Wednesday, February 20, 2019


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The text messages raced into my inbox on Tuesday afternoon as we learned the fate of the late great short stop who played the first six years in his MLB career with the Baltimore Orioles.  Manny Machado got his 10-year $300 million dollar contact but he had to go to baseball's lost land to retrieve it.

Source: NY Daily News

"It took 113 days of free agency to play out, but Manny Machado is headed to San Diego on the largest deal ever handed out to a free agent," reported ESPN.  Is this considered a good signing? ESPN elicited its experts to unpack the impact of the deal for the Padres and the rest of baseball.

Source: USA Today

"Machado becomes the face of the franchise and by midseason will likely be teaming with rookie Fernando Tatis Jr. to give the Padres one of the best left sides of the infield in the majors. For a franchise that hasn't had a winning season since 2010 or made the playoffs since 2006, they finally are moving in the right direction," said ESPN's David Schoenfield.

Source: San Diego Tribune

I hadn't ever placed the words good and San Diego in the same sentence before.  Isn't that where the Yankees shipped Phil Hughes, Bryan Mitchell and eventually sent back Chase Headley? Yep, that's the same team.  But the ESPN baseball analysts seemingly are on to something.

"The Padres probably won't be very good this year, but with the best current farm system in baseball they probably will be quite good in many of the next half-dozen years, and players like Manny Machado aren't just freely available to pick up when a team decides to flip the switch and compete. They just got an MVP candidate for the middle of the lineup and all it cost them was money," said ESPN's Sam Miller.


As far as Machado's impact on the rest of baseball? Well, he's out of the American League and the American League East, so that's good for the Yankees.  Cleveland is jumping for joy because the White Sox didn't win the free agent over despite inviting a bunch of Machado's family to the payroll. Byrce Harper is a winner here too because likely he will get what he wants too.

Source: USA Today

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred stated in a press conference on Tuesday that this signing is good for baseball.  "I think it’s good in baseball to have big stars present in some of our smaller markets and see those markets really being out there willing to compete for the best talent.” 

Source: The Athletic

As far as the impact on the White Sox, in a word, they feel "defeated."  “I’m still in a bit of disbelief. (Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf) really, really stepped up. If the acceptance of the offer that I’m seeing is true, then actually our offer had the opportunity for Manny to surpass that. But in the end we went after the guy and we didn’t get him," said Executive vice president Ken Williams as reported by the Chicago Tribune.  And he added that the similarity of the two teams is clearly evident.  "You’ve got to give it to them. They are in a similar trajectory as we are. And for the same reasons we were after him, they were after him. Their ownership group did a great job in trumping everyone else.”

Source: Camden Chat

So, Manny Machado rides into the sunset presumably with his top down on his convertible.  Hey, the weather is great out there, Manny, not like Chicago or Northeast weather, which starts cold and ends up steaming hot in the summer months.  He goes to a small market team with very little post season visits but recall that Dave Winfield was Padre before heading to the Yankees, so maybe he will do well being a big fish in a small pond.  At least he's out of the Yankees mind and they can get down to the business of winning...something Manny won't see for sometime.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019


No story here. It's jumped the shark, just like the Fonz. No one cares... no one.

If you've followed this ridiculous story about Manny Machado not signing for all this time, you should not be surprised that he finally did... IN SAN DIEGO, where no one cares. It's insane, it's expensive and remember this when I tell you...


ESPN writes:

"Manny Machado has agreed to the biggest free-agent contract in American sports history -- a 10-year, $300 million deal with the San Diego Padres, league sources told ESPN's Jeff Passan on Tuesday."

You know who wins here? Dan Lozano, his agent.

The Padres? They'll be bitching and moaning about this deal in about 3 years.

Have fun with that... fools.

More from Suzie Pinstripe tomorrow.

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Giancarlo Stanton takes a shot at the Marlins... and Derek Jeter I suppose.

It's just that that organization down there was going through the motions and they had some pretty good players in Stanton and Christian Yelich and Bour and JT Realmuto. The problem was they could never gain traction, like ever in recent years. And that's why Jeter cleaned house.  But will it work for that organization? Probably not.

The fan base is now gone and I personally think that while Jeter is doing the right thing by trying to "start over" and striping the Marlins down to studs, it's not a house. Him wanting to run that team wasn't about the team at all.  It was about convenience for him and where he lived geographically.   But now you have guys like Stanton coming out ripping that organization... and he's not wrong by the way.

Bryan Hoch has this nugget:

"Asked for the biggest takeaway of his first season in Yankees pinstripes, Giancarlo Stanton offered a not-so-veiled swipe at his former employer, noting how his new expectation is to keep the Yankee Stadium lights burning throughout the month of October. 

'It's more just playing games that matter; games when you're in it past May 7, which I'd never done,' Stanton said. 

'That's the biggest difference. Every single game, win or loss, is huge -- for a season.'"

Look, one could argue that the team had the tools and just couldn't get into a rhythm which is fine, I guess.  But you gotta wonder if this Marlins team was getting the support they needed at all.  Say what you will about Jeter, and trust me, I rip him often as a Marlins owner, but he's trying to figure out that combination to find a winning team.

Unfortunately winning a bunch of championships with the Yankees can't instantly bring success to the Marlins.

We shall see.

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Monday, February 18, 2019


Commissioner Rob Manfred spoke to the media this weekend and he had a lot to say. The media asked about everything from impending rule changes, to payroll concerns as well as why Major League baseball still has 100 unsigned free agents with spring training games set to start next week. The answers were definitely interesting...

We have all been anxiously awaiting those spring training games to start, and when they do next week Manfred was pretty clear that pitch clocks will be part of those games. But beyond those spring training games? Well, that is up in the air.

Manfred wants the MLBPA to buy into his pitch clock, that may be a challenge for him. If they don't he could chose to implement it unilaterally which could create more tension with the already fragile state within baseball operations. Nonetheless, Triple-A and Double-A has been using a pitch clock since 2015.

If a pitcher takes too long to begin his delivery an automatic ball is added to the count. It's unclear if that same penalty would be used in spring training but it seems unlikely. I'm sure there would be some sort of grace period there, especially if Manfred wants the least amount of resistance on this issue. He should want the players to get used to this, not have more reason to fight about it.

And what about payroll and the state of the league right now? According to Manfred, he does not believe there is any relationship between how much money is spent and how good a team is or is trying to be.

So what about that Luxury tax? Not a factor I guess. Oh and, the Red Sox winning 108 regular season games with the highest payroll and winning another championship don't measure how successful a team is, or at least trying to be? If that is the case I guess the Marlins have a chance, right?

Their low payroll and rebuilding team doesn't measure how successful they aren't going to be I guess. There is evidence to show that there is a connection between dollars spent and team success. It's okay when the Red Sox do it, but when the Astros were in rebuild mode and then won a World Series it was a major topic of conversation.

And what about all of the remaining free agents? Those payroll dollars aren't being spent on guys that should be employed by now. We've already talked about that when we wrote COLLUSION IN BASEBALL? Yet, here we are getting ready to play games and the two top free agents still aren't signed. Manfred says he thinks the free agent market will begin to move once games begin, read more HERE. The past two winters we've seen big names still unsigned going into spring. The markets should be shaped by now, not getting underway. That's what winter is for.

Manfred's answer is it is Bryce Harper's fault. After Harper's team suggested he wanted $400 million two years ago that was "an impediment" for discussions now. He singled Harper out, but didn't have any words of wisdom for Manny Machado's identical situation.

Manfred is really concerned with his pitch clock. A pitch clock won't matter when two of the biggest names in the game are still unsigned and you have more teams in rebuilding mode and very few in the "spend lots of money" mode. The game is much better when the best players are playing and owners put competitive teams on the field. Rocket science, right?

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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Sunday, February 17, 2019


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So, yesterday marked the first of what is expected to be multiple contract extension signings for the Yankees.  Luis Severino signed a four year extension, which "buys out his arbitration years, and is worth $40 million and could max out at $52.25 million through the fifth season, league sources told ESPN." Keeping this young, nucleus together is going to be costly and "we have to manage our payroll in the present as well as the future,’’ Cashman said. “There’s going to be paydays coming down and you have to prepare for those.’’ So, does  this mean that guys like Aaron Judge and even Gary Sanchez will be signing papers potentially before the 2019 season?


"Cashman wouldn’t say specifically if he’s engaged representatives for Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez about long-term deals, but “we’ve approached certain players and we are always open, for the right people, to do things and find common ground if that’s at all possible," reported

Source: Sports Illustrated

If these guys earned the right to be invested in, then, by all means, invest is what I say.  This is exactly why the Yankees can't be throwing money at guys like Manny Machado or Bryce Harper who have not demonstrated that they will be able to perform at the level they are predicted to in years 7, 8 or 9.  We need to save our cash for Judge, Sanchez and potentially Didi Gregorius and Aaron Hicks.  Many also speculate that depending on how Dellin Betances performs this year that he will get a contract extension, protecting his role on the Yankees over the next couple of years minimally.


The Yankees have learned through costly contracts that investing in today without thinking about tomorrow just doesn't make sense.  Jacoby Ellsbury is one reason.  Alex Rodriguez is another reason.  We could go on, but we all know that the Yankees have invested in players for the long haul and that, for lack of a better word, has bitten them in the butt.

Source: USA Today

As Cashman admitted, "Overall, “we try not to do bad business, although I have been guilty of doing some bad business deals,’’ Cashman said. “It’s not intentional, but we do try to do sound business where people can look at and mostly say that makes sense.’’

Keeping this young, nucleus together will be costly but very much worth it when it comes to Aaron Judge and Didi Gregorius.  I am still unsure how Gary Sanchez and Aaron Hicks fit in the Yankees' future, but if they perform, they will be part of investment in the Yankees' future.

Glad for Sevy and looking forward to "locking up" a few more guys in the weeks and months to come.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Saturday, February 16, 2019


If you haven't read Suzie Pinstripe's piece about Jorge Posada and the Marlins yet, make sure you go to ALSO REPORTING FOR BUSINESS IS JORGE POSADA... BUT NOT IN TAMPA, make sure you do it.

In the meantime, I have my own thoughts in the wacky news report about the idea that a portion of the Core Four is getting back together down south. Here it goes...

Posada is a winning Yankee, but can he help fix the miserable Marlins and be a winner on another team?

I'm sure Jeter is counting on it as Posada steps into the role of special advisor of baseball operations. Posada's hiring hasn't been formally announced yet but SiriusXM reported it first.

Jeter is going into his second season as the team's CEO, and since taking over he has definitely built an inner circle with a lot of Yankee connections including vice president of player development Gary Denbo, director of player personnel Dan Greenlee, director of amateur scouting DJ Svihlik and now Posada looks like he is next.

It's no wonder why Jeter would entrust Posada to help rebuild his miserable franchise, he's extremely qualified. His .273 career average with 275 home runs and 1,065 RBIs in parts of 17 seasons with the Yankees were part of a winning culture that all of us loved to watch. That's pretty much the exact opposite of what is in Miami right now, so Posada could be part of the next winning combination.

The last time the Marlins had any postseason success was back in 2003. Posada was the batter when the Marlins recorded their final out to beat the Yankees in the 2003 World Series, when he hit a soft grounder toward first base and was tagged out by pitcher Josh Beckett to end the game. Posada gave the Marlins its second championship. The Marlins have not played in a postseason game since.

So maybe this is another example of how superstitions and baseball go hand in hand. Can Jeter and Posada bring postseason success back to Miami eventually?

Look, the whole idea is interesting and you all know how much we love these guys here on BYB.  Well... Casey isn't thrilled with Jeter these days... but we can all celebrate in some fashion that the idea that some of the Core Four are back together is kind of cool.

You gotta wonder if this will be enough to get that Marlins team performing to the best of their ability. Jeter stripped this team down to the studs.  I'm just not sure they have the talent, and I am not so sure Posada and Jeter can single handedly fix it so they are competitors.

Yes, it's exciting, but this is baseball.  In the end, exciting is only part of it. A team's gotta win to be successful... right?

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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