Sunday, June 26, 2016


I am tired of all of the hoopla around Aroldis Chapman hitting triple-digits on the radar gun.  I actually don't care.  We need consistent hitting and starting pitching more than anything else before I can get excited about Chapman's swift throwing antics and the Stadium amping up the crowd around this "excitement."

"Each of Chapman’s 11 pitches Friday night in the Yankees’ 5-3 win over the Twins seemed like its own event and excited the announced crowd of 44,808 more than anything else in the game as he struck out the side to earn his 14th save," reported The NY Daily News on Saturday.

"The fans ooh and ahh as every pitch from the lefty flamethrower crosses the plate, and they collectively express astonishment again a moment later when the speed of the pitch is shown on the video board in center field."  This exhibition is more like a side show at a circus than a baseball game. It's like the Yankees are using Chapman's arm as a mirage to distract us from the real business going on in the dugout and on the field.  The real business of the Yankees just treading water among the youth surrounding them in the American League East and across baseball in general.

Did we forget that we have a great bullpen without Chapman?  Or are the Yankees executing an strategic plan that will enable them to actually dump Chapman and others in order to rebuild?  Will there be a fire sale soon after the All Star Break with Chapman at the helm?  

So, maybe, yes, triple digits are really that important for us as part of our rebuild for the future. Thanks, for listening fans, and letting me work this all out.  I feel much better knowing that the bullpen hype up around Chapman is merely to allow for brighter days in the future of the Yankees.

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
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Saturday, June 25, 2016


No Randy Miller... Ivan Nova is not Joe Namath.

Look, I'm all for confidence, but when confidence is overplayed, sometimes folks tend to get sucked into it to make a story.  Before you know it, the person spoken about is overhyped, and then every time they go out there, their tits are lit up and before you know it, fans start to wonder why everyone spoke so highly of him in the first place. Look at Matt Harvey? Hype is his friend... and lately, even hype left town on Harvey.

Ivan Nova is confident, and that's great.  We should support that.  What we shouldn't do is get excited.  We should just let it happen...

Randy Miller of has the story:

"Ivan Nova was feeling pretty good sitting at his locker before the Yankees headed out for batting practice.

The right-hander already been out in the bullpen on this beautiful, breezy afternoon at Yankee Stadium throwing his between-starts bullpen, and he says his session couldn't have gone better. 

'My command was good every one of my pitches were good ... curveball, sinker., everything,' Nova said with a smile during a 10-minute interview with NJ Advance Media.

 Nova then proceeded to make like Joe Namath at Super Bowl III by guaranteeing that his future starts will be dramatically improved beginning with his next outing, Monday night at home against the AL West-leading Texas Rangers. 

'Definitely,' Nova said with conviction. 'I'm turning it around Monday. I'm turning the corner and will start pitching good. Monday.'"

I wish Nova the best. I love that cockiness in players sometimes... but Monday and the future will tell what happens to Ivan Nova... not just this statement.

P.S. There's only 1 Joe Namath... I met Joe Namath. Ivan Nova? He ain't Joe Namath.

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And I believe him.

Quick note.  Last outing, CC Sabathia twisted his ankle.  It was unclear if the guy would be able to make his next start.  But according to CC, and the Yankees, CC will be good to go and will pitch in his next turn. has the story:

"Sabathia said his ankle feels fine and plans to make Tuesday’s start against the Rangers as scheduled.

 The left-hander rolled his right ankle while backing up home plate in the third inning of Wednesday’s start. He then stumbled while delivering a pitch in the fifth inning, and manager Joe Girardi removed him from the game one batter later. X-rays came back negative....

'There’s really no swelling. I think [trainer Steve Donohue] did a really good job keeping it wrapped and keeping the swelling out,' Girardi said. 'Our plan is for him to make this start, to throw his bullpens when he’s supposed to. He just might have to tape it.'"

Let's hope the guy is fine, we could use him. He's been quite good for us this season.

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Friday, June 24, 2016


I kind of feel bad for Ike Davis, but the reality is, when you don't perform at the major league level, you shouldn't be playing. The trouble is the Yankees have Mark Teixeira coming back, Rob Refsnyder can now play first, AND he's hitting and Ike's about the get squeezed out.

New York Post has this:

"...with Mark Teixeira potentially on the verge of rejoining the Yankees on Saturday after rehabbing a knee injury, it’s anyone’s guess how many chances Davis will get in The Bronx. It’s hardly the first time things haven’t gone according to plan for the former Met.

'I think I’ve had a great experience,' said Davis, who signed with the Yankees after being released by the Rangers this month. 'I don’t think I performed the way I wanted to or that my career has gone the way I hoped it would go. But I also had a lot of weird things happen and I don’t think that’s given enough credit. I ran into some bad luck.'”

Whatever the case, I guess we just gotta see what happens to Davis in the Bronx.  Just so you know, in 14 at bats, Ike has just 3 hits.  Maybe it's a small scale, maybe he's just terrible... who knows.  I do know this, the Yankees needed to make a move with the possibility of Tex not coming back, and Ike was the move.  Can't blame them for that.

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I like to laugh... and Brendan Ryan is freaking hilarious.

I was lucky enough to get to know Sharyn and Brendan Ryan a bit when he was with the Yanks and now obviously he's gone and back with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  But during our chats and watching comedy bits the Yankees put out last year, I realized very clearly that while Ryan takes the game extremely seriously, he's just a down to earth, a funny dude and Sharyn says that's one of the qualities about him that makes that marriage so incredibly tight.

We took a break with our BONDING OVER series for a few months, but it's back today on a light Yankee news Friday.  Here are the others we've done in the past:








Now I wanted to share alittle bit about 2 of my favorites to highlight in this series... Brendan and Sharyn Ryan.

If you don't already know, B is pretty damn dead-on when it comes to his Harry Caray impersonation.  Sure, it's slightly exaggerated, but I gotta tell you, I've seen many over the years... Ryan's is the best. He talked to #BYB about how it evolved. Click on the Soundcloud link above.

Now just so you know, Sharyn's just as fun! Every year they dress up for Halloween... she sent me some of those pictures to highlight on BYB when we did our interview with them. (Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: BRENDAN & SHARYN RYAN). They are a wonderful couple... totally into each other, fun, alive and rolling with it.

Obviously, through all the stresses of baseball, being away from each other many times during the year, trades, free agency, they still manage to keep the bond strong.  I have no doubt that much of that has to do with making each other laugh.  A sense of humor is a key to any marriage.

So here's a salute to the Ryan family.  Good people, honest people.... and funny people.  I am happy to feature you guys in the latest installment of our BONDING OVER series.  Here's to you both!

And to the BYB audience, we'll be talking with the Ryans soon.  I want to get an update for all of you on how they're doing now that Brendan is in LA with the Angels!

Look for it soon! Enjoy your Friday.

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