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And I like it.

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Yes, it really is something to think about.

Here's what Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News wrote:

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"So do they go for another Sonny Gray, at a time when there are a bunch of Sonny Grays out there? Or do they add another arm like Zach Britton to what is already a deep and talented bullpen, which would be the bullpen equivalent of adding the kind of stick they would have added with Machado? Maybe you add somebody like Britton and tell everybody you’re not even looking for five solid innings for your starters in October, but even less than that. 

It’s worth mentioning again that if you add Britton, you keep him away from the Red Sox, Astros, or even the Cubs."

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But is Britton the answer, and will the Orioles pass him around the AL East? Sure, we all heard the rumors about the Orioles and Yankees and Manny Machado, but to be honest, if the Yankees were REALLY in it, they would have grabbed him.  Cashman is a genius because Cashman knows what he wants and will not bend over to give up solid young talent anymore.  At least the good ones.  So far, it has worked out wonderfully.

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But back to Britton.  Is Britton like Sonny Gray... just in a reliever's body? Is he better in a smaller market, and filled with pressure of coming to a place like the Bronx?  I guess the honest answer is we won't know that until we pull the trigger.  Bottom line though, it does worry me because you all know how I feel about Gray and his inconsistency… it's mind numbing.

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This season Britton is 1-0 with a 3.45 ERA. He's struck out 13 and has walked 10.  This is all in 16 games.  But, he's 30 and with Jeurys Familia and Brad Hand not on the market as MLB Trade Rumors has suggested, Britton is the next logical get.

The question is will the Yankees do this, and make it alittle easier on their starting rotation? The bullpen has been good and helpful this season with a few hiccups along the way, but still, I like them better than any other pen out there.  Add in Britton and it just gets better.

Add in Britton and it could really pick this team up.

Look, we all know Lupica is an opinion writer and not a baseball insider by any means.  I'm a younger, more novice version of that.  That being said the idea makes sense.  We will just have to see.

Stay tuned.

Nice column, Mike.

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Sonny Gray was good.  In fact, the Yankees won against the Mets. And now, when you look at Sonny Gray, something significant has happened, and the YES Network tweeted it out late yesterday:

"Sonny Gray's last two starts: 2-0, 1.59 ERA, 14K"

Now for you and I that is great and all, BUT will it stick?  The biggest problem with Sonny Gray is that he is mad inconsistent and each time he's out there... you never know what you're gonna get.

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There have been calls to trade Sonny Gray... calls to bench him, the send him down.  That's not gonna happen, folks.  I really don't think it will.  Now look... if Sonny can stay in this zone he's in right now, we have something.  But if he starts to unravel again, we'll need to have an emergency meeting with Cashman or something.

Here's alittle on what went down in yesterday's game:

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"It had been a while since Sonny Gray walked off the field to cheers in the Bronx, but on Saturday afternoon the 47,102 fans in attendance handed the Yankees' starter a loud ovation as he made his way from the rubber to the dugout after striking out Asdrubal Cabrera with two runners on to end the fifth inning. The right-hander came out to face three more batters in the sixth before ending his afternoon after 5 1/3 solid frames, permitting three runs (two earned) on three hits in the Yankees' 7-6 victory over the Mets at Yankee Stadium."

I love the way Mandy Bell at encapsulated that.  It was really a great display, and Gray did good.  With the fans behind him, let's hope he can keep it up.  I am not that hopeful, especially with the trade deadline coming.  We will see though.

For now...Gray's doing the job.  I appreciate that. Let's keep going.

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Saturday, July 21, 2018


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On the way to the beach this morning, I had a conversation with a Yankee fan about Aaron Boone vs. Alex Cora and it went like this.  "Alex Cora will be manager of the year because, quite frankly, he can manage."  Boone doesn't play small ball and I don't know how much he truly knows about the ins and outs of the strategy of the game.

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"Look," he acknowledged, "we have power," said Boone when faced with the question, "Can this team really thrive relying so heavily on home runs?" as reported by ESPN.  But that's not enough.  We have a number of missed opportunities without a plan, which includes situational hitting and the bunt.  We can't just rely on putting the ball in the seats when we need to consider all other possibilities.

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The Red Sox win because they not only have pitching, they have a manager that emphasizes situational hitting.  "We don't want to be known as the team that could just hit the most home runs," Aaron Hicks said. "We want to be the team that hit the most home runs and won the World Series."  Right now, however, much to Hicks' and many Yankee fans' chagrin, we have a manager that emphasizes the home run as the end all be all.

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According to NBC Sports, "We can steal bases. We can manufacture runs. It’s a team that’s not dependent on winning on one way. I kind of remember when I was in Detroit it was like, we had to slug. That was what we had to do to score. Here, it’s different,” said Red Sox slugger JD Martinez.

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Meanwhile, back in the New York, we don't play small ball.  And guess what, besides picking up another starter, we better begin a new strategy that includes bunting, situational hitting, base stealing and yes home run hitting.  Baseball is back in the Bronx, folks, but right now, it doesn't look pretty.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Friday, July 20, 2018


It's true... Gary Sanchez was just activated from the DL.

Anyone know that picture at the top of this post? It's from Super Friends. That was what our super heroes were called before they were officially called Justice League and it was a simpler time.  I remember it as a kid.  Anyway... when I read that Sanchez was activated from the DL, I fondly remember the Wonder Twins clinging their rings together saying Wonder Twin Powers Activate! And then hilarity ensued.  Whatever happened to them anyway?

Photo: Getty Images has that nugget about Sanchez...

"Catcher Gary Sanchez is off the disabled list after being sidelined since June 25 with a right groin strain and the 2017 All-Star likely will be in the Yankees' starting lineup for the first of three against Mets... Whether Sanchez's swing is back is another matter."

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This is true. While many of us love Sanchez, this is a guy that doesn't hustle too well behind the plate.  His bat is a dream come true, when it's working.  That being said, I hope some at bats can get this guy right and back in the lineup when we need him most.

Gleyber Torres is expected back soon as well.  These 2 are vital. BUT... and there's a big one... We still need pitching.

Who will be that big pitcher we will pursue?  Guys like Jaime Garcia will not cut it.  We need something bigger.  I have a hunch Cash is working on it.  I just don't know who it will be.

Stay tuned.

By the way… this is that Wonder Twins stuff I was talking about...

Those creators had access to a lot of good weed in the 70's.

Happy Friday.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018


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It's the All-Star break and until there is baseball to watch again on Friday boredom takes over. With boredom comes crazy ideas as we all try to fill our time. So as I tried to fill my time I found a rather silly trade idea.

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I guess once news broke on Tuesday that Manny Machado was about to become a Dodger people started looking for new trade ideas and rumors. So straight out of St. Louis HERE is a new idea post Mike Matheny getting fired. New, yes.....but is it any good? You be the judge.

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Everyone knows the Yankees are looking for pitching, but I think the author of that trade proposal values all players mentioned a lot differently then Yankees fans. The trade proposal mentioned is this: RHP Carlos Martinez to the Yankees for LHP Justus Sheffield, 3B Miguel Andujar, RHP Domingo Acevedo and RHP Cody Carroll. Interesting, right?

Now, the author makes the point that we all know to be true, behind Luis Severino and arguably CC Sabathia the rotation is an area of weakness and yes Sonny Gray can't be trusted. There have been rumors that the Cardinals may consider moving Carlos Martinez if they don't turn things around. They are 7.5 games behind the Cubs in the NL Central and may decide to sell. If so, that would make him an interesting option in a non-existing pitching market. He's not the biggest name but apparently he might be worth a king's ransom according to the trade proposal.

So what is so great about Martinez? He had good years from 2015-2017 and he was an All-Star in two of those seasons. He is a work horse, and has averaged 176 innings in his career hitting his highest 205 innings last season and is a strikeout pitcher. Last season he had 217 strikeouts. He also doesn't give up a lot of home runs except last year he gave up an unusually high amount of home runs at 27, this season he's only given up four. He also doesn't have a long injury history. This may he had a right lat strain that put him on the 10 day disabled list and in September of 2015 he had a right shoulder strain where he was out for 60 days. Nothing too alarming.

So on paper he looks pretty good. It would be interesting to see if he could keep the home runs down at Yankee stadium. He's definitely got some value, but I would argue so do Sheffield and Andujar which the author doesn't seem to be as convinced as we are at BYB. In the proposal, the author is very stuck on their rankings. Sure, Andujar barely cracked the top 100 and Sheffield isn't in MLB's top 25 but as I have stated in other pieces.....rankings are just a number.

Not all top prospects live up to the hype as previously stated in another piece, read THAT ANDUJAR FOR JACOB DEGROM TRADE IDEA IS BACK AGAIN. The ranking stat is completely meaningless after 120 major league at bats and he has been a big reason why the Yankees have been so successful. He's the reason Brandon Drury lost a starting role....and he is a successful big leaguer now, forget about being a prospect.

As for Sheffield, who cares if he isn't in MLB's top 25? The Yoan Moncada comparison comes back again. He was once a top prospect and he didn't pan out. The Red Sox were so unimpressed they shipped him off to the White Sox. Rankings don't mean anything! I will tell you what does mean something though....the Yankees confidence in this kid. The Yankees need pitching right? So trading him for Martinez doesn't accomplish getting and keeping quality pitching long term. Sheffield could be a long term solution for the Yankees and he could be a damn good pitcher.

So, interesting trade proposal, right? I wouldn't say it makes the most sense with the players proposed in the trade but that's what keeps us so interested in the rumor mill. Sorry St. Louis.....if I were a betting woman I would say the best chance that you have at getting a Yankee right now is Joe Girardi as you new skipper.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


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Manny Machado is not going to the Yankees.  He's going out west... to the Los Angeles Dodgers. And if you were watching last night's All-Star game, you heard the rumors and weird conversations about the rumor until it was finally... kind of made official.

SNY has a good write up about this:

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"Rosenthal tweeted that "Machado to #Dodgers happening," while Michael Duarte of NBC LA reported, citing sources, that the deal is "complete." The Yankees were among several teams with intest in Machado, who represented the Orioles in the All-Star game on Tuesday night. According to SNY's Andy Martino, the Yankees could have acquired Machado if LHP Justus Sheffield was a part of the deal, but they were not willing to trade him."

And if you love anything about Brian Cashman, it's this... he is refusing to part with young guys that they see a return on.  Sheffield is one of those guys.  Respect that... it's a terrific strategy.

My favorite tweet of the day came from this guy:

I think he needs a physical.  Even earlier in the day yesterday, no one believed that. So...have your way with him. So silly.

So yeah... Manny to the Dodgers.  Good for the Dodgers. As far as the Yankees? The timing was wrong, and to be honest... we have Didi... we don't need the guy.

We move on.

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