Sunday, September 14, 2014


I wasn't expecting much and to be honest, anytime the Yanks are on ESPN, it takes way too long, it's annoying to listen to the commentators and I just get way too tired.  But, because I still love my team, I take a peak now and then and tonight, I watch more than I thought I would.

The pitching duel between the Yankees and O's was a good one. It actually means alot to me because we are head to head with the first place Orioles, and my thinking was, if we can get a split from this 4 game series, I'll take it. I thought wrong. 

Hiroki Kuroda started and went 7 innings pitched, gave up 6 hits and only 1 run.  Dellin Betances and DRob followed and Houdini was shooting for his 37th save.  Applaud this kid, despite losing it for New York tonight. DRob will get 40 before the season's over.  That's big.

Look, the game was tied at 1 most of the game.  Martin Prado hit a home run in the 2nd inning. Then, in the 9th, Brian McCann put the Yanks ahead.  Many thought it was over then, but even the not-so-smart baseball mind knows the Orioles are believers... they never give up.  They are relentless.  They will keep going when the other teams slow down.  That's why they're in first.  That's why we're not. 

DRob didn't look right tonight. He looked like he was missing his spots. He did with Nelson Cruz and did with the rest. When Kelly Johnson came up with a 2-2 game, I said out loud, "Another former Yankee is about to crush my season." The next pitch, Kelly Johnson walked-off. Orioles win. 

But as I watched DRob walk into the dugout, I wasn't mad.  As a baseball fan, not a Yankees fan... I was proud to see a team full of energy celebrate their win on the field. Call me crazy, but that's how I felt for a moment.  Sure, I am NOT an Orioles fan, I never will be, but much like I've been speaking about energy and passion in this great game... well, I saw it in the Orioles tonight. They looked like they wanted it more.  I know it's unfair to say, but there is something strange that happens with the Yankees and it has all year when it comes to scoring runs. They get "just enough" and look complacent once they do.  I don't know what it is, but I do know this; If I had amnesia and I didn't know the O's from the Yankees, but I needed to pick a winner based on body language... let's just say I'd know who to pick.  The O's are full of excitement... it was evident in this entire 4 game series.

Final: Orioles 3 - Yankees 2

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There is no other way to describe how I feel emotionally right now. Bleeding Yankee Blue is 4 years old today.  It's a birthday, and everyone reading this right now contributed to getting us here.  Yup, it's unbelievable... it's the most significant accomplishment in my life and so much of it has to do with you!

It started out with me back in September 2010. Then we started the climb... and with the help of my incredible writers and you all checking in on BYB every morning, noon and night, we've been a pretty large following. Bleeding Yankee Blue is now an appointment, and you... the readers, the fans, are the most incredible people in the world.  You guys appreciate our point of view, and you keep us driven.  That's very telling.  That's an audience that cares! That in turn helps put things in perspective for us here at BYB. It's been a pretty powerful journey, huh?

Look, despite the Yankees offensive problems this season, one things for sure, the Yankees will go on like they always have. But BYB is still standing tall. No matter what happens to the Yankees, we still fill our pages with unique perspective and interesting commentary. Dare I say, we even make you laugh and cry. Remember ladies and gentlemen, BYB started as a rant site and developed into something slightly different.
We’re the softer side of Yankee news, yet, we have an edge.  We were the underdog when we started and we’re the ones who kept grinding despite the criticism and nastiness of the other website and of the "stat heads" that suggested there were "too many Yankee sites." I laughed. I knew what we were doing was going to be different... so I ignored the hate, and my writers and I started our journey.

In the end, BYB are the ones who've succeeded and passed the haters.  And you know what? We did it because we knew we could.  We believed. We are fearless. We have confidence in a product and you embraced us like a family member that understood greatness.  There is no better give-and-take in life, and thank god you understand what we represent here.  Bleeding Yankee Blue is about hope, desire, passion and pure guts.  We never sleep. We always offer you a different perspective, be it positive or negative and there’s a crazy variety.  We’ll give you stats, but we’re not stat heavy.  You want heavy stats? Go somewhere else.  Bottom line, we found our audience. The formula was out there all along, but sometimes certain blogs think they have it figured out,  and they ignore the obvious... they ignored you.  We didn't and luckily for us, we have the audience the others don't have... and we become a family in the process!

So today, on our Anniversary, or our birthday, whatever you want to call it, we see the big picture.  We write about the Yankees, but we write about family and life and the lessons that will guide you.  You see, I have always believed that baseball and life are parallel in so many ways. It starts as early as Tee-ball, or childhood, and then develops into the Farm league, or, elementary school and the social aspect and learning that will take you further.

Before you know it, you’re on a 60-90 diamond and you’re in the real world.  And that swing you have may need a tweak.  Or, maybe that swing’s your attitude and how you handle people in the real world.

Baseball’s about stepping stones and in life, you constantly climb mountains.  There are obstacles, and dammit, it’s the hardest fight in the world. Many times you’re tired and you want to give up.  You stare at the mountain and you think to yourself, “I could stop right now and be content.” Then you mind wonders, and you think...  “But what if I make it?!”  Suddenly, there you are on top, and looking in the distance, there’s another mountain, slightly bigger than the one you just climbed.  But here’s the difference this time; You have the confidence to tackle it and go further.  That’s life. That’s BYB. That’s us, all of us…together as a family. I am so blessed to have you read our pages every day, and so happy that you are with us on this journey.

Because of that drive, BYB has created bonds with so many people over the years.  First off, I have become much closer to my writers, who, I have to say, are some of the hardest working people in the world.
Remember, we all have families, we all have jobs and we grind this BYB operation out daily for you!  Yes, we love it, but we do this for free. It’s for the love of the team and our passion for writing.  When you read us, when you share us and talk about us, there is nothing more gratifying, trust me... That's why we keep doing it.

We here, believe in the achiever and we've expressed that plenty.  We appreciate guys like Ty Hensley, and his promotion to the Staten Island Yankees this year. The fact that I can just reach out and ask for an update on Ty’s life and he doesn’t hesitate, makes me happy.  It means we're doing something right.  Ty knows we believe in him, and in turn, he and his family supports Bleeding Yankee Blue.

His mother Marci’s something else too... that's Mama Bear. Loving her family, supporting what we do as well! We love you guys. Keep going, kiddo!

Laura Posada started her own company as a life coach and her new website is She and Jorge are all about a positive lifestyle for their family and the Posada family supports BYB and we couldn’t be happier about that relationship.

You’re an inspiration, Laura and Jorge!  Thanks for being you, for being great and for keeping us in the loop here at BYB. We’ll always be grateful of our friendship with you!

The Varga family is terrific and Lisa Varga and brother Shane are true fighters.  Lisa is making things happen in her Hollywood film career as well as her sports interview career and she, much like us, are always hustling! She even started her own blog called If This Yankees Hat Could Talk.

Lisa’s the best.  And Shane is too. He's headed into his 4th year of remission from cancer.  It’s been a truly brutal battle, but I’ve got to know Shane, and much like the title of our interview with him, THE FIGHTER, he truly is.  Besides his family who helped him through the fight, the Yankees did too.  They didn’t know it at the time, but them winning kept Shane fighting, and I was truly blown away by his story.  Be sure to read our interview.  The other blogs won’t do this type of interview… but we do, because the human interest element is emotional and touching and we all experience tragedy and achievement in our lives. I thank the Vargas for opening up to me. I will forever appreciate you guys!

I once met two Australians in Time Square for a pint.  I handed them 2 Bleeding Yankee Blue t-shirts. We shook hands, and became friends for life.  Joey and Charles Moses are 2 of the most incredible guys I know.  Since our birth at BYB, they have been there, supporting us, constantly communicating with me and we share stories about our families and life alot. But it was the Yankees that brought us together.  They’re my Australian Family. They’re wonderful. Read FROM THE BRONX, AUSTRALIA... WITH LOVE for more.

Amber Sabathia makes us smile every day here.  She's an entrepreneur and one of the hardest working women out there.  She runs, has a clothing line called, which turned 1 this year and she and CC do plenty of great things to help others with the PitCCh In Foundation.  The Sabathia family is a true inspiration.  Plus... CC love us too:


We were able to interview David Phelps this year. Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: DAVID PHELPS.

He's a great kid with a great future. Plus, his wife reads us... what's not to like!

We were able to chat with Ken Singleton this year. Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: KEN SINGLETON. A great broadcaster with hardworking colleagues and I really loved learning about Kenny and the Cool Kids Campaign. Plus, we got to know guys like Bob Lorenz, Jack Curry and Nancy Newman alittle better in 2014!

Bob & Jack are THE STARSKY & HUTCH OF YES, you know.

BYB got to chat it up with draft pick Sean Carley, the young pitcher who drew comparisons to tough guy Kenny Powers, only to shave and have that story disappear before our eyes.  Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: SEAN CARLEY IS EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS.

Sean Carley is his own man, and proving it for the Yanks on the farm with the Staten Island Yankees.  Gotta love it!

We chatted with Brett Gardner during his hot streak this year! Read BRETT GARDNER EXCLUSIVE, and with that we started to realize that BYB was creeping ahead of the rest in the blog world. We realized that if these players and incredible people are coming to line up to talk to us... we have a voice... we're making things happen. We're relevant. Thank you for helping make that happen!

We even became pals with Chicago radio guys Fahey & Chivari, and while we never considered the combination of cats and wine before... we do now.  (Read MY CHICAGO FRIENDS ARE COOL! to be included on the inside joke.)

There's a reason why all these people have created a bond with BYB. We're trusted, we're professionals, we're family.  We're working hard as a group to take it to the next level.  We're no longer a blog... we're a website, an appointment and we're working hard not to disappoint.  Myself and my writers make sure you’re fed every day, and if it means we need to be as busy on these pages as we are in our own life,  then I guess we never stop working for our audience.

This is Erica Morales, literally crashing while writing for our BYB audience one late night.  There’s no bigger support than her family who send out this picture.  BYB's a grind, and Erica's lovely family respects her hard work and dedication to her craft.  This photo is significant in so many ways.

When Mariano Rivera went to Trenton one night, BYB was there. Specifically... Suzie Pinstripe.  You see the woman with the iPad on the right? That’s Suzie. She’s in the middle of it and she's working for you, the BYB audience.  Incredible doesn’t begin to describe it.

Steve Skinner, one of our writers has brought you very telling interviews with Ian Clarkin and Michael O'Neill.


Both great kids, both with a great future with the Yankees, and Steve made sure we had these interviews for our audience.  It proves our dedication. We don't want to disappoint, because we know you'll be looking for it.

All of my writers are unique in so many ways.  All of them have a flair and write differently. And all of them know that if each of us need alittle help getting something great on the pages of BYB... we all jump in and help. No matter what we're doing, no matter how busy we all are... we communicate, we figure it out and we make it happen.  Team work, and execution. This is the best damn group of writers I've ever dealt with. Jeana, Mike, Ike, Steve, Suzie, Erica, Alexis, Douglas. I love you guys.

Look, this post is meant to be a celebration!  When that happens, you like to thank the people on your journey with you. I know this is long, but you know it's not boring... it's a resume. We've accomplished alot... and for the record, all those names above happened in 2014!

The irony of today and our birthday is simple. We were frustrated back on September 14th 2010 with our Yankees, and today, the way the Yanks have been playing, our ranting has returned.  It's the same type of feeling I have for my team as I did 4 years ago.  I'm frustrated and annoyed.  Will it change? Or course it will.  I love my Yankees... here's the difference though; these days, I have over 3500 friends a day that I can talk to about it.  Back in 2010... I had only me.

Hard work pays off ladies and gentlemen.  What started with me wanting to write down my thoughts on a silly loss turned into a large family of fans, who aren't just Yankee fans, but just damn good people.  The BYB audience is smart!  You understand what we're building here and you're on board.  You know we're fans, you know we don't take ourselves too seriously and you understand that we're having fun.  The best part is, you've joined us. 

Bleeding Yankee Blue is 4 years old today. If you told me this would happen when it started, I would have laughed at you. But you lit a fire in me. You lit a fire in my writers.  You want us here! You appreciate us and trust me when I tell you, We appreciate our readers... our fans, our family. You read us and you wear us....

You let me know about it and Tweet it!  You Facebook and Instagram us. Hell, you even put BYB on Pintrest! It's incredible! We have a following! I mean, are you kidding?

That's why I call you guys my BYB Freaks! You have no idea how special it is to walk into Yankee Stadium and see someone wearing a BYB T-shirt.  You have no idea how special it is to know that you WANT TO WEAR US!  Again, I am blessed and appreciate your kindness and support.

You guys are the best, smartest, kindest, unselfish individuals I have ever written for. Our bond is unbreakable and we love you all for reading our pages and sharing your own stories and opinions.  It's been incredible to see what BYB has become and it went fast. I speak for all my writers when I tell you just how blessed we are. You make us smile just because you read us.  Trust me, as an author, you have no idea just how special it is to know that someone believes in you and what you have on paper.

So, Thank you.  Thanks for always being there. I'm blessed to have you all in my life, and I appreciate you pushing us to the next level.  BYB may have started with me, but it's inspired by you.  You guys keep us going.  Without you... we're nothing.

Thanks! We'll continue to not let you down.

-Robert Casey, CEO & Writer
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You will often hear the expression, “Write what you know” or “Speak from your heart”. For most of us, September 11th will always stir up deep seeded feelings. We feel the spectrum of emotions as the day passes. At first, the familiar sadness returns. Yes, with each passing year we heal a bit more, but like a scar, it will be with us forever. At some point a sense of unity arrives. We see that no matter who we are or where we call home, we all were affected by that horrible tragedy. We may still feel anger. It doesn’t make you a bad person to admit that. So many were taken so quickly and it can make a person experience fits of rage. And then, if we are lucky, we find peace. The peace in knowing that we came back. We didn’t stay down long…that’s just not who we are.

One of the things that has bothered me so much about where we are now as a nation tends to happen on 9/11 more and more. I see it on social media and it adds to the ever growing list of what makes me wish tweets and status updates would just go away. You’ve seen them. The “I’m so over 9/11” folks who can’t help but to show you they don’t buy into seasonal patriotism and tweet things like, “Happy 9/11” or “Where are the big 9/11 BBQs this year”. I don’t understand these people. If, for whatever reason, September 11th 2001 didn’t affect you, and it now causes you to stop listening to NPR for a minute to tweet a snarky thought…do me a favor, just shut up. You aren’t clever. You aren’t cool. You’re just...well, nothing really. Sit with that for a second.

(In photo: Derek Jeter, 2014)
Seeing things like that made me want to go do something that helped so many of us 13 years ago. I went to watch baseball on September 11, 2014. I wanted to see Derek Jeter play one more time, but it was more than that. I wanted to feel what the Yankees and Mets made me feel during that awful time in New York back in 2001.

(In Photo: Derek Jeter, 2001)
It was an escape. We were together, kept a stiff upper lip and showed the world that life would go on. The other night, at Yankee Stadium brought back all of those feelings... the good and the bad.

In a season that has brought so much disappointment, the Yankees reminded me why I’m always love them.

On September 11th, just this past week, the Stadium was filled with American flags. Fans were walking up to members of the NYPD and FDNY to give them a handshake or a hug. The USMC band played a rousing rendition of the Nation Anthem and you could hear people singing all around the stadium. Look, if you aren’t into this kind of stuff…stop reading.  I am, and always will be proud of the men and women who serve. I have a great deal of family who were on the job as New York cops and firefighters. What they did that day…well, I don’t have the words...

The pregame drew to a close, the stadium wasn’t filled, but it was buzzing. The Yankees, behind their Captain, took the field and we were off…and then the wind came right out of our sails.  Alex Cobb was flat out dominant. True, these Yanks aren’t anywhere near Murderer’s Row… face it, they’re not even close to Pick Pocket’s Row. All the same, Cobb was nasty. He kept the lineup off balance and over-matched well into the late innings. I sat there in the left field bleachers muttering to myself, “Please get a hit, boys. This can’t happen today. Not here.”

It was suddenly the 8th and the zeros on the scoreboard seemed to be taunting us. The Stadium was silent and tense…and then he showed up.

I remembering hearing that the Bombers signed Chris Young after the Mets, THE METS mind you, cut him.
Now, I was a fan of Young’s bat when he was in Arizona. He is a solid player, but getting cut over in Queens didn’t make him seem worthy of a contract.  But as we saw in October 2001, anything can happen in the Bronx. Young laced a double to the gap and the Stadium sprung to its feet. It wasn’t much, but the NO-NO was over. We could all breathe again.

Then, like Willis Reed walking back to the floor at the Garden in ’70, Martin Prado strolled to the plate…and…THAT BALL IS HIGH! IT IS FAR! IT! IS! GAAAN! The Yanks were back in the game!

The Stadium was rocking! The Yankees wouldn’t go quietly! It seemed like the Old Stadium again. Yankee fans jumping up and down with each other. It was as if the Ghosts woke up and came across the street. The game however wasn’t close to won as Tex went down swinging after 3 straight. Onto the 9th and I felt like it was Game 7 in 2003. Was there an Aaron Boone in the dugout again?

Chase Headley caught a fastball with his chin and was taken out of the game. Austin Romine, wearing Joba’s old 62, was inserted as the runner. Then, it was up to the ageless one, Ichiro Suzuki. The 40-year-old outfielder gutted out an Ichiro-like at bat and ended up standing on second base.

I don’t know why exactly. Maybe it was because of the day. Maybe it was because I just had been holding it in all season. But when the ball hit Chris Young’s bat I went absolutely crazy! THERE IT GOES! LOOKING UP! C YA! C YA! C YA!!

Everyone in my section were high-fiving and hugging like we had won it all…in a way we had.

The Yankees are no lock for the post season. In fact they’re still a long shot. That may have been the last time I see Derek Jeter play this year. The feeling I get every September 11th will always haunt me. But that Team, this City and OUR game help us all heal a little bit at a time.

Thank you, Yankees. And thank you, NYPD, FDNY, NYPA, U.S. Marines, Sailors, Airmen and women and Soldiers.

** And We NEVER will…  **

--Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
Twitter: @mikeyoh21
   "Paulie was always my favorite player."

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Saturday, September 13, 2014


If we don't keep winning, we're done.  That's the theme if you're the New York Yankees.  It's the job of this team to win, but now, with their backs against the wall, they literally have no choice.  If they don't, they're toast. 

The Yankees were able to hold on today with a win against the Baltimore Orioles. Sure, I can give you the play by play and recap all day long, but here's the story... WE WON. To be honest, at this point, I don't even care how... just keep tallying the wins, that's what we need.

Shane Greene started and was good. He gave up 2 runs and luckily, the pen was able to hold down the O's and give the Yankee offense a chance to stay in the lead.  Greene went 5.1 innings, gave up 7 hits and 2 runs. 

David Robertson got his 36th save today.  That's a pretty big achievement. For the first time in his career he will most likely get 40 saves this season. Nice work, DRob!

The Yankee offense went like this:

In the top of the 2nd, Brian McCann hit a solo shot... his 19th of the year.  Then, Antoan Richardson singled and knocked in Mark Teixeira.  Then, with Jacoby Ellsbury at bat, Chris Young stole home... there are your 3.

Say what you will about Chris Young, but he's leading the charge of this club right now. You need to tip your cap, he's been fantastic.

Today's a big win, but big in the sense that the Yankees should always be winning.  Don't get over excited as a fan, expect it.  This is their job... and they need to keep doing it.  Go Yanks!

Final: Yankees 3 - Orioles 2

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Sad news if you're a Braves fan, or Yankee fan and lived through the tough time Joe Torre had in 1996 in his personal life, when brother Frank needed a heart and when he was able to get was, received the transplant at the same time the World Series was going on.  As the New York Times wrote in 1998:

"Two years ago, as the Yankees were about to win the World Series, Frank Torre, the older brother of the team's manager, Joe Torre, received a heart transplant at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center from a 28-year-old man who had died of a brain tumor.

'I got a chance to live again,' he was saying now. 'The next night, I was able to see the winning game in the World Series.'"

That was the magic of the Yankees, the Torres and that amazing run for New York.  Frank was in the papers as much as Joe and the Yankees, and fans embraced the Torre family. 

Frank was a decent ball player. He played ball from 1956 to 1963.  He was signed in 1952 and '53, but didn't play... he chose military service instead.  You need to tip you cap.  A soldier, as well as a ballplayer, he was a fighter all along.  His career numbers as a first baseman was .273, 13 homers and an OPS of .708 for the Milwaukee Braves and Philadelphia Phillies combined.  But his positive attitude and ability to be a great teammate really carried him in his career.   

Today though, as it finally rains in New York after weeks of none, Frank Torre has passed away. It's almost symbolic with all that's going on with the Yankees this year... both they and Frank appear to have run out of time.  It's a sad day in baseball.

When I read that Frank died today, I felt sad.  I felt bad for Yankeeland, but also for Joe and his family.  It's been an incredible journey for us all, hasn't it?  You have to take a moment and pause for the Torre family and say a prayer.  I know I will.

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It's the million dollar question. Did you know that both the Yankees and the Mets were 5 1/2 games out of a wild-card spot prior to Wednesday's game. When I read that my mouth dropped. I never would've thought we would be in the same situation as the Mets. The thought actually made me a little sick. It's a scary thought. As September ramps up I can't help but the Yankees have a shot at making the playoffs?

I am a firm believer that anything is possible. I could win the lottery tomorrow (if I played). I could finally pick up and move to New York next week....but I am also a realist. I want to say that YES the Yankees actually can grab that final wild-card spot, but this feat could be too much for them. I hate to think this way. It's not my way of thinking at all but there are so many flaws that we can't ignore.

Our offense is so erratic, I can't even call them streaky. Getting shut out by the Orioles last night broke my heart. We needed to crush them, not just win. We needed to go into that game with our war faces on, pounding our chests and smack the cover off of the ball. Needless to say, that didn't happen.

Yet, we do have some moments where we can pull it out. Thursday I was already twitching as the Rays took a 4-1 lead in the first inning. With as inconsistent as we are, many times this year a three run deficit was just too much to overcome, no matter how early it was in the game. I'm not going to lie, as soon as I saw Brian McCann hit his home run in the first I did a little victory dance because I just wasn't expecting it. I just wished it wasn't a solo shot.

It was nice to see Mark Teixeira and Chris Young step up to the plate, too. We came from behind and we won. I just wish we could've seen this more throughout the season. Instead, a common theme for me this year has been, "HEY YANKEES.....STOP SCORING AND SAVE SOME OF THOSE RUNS FOR TOMORROW!" That's just not right. It's a valid point though because we couldn't do anything against the Orioles.

I am not used to hoping for a wild-card, but this year I am crossing my fingers, toes, legs, eyes, arms.....anything that can be crossed. As I look at the standings though, it's not looking good. It would be one thing if the Yankees only had one or two teams to pass but 5 teams......5?! That is a huge task and that leaves no margin for error and we don't have a great track record.

I want to make it clear that I am not giving up on my team. I haven't all season. Miracles can happen, but even if the Yankees went on a winning streak like the Oakland As did during the Moneyball era....they have to rely on a lot of other teams to slip and I don't like to depend on anyone else in order to succeed. It's just not in my mindset.

I hope that the wild-card stat is the only thing we have in common with the Mets. The last thing I was to share with them is an early exit and a golf time. Come on Yankees.....make it happen!!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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