Friday, December 19, 2014


There is a new development in the Alex Rodriguez Biogenesis ordeal.

We are all aware now that ARod made a statement to the DEA for a limited immunity. The deal was that ARod give them a complete and truthful statement about all his involvement with Tony Bosch, Yuri Sucart and anyone else in connection with the now defunct Coral Gables clinic. He admitted to his usage of human growth hormones, and even described the methods that Bosch taught him to avoid failed drug test.

It seems now that ARod was not completely forthcoming with the information he provided for the DEA. According to the Miami Herald ARod met with Jorge Velazquez, the steroid supplier, on a number of occasions. In his report, ARod only mentions one meeting, when he first met Bosch. The statement made by ARod says he was uncomfortable with Velazquez's presence at the meeting, and asked Sucart to ensure that he wouldn't be at any further meetings. The Herald tells a different story.

"In fact, Velazquez 'arranged' the first meeting in Tampa, boosted about Bosch's credentials and met with Rodriguez numerous times after that gathering, according to the report of an independent arbitrator for Major League Baseball. Velazquez collected thousands of dollars in steroid payments from the ballplayer to deliver to Bosch, too." 

Remember, the deal he cut relied on his honesty. If it turns out that these allegations are correct, and he withheld information from the DEA, he may be compromised as a witness in the DEA case. It could put the entire immunity agreement on the line. Even though it was an omission, and not a lie, the stipulation stated he needed to provide them with all information he may have had.

Look, I am not sure how much, if any of this is true. I do know that I will be keeping an eye on this story. If the immunity agreement is compromised, it will be interesting to see how exactly that will effect him going forward into the 2015 season. Stay tuned!

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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Thursday, December 18, 2014


Ichiro Suzuki is a free agent and to be honest with you, I don't care if the guys 41 or 61, I love Ichiro on our club. I love his approach to the game. I love his discipline and I just really enjoy watching the guy play.  I do understand that his days in the Bronx are probably numbered though. We re-signed Chris Young and no doubt he will be our 4th outfielder. That being said, I love watching Ichiro in pinstripes and with 2844 hits, I would have loved to have seen him get 3000 in New York. I have a sneaking suspicion that's not in the cards though.

A report from Jon Heyman of says the Orioles are looking at Ichiro.

Jon writes:

"Ichiro Suzki, the Japanese outfield sensation who's 41, is receiving some consideration from the Orioles.

Ichiro, who is hoping to play to reach the coveted 3,000 hits in Major League Baseball, is 156 hits short and looking for a job, and the Orioles seek another outfielder."

"Consideration" doesn't mean much.  I guess technically you can say the Yanks are considering him too.  That being said, it's a report and it needed to be posted here...

Let's see what happens

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David Robertson spoke to the media about life in Yankeeland and his free agency experience.  He was on WFAN.  Here are some quotes:
“I don’t hold anything against New York... They did what they had to do…I’m not offended about it by any means, that’s for sure...I made it to free agency and I had a lot of teams on me... (The White Sox) seemed like a good fit, especially with all the moves they were making.’’
Here's some of that interview, I lifted it from our friend Pete Caldera who has a great blog called Pinstripe Posts:

"After rejecting the Yankees’ $15.3 million qualifying offer, 'I didn’t know what direction they were going in,’ Robertson said. When the Yankees signed free agent reliever Andrew Miller to a four-year $36 million deal, Robertson could more clearly see the writing on the wall. At the time of Miller’s signing, 'We’d been talking to (the Yankees) a little bit,’ Robertson said. 'But I had other teams talking to me a lot more.’" 

It's always refreshing to hear from a player knowing there are no hard feelings and all of that. I do however want to share with you what fans think.  Now, besides writing that he's a traitor and all of that, it's an obvious opinion, from a loyal BYB reader and die hard Yankee fan:

Bud's not the only one who thinks that way.

Whatever the case, what's done is done.  David Robertson is a White Sock... and I wish him well.

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A while back I had written about how I noticed less and less Yankee advertising featuring Alex Rodriguez.  I noticed the billboards only showed our Yankee staples of history. Derek Jeter, Thurman Munson, the Babe.  When my buddy received his season tickets a few years ago, Alex Rodriguez wasn't on any of them, yet the other stars, maybe even "less" stars, on the club were.

It was evident to me, that Alex Rodriguez, while still under contract with the New York Yankees, was to no longer front and center like he was when we signed him in 2004.  Too much controversy and too much disappointment.

Signing Chase Headley to 4 years and $52 million made it even more clear to me that Alex was no longer needed, or wanted.  I mean sure, if he can come to the plate and crank out 20 homers, we'll take it, we need the offense. After all, he's still a Yankee and still needs to put up numbers... that's his job.  But the guy's gonna be 40 this year, and has a few bad hips and yup, he's tainted.  It's clear the Yankees don't have much use for him.

The idea of Headley manning 3rd makes me happy.  I mean, I do like Alex there, but the Yankees have "moved in another direction", something they would usually say when they aren't too jazzed about a certain player.  It's a tactic they have to move on. But for Alex, they didn't say that at all. In fact, they won't. Sneaking around and taking things away is the smarter move. It's strategic. It's the ARod squeeze.

Alex will take his lumps and he should.  He messed up and he knows it.  He'll go to the press at some point this spring and say, "Everything's great" and "Chase and I get along great", but his ego is shot and he's be dying inside.  Maybe that's why he went out publicly saying he's not giving his job away. In the end though, him losing is what the Yankees want to happen.  They want Alex Rodriguez, for the first time in his career be humbled and realize that he's not needed.

Sadly though, the Yankees still owe Alex a ton of money and they know it.  They also know they messed up with that contract.  But they'll do their best to allow Alex to take at-bats and hopefully help the club and get something, ANYTHING back on their bad investment. That's why Cashman came out with his bold, "ARod is the DH" statement.  A statement that rang true through the media, and I'm sure made Alex Rodriguez crazy in Miami.  This is a man that was supposed to be the next all-time home run champion in baseball. That is why the Yankees signed him.  That, my friends is no longer the case.  PEDs have killed his body and whether or not ARod can play 3rd anymore is not longer up for debate.  The Yankees don't want him to.  They want Chase Headley... again, strategic.  The squeeze. It's a slow death for Alex. You don't have to agree with me... but you know I'm right.

As we near the end of ARod's days in pinstripes, they'll cut ties or let him walk away serving his time. Whatever it is, for Yankee brass, it will be a sigh of relief. Not only was it a terrible contract that George Steinbrenner personally worked out, it's a tainted player, whether Alex served his time or not, and the Yankees no longer want him representing the New York Yankees.

Alex Rodriguez was once a great ballplayer. No one can deny that, but those days are over.  It doesn't matter what videos ARod will show his bosses. It doesn't matter that he's working out like a maniac.  It doesn't matter that he's sorry for his sins.  Fate is now in the hands of the Yankees...

What's that expression? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?  I guess this is what happens when you're fooled three times...

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I feel duped.  For the longest time I’ve praised, berated, lamented, and dissected moves the Yankees have made on the field and in the lineup, and attributed them to Joe Girardi.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve come to realize that Mr. Girardi isn’t the Yankees’ manager.  Instead, he’s more of a figurehead along the lines of the Queen of England.  He sits as manager in title only, and in his best Barry Switzer imitation, shuffles along the dugout pretending to know what is happening on the field.

Only I’ve discovered who’s really behind the scenes pulling the strings.  It’s none other than our building-rappelling, sky diving GM Brian Cashman.  Yep, the genius who brought us the likes of Scott Proctor, Sergio Mitre, Brian Roberts, Stephen Drew, Carl Pavano and Kei Igawa (and many more!) is the one calling the shots in the batting order, pitching rotation and bullpen.

Just look at the last few weeks of moves made by Cashman and what he’s said about them afterwards.  First, well start with the trade that brought up-and-coming shortstop Didi Gregorius from the Diamondbacks to the Bronx.  It was a deal where the Yankees had to give up Shane Greene, the young hurler who splashed upon the scene out of the minor leagues when our pitching staff was in tatters.  When the deal was first announced, I thought it was a fair move that addressed a high-priority issue with the Bombers – replacing Derek Jeter at shortstop.  Gregorius is young and has issues that he must work on – namely, improving at the plate against left-handed pitchers.  His fielding is stellar and his range at shortstop will be a welcome relief to Yankees fans.  With some work at the plate, he should be a fixture on the Yankees for years to come.

Only, before the player could even be fitted for Yankees pinstripes, our brilliant GM was announcing that Gregorius would platoon with Brendan Ryan at shortstop – at least to begin the 2015 campaign.  The poor guy hasn’t even had a chance to make an impression upon Yankees coaches that matter, and Cashman has already pigeon-holed him as a platoon to start the season.   What’s more stupefying is the fact that Ryan hit WORSE than Gregorius did against southpaws. 
Brilliant, simply brilliant.  Funny, I thought the guy with the title “Manager” would be the one determining how he uses his hitters.
But wait kids, there’s more!

Cashman’s most recent acquisition was signing 35-year-old left handed pitcher Chris Capuano to a 1-year, $5 million deal.  Ok, I get it.  Cashman loves lefties – regardless of how successful they are – for Yankee Stadium.  He especially loves players on the downside of their careers, hoping to either reinvigorate them (if they were ever really invigorated), or briefly catch “lightning in a bottle”.   So, one can only imagine the drool our GM had running down his chin at the prospect of bringing Capuano on board his listing ship.
In true Cashman fashion, after completing the deal for Capuano, the GM paraded in front of the media, and in no uncertain terms, named the southpaw to the rotation as the team’s fourth starter.

Again, I thought decisions on the rotation would be made by the MANAGER at the end of Spring Training.  How na├»ve I’ve been! 
I’m sure Brian already has the lineup card made out for Opening Day and is merely waiting on the most dramatic time to announce it to the largest possible TV and radio audience.
It is one thing for Mr. Cashman to make the moves he’s made with whatever reasons and resources he has at his disposal in making them, but to then go so far as to proclaim positional decisions TWO MONTHS before pitchers and catchers report is not only idiotic, it is counter-productive.

We have a manager that will be working with each of these players on a daily basis.  He’ll know their thought processes, their aches and pains, and their personal issues.  Brian Cashman needs to stop being so damn arrogant (auto-correct actually put the word “ignorant” there – and that works too) and stick to HIS job.   Let our manager do what he does best – putting players in their positions/rotation spots/bullpen which will give the Yankees their greatest opportunity to win.
Cashman should be concentrating on filling out our coaching staff with competent individuals.  God knows this team needs a miracle worker as a hitting coach.  He should be giving Joe Girardi the highest quality tools that he can, so that Joe can maximize his performance as manager.
Lately, Brian Cashman has overstepped his bounds.  Joe Girardi is a good soldier and says nothing about it, but it is time that this arrogant ignorance stopped.


--Steve Skinner, BYB Senior Writer
Twitter: @oswegos1


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Quick note to my readers, just because we posted a piece titled YANKEES ARE "CHATTING IT UP" WITH SERGIO ROMO last week about Sergio Romo and the Yankees "chatting" with him. Note to readers... "chatting" and "signing" are 2 different things.

That became evident today when Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweeted that Romo is very close to re-signed with the San Francisco Giants:
So... not that I was expecting anything to happen with Romo, but I was hoping there was some progress since the initial reports.  Nothing of the sort.  It looks like Romo's going back to San Francisco.

Hey, wasn't Brian Wilson cut by the Dodgers? Maybe we can go after that bearded guy instead?

Carry on...

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