade to a rotation where our starters only averaged 5 1/3 innings this year. Paxton's salary last year was also very team friendly at $4.9 million and is under team control until 2020. He may not be as flashy of a name as Keuchel, or even Patrick Corbin another popular name this offseason, but it is easy to see why the Yankees might be interested.

One name that I will also be following during the offseason whether he is in connection to the Yankees or not is Paul Goldschmidt. I don't think it is likely he comes to the Yankees but he sure would look nice in pinstripes, wouldn't he? The Diamondbacks had nothing short of a total meltdown this season. They spent 125 days in first place which is more than any other National League team but went from first place on September first to finishing NINE games back out of the division and 8.5 games out of the second wild card spot.

Photo: USA Today
They had an epic meltdown and now they are likely to lose Corbin and A.J. Pollock to free agency this season, Goldschmidt is a free agent next winter. Rumor has it the Diamondbacks are considering trading away some of their best players now to focus on a rebuild. Could Goldschmidt be on the move Bronx bound or not? It will be an interesting one to watch and see if the Yankees check in. They haven't YET but the Yankees would definitely like his 33 home runs, 35 doubles and .290 BA in the Bronx.

So now we wait. The rumors are heating up, but we still wait for some action. For now we continue to wait and speculate. As soon as anything happens, we will be all over it.

Stay tuned!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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Sunday, November 11, 2018


Source: The Athletic

Are you getting tired of the fake news floating about Twitter and other media channels or are these banters getting you all fired up for what is to come?  As Mike Francesa and other WFAN folks have said over the last couple of weeks, there will be a lot of activity around New York teams who are looking to tinker with pieces that are not working.  This was a blanket statement regarding many of the New York teams that are seemingly not working, not just the Yankees.  Teams like the Mets, Jets and Giants were all part of the conversation.  But if we drill in on the Yankees, since we are Bleeding Yankee Blue after all, you will hear a lot of talk about Manny Machado, Corey Kluber, Patrick Corbin, James Paxton and Bryce Harper.  The last of the list is the coldest and Bill Madden of the Daily News says that Harper to the Yankees is simply not happening.

Source: The New York Post

"Suffice to say, the Harper-to-the-Yankees dream is dead. Spending $250 million-plus on another outfielder – even an outfielder who could maybe play first base – is not something they either need or want to do. What they do need — and intend to do — is to add at least two more proven quality frontline starting pitchers. That is the priority," states Madden.  Despite the fact that his agent Scott Boras is reminding the Yankees that Harper grew up idolizing Mickey Mantle and that he "takes ground balls at first base all the time in the offseason" and that "he can help a team in many ways." Nope, the Yankees seem to be not having it as they need to focus on pitching which is why they may be willing to give up Miguel Andjuar, which I think is ridiculous.

Source: NBC Sports

Giving a big contract to Harper or Machado for that matter is something the Yankees are moving away from and do they really need to go back there?

Source: Elite Sports

With regards to filling the hole that Didi Gregorius will leave in the middle of the infield due to his season delaying Tommy John surgery, Madden goes on to say that, "Indeed, the Yankees have plenty of other much safer and cheaper shortstop options until Gregorius comes back – the most logical being moving Gleyber Torres to short and signing a second baseman, like Daniel Murphy, a needed contact hitter who puts the ball in play and could later move over to first base and DH." 

Source: NY Daily News

I don't want Harper or Machado or Murphy.  I'd like to see Torres at short stop for a while and see if we can bring in another young gun from the farm to play second.  Why do we have to think big contracts when we can do well grooming our own team?  Let's hope that this Harper to the Yankees thing is dead and move on to more pressing matters like signing some pitchers to keep the Red Sox and the rest of the league quiet as we rise to the top.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Photo: New York Post
Love that the Yankees are going all out to try and find a few significant pieces for their starting rotation.  The latest one is James Paxton of the Seattle Mariners. The worry among Yankee fans is.... at what price?  Miguel Andujar's name has been thrown around a lot.

Ken Rosenthal Tweeted this:

Now Mac Josephson of Yanks Go Yard says what many fans are saying.... "Don't trade Andujar!"

Photo: Sporting News
"...if I’m Brian Cashman there’s no way in hell I’m giving up this year’s favorite for AL Rookie of the Year. I know a lot of fans would be ok with trading Andujar for an ace because they figure that would open up a spot up for the team to then sign Manny Machado. In other cases, say in a deal for Corey Kluber it might make sense for the Yanks to offer Miggy. I personally don’t want them to include him in any trades but for Paxton especially it makes zero sense."

But now we wait.  One thing about all of us writing this stuff is it's all speculation.

I don't wanna give up Andujar… but we need a starting pitching upgrade. Maybe for the right pitcher it happens... I'm not sure Paxton is the right exchange.

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