Saturday, June 23, 2018


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With the Yankees back to back losses to the Rays, the spotlight turns towards players who have not been producing.  Arguably you could say that Neil Walker just hasn't gotten enough playing time, and that may be, but if he had been productive in the playing time he has had, wouldn't the Yankees consider platooning him with Greg Bird?  And speaking of Greg Bird, why is he still playing first base?  He has been nothing more than a rally killer at the plate, batting an abysmal .193.  Why keep guys in the lineup or on the roster if they are simply not pulling their weight?

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According to CBS Sports, "The Yankees have acknowledged that (Brandon) Drury deserves to be in the majors, but there's currently no room for the infielder with Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres both mashing for the big club. He'll get some reps at first base moving forward in an attempt to provide him with another path to the majors."  So if Drury, the International League Player of the Week batting .471, can in fact play first base, he could dismantle both Bird and Walker in one swoop, perhaps also making way for beloved utility player, Ronald Torreyes.

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Torryes was sent back down to Scranton-Wilkes Barre when Brett Gardner had some knee inflammation and needed to take a few games off.  Skipper Aaron Boone called on Clint Frazier to replace Gardner, making Toe the odd man out again.  "The best guess is that Torreyes spends 10 days in Triple-A and then replaces Frazier. By rule that is the quickest the Yankees can bring Torreyes back without another player going on the DL," reports

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Playing everyday is something you earn by producing. Sure, players hit the wall and have slumps intermittently throughout the 162-game schedule, but what is happening with Bird is just unacceptable and the Yankees should not be rewarding him with a starting role or even a roster spot if he is not going to produce.  Bring back Drury, bring back Torreyes and send Bird and Walker to the minors. These losses to the Rays are unnecessary and could come back and bite us later on. If Walker and Bird stay as is for one more week, I will lose my mind!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Friday, June 22, 2018


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Despite the great starts the Yankees got from Jonathan Loaisiga and Domingo German recently, it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that the Yankees will soon be seeking pitching.

It's been one of the biggest topics of conversation in almost any newspaper or Yankee blog out there. It's that time of year again where everyone will be pointing out who might be available and where they should go. Combing through various articles, I came across this one from proposing a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays for Blake Snell.  If anything, it's interesting...

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"The Athletics' Jim Bowden, former GM of the Reds and Nationals, imagined a deal between the Rays and Yankees: Yankees land Blake Snell from the Tampa Bay Rays for Justus Sheffield, Erik Swanson and Clint Frazier."

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Sitting here looking at this deal, I'd like to say no way. I, like Casey would love to see Red Thunder stay in the Bronx and develop. I would also love to see what Sheffield can do. After meeting and watching him pitch this last fall in the AFL, I sort of developed a soft spot for this kid. I feel like this might be a little bit of an overpay, but unfortunately the Yankees are going to have to overpay for any pitcher that could be of help. Every team in baseball knows that's what the Yankees are after and they're going to be asking a king's ransom. Especially when that pitcher is young and under team control for four and a half more years.

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Could Snell be an answer for the Yankees? A look at his numbers seems to suggest it. The big positive here would be that he does have experience in the AL East where he's beat the Red Sox twice and the Yankees once this year. He also just pitched a great game ending the Astros win streak.

My main question is, would he be able to replicate what he has done in Tampa Bay and do that in the bright lights of New York?

I wonder what's going on in Cashman's mind.

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Junior Writer
Twitter: @sevn4evr

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Thursday, June 21, 2018


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This Jacob DeGrom to the Yankees talk just won't go away. The Yankees definitely need some pitching and baseball fans want to see the trades happen. Baseball writers everywhere also seem to want to see the Mets and Yankees finally make a trade. I don't care for the crosstown trade hype, if it works fine.....but it has to make sense.

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Right now some of the reasons to trade Miguel Andujar do not make sense to me but had a piece HERE giving a bunch of reasons why they should. I get that the Mets are not a contending team and are likely to listen to offers but should the Yankees really be as interested in getting rid of Andujar?

Just being realistic here, if the Yankees and Mets even started talking about this trade DeGrom is worth a lot more than just Andujar and if I am the Mets right now considering giving him up, it better be for one hell of a haul back. The Yankees better be prepared to start including other names like Justus Sheffield since Gleyber Torres is definitely untouchable according to Brian Cashman. DeGrom is one of the best starting pitchers in the game right now and the Mets should be interested in rebuilding around him, especially since he is under team control until 2021.

Photo: New York Post
One thing I definitely disagree about is the idea that Andujar lacks plate discipline. How can a guy with an 18% strikeout rate have a plate discipline problem? The Yankees already have plenty of guys on the team who swing and miss (Giancarlo Stanton, anyone?) so it's nice to have a guy in the lineup that will wait for his pitch and be hard to strike out.

And what about Andujar's track record? There's nothing to dislike about his performance. Andujar has earned his spot on this team. He's hitting .290, has had some big hits an stepped up for the Yankees when they got in a pinch and Brandon Drury needed time on the disabled list. The "never being ranked in the top 50 prospects" doesn't bother me either. That stat is meaningless once you reach 120 major league at bats and he's an everyday player so obviously the Yankees aren't worried about that either.

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We all know not all top prospects live up to the hype. Remember Yoan Moncada? He was 2016-2017 top prospect and was signed by the Red Sox. He finished his 2016 season with a .211 average and was then traded to the Chicago White Sox where he currently has a .230 BA, 100 strikeouts, five fewer RBI's and only one more home run. The "top prospect" argument by proves to be irrelevant here.

And what about Brandon Drury? Sure, Drury is a luxury like the article says. He's versatile and looking at Greg Bird's injury history he may be an even nicer luxury for us to have. He's also been unlucky because he has been blocked by another player in Arizona and now he is blocked again as a Yankee. Even when he recovered from his injuries the Yankees chose not to call him back up. Drury also doesn't have all of the extra base hits Andujar has and since "track record" was a concern with Andujar.....why isn't it with Drury?

It doesn't sound like Brian Cashman considers Andujar to be "untouchable" but I think just like the Mets would need to be impressed to move DeGrom, it would be the same case for Andujar. It never hurts to listen to the offers, but the Mets and the Yankees matching up for this trade? Not likely, and I don't think we should be so concerned on Andujar, he's doing just fine.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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He doesn't get what we do here at BYB, and he doesn't understand being a true fan, where you don't get all nerdy with stats and instead enjoy the game for the player you love and appreciate.  Sometimes that's all you need and that's what we do here.  No one hates Greg Bird.  We just like Tyler alittle more. If you're confused... here's a recap.

Last night we posted this story:


In it was a continued love letter for how we feel about Tyler Austin and his long baseball journey and how we'd like him back in the Bigs. That's it... nothing much to it other than we compared a simple home run to some stats that Greg Bird's been putting up when it comes to fastball approach.

River Ave Blues did a great job with the piece, we just figured we'd give them a shout out. And so, that's it.  Nothing earthshattering, no science involved, no mathematics... because we don't do that here.  We're here for the fans, we're all about the fans, and we keep it simple with opinions... FROM FANS.

Steve Hollwedel has it all figured out. Boy genius right here.

I mean it... he's so smart. NO ONE CARES, STEVE.  If we did, you'd be reading you, but we don't... like EVER. BYB has been an established Yankee fan site since 2010. We are read internationally and you don't write for us... and we're still popular? Oh my god.

Our fans get what we're doing. You came in late. Too bad, you missed a lot.

We at Bleeding Yankee Blue have been going against the grain and the stat nerds and doing it our way. That is why we are successful here... and it's why you are sitting on your couch writing ridiculous comments to websites you have no idea about.

Well, I just made you famous.

By the way, I can't wait to read the Hollwedel article he's gonna write... in his sleep.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


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We all know Billy Connors, a true Yankee and has been around for ever.  He died at 76 years old.  Pretty sad if you ask me.

ESPN has this:

Photographer: Reinhold Matay/USA TODAY Sports
"Billy Connors, a longtime Yankees executive and pitching coach, died Monday. He was 76.

'The Yankees organization mourns the passing of Billy Connors, who was a close and trusted friend of my family for many years,' Yankees general managing partner Hal Steinbrenner said in a statement. 'Since joining the Yankees at the conclusion of the 1988 season, Billy contributed to the organization in countless ways over his long career as a pitching coach, executive and advisor. On behalf of the Steinbrenner family, I extend our deepest condolences to Billy's family, friends and loved ones.'"

Prayers to his family.  Rest in Peace, Billy.

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Fastball trouble or bombs. I know what I like more.

Nice piece by River Ave Blues about Greg Bird and his trouble at the plate with the Fastball. Check this out...

"One thing Bird has not done early in his 2018 season is hit fastballs. He’s hitting .162 with a .189 ISO against heaters so far, whereas the league averages are .265 and .177, respectively. He’s also posted a .301 expected wOBA against fastballs this year.

Photo: New York Post
The league average is .365. The results aren’t particularly good because the contact hasn’t been particularly good.

Furthermore, Bird has missed with 20.9% of his swings at fastballs so far this season. The league average is 19.3%. Given what we’ve seen from Bird the last few years, I don’t think it’ll surprise you to learn that most of his whiffs against heaters have come on pitches up in the zone."

Meanwhile, with Scranton Wilkes Barre... Tyler Austin did this...

I know what I like better...

Wonderboy please.

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