Wednesday, November 29, 2023


The off-season rumor mill sucks when it comes to the MLB and the New York Yankees. One BYB Facebook reader wrote this the other day.

Bill Waterhouse is not wrong.  If you see that BYB doesn't write every day in the off-season, it's because 90% of the stories that are coming from baseball insiders is click bait and really not even true.  It's a game and you're all falling for it.  For us, journalists, bloggers, we have to report on some of it and we do if we find it interesting, but again, Bill Waterhouse is not wrong. In fact, I appreciate him for saying it.

But now I have to share a story that piqued my interest a lot, because it has everything to do with rumor, and some of that rumor has to do with the Yankees unloading prospects. True, not true, I don't care. What I do care about is stating for the record that the Yankees made a huge deal about guys like Anthony Volpe and Jasson Dominguez and now those two names are being floated as players that may be moved in a way to claim Juan Soto.  amNew York writes this gem. But the original story comes from Andy Martino who I'd love to strap a lie-detector test on him because I know he's full of it. But for part of my opinion on this story, let me share what was said:

"According to SNY’s Andy Martino on Wednesday, the Yankees and San Diego Padres have begun “exchanging names,” on a potential trade that would send Juan Soto to the Bronx...

The Yankees could offer the likes of Jasson Dominguez and Anthony Volpe to headline the prospect pool while younger pitchers like Clarke Schmidt and Michael King could be floated as well, per Martino."

So, with everything the Yankees are trying to build to make this team better, why would we give away prospects we have touted for a guy that is a big question mark in the Bronx?  Let's not forget the years of 1996, 1998, 1999 for instance.  A mixture of new free agents and young guys who had a chance to make an impact.  The mixture was crucial to the championship run we all witnessed.  Losing guys that could repeat, the Jeters and Marianos in this new generation would be a mistake, just like when Stick Michael blocked George from shipping them out of the Bronx in the 90's. We need our young guys today. They actually helped our team this past season! 

And so that's why if this rumor is true, it's just another indication that Brian Cashman is truly clueless.  

Now look, I know we need some big boppers and I know that Soto is a trade and not a free agent and we got to give something up for something good... but then maybe this isn't the move for the Yankees?  Think about 2009.  The Yankees signed 4 free agents and won a championship.  Keeping the younger guys and adding to them feels like a better move.

Now look, I'm in the minority here, but I'd be fine with the Yankees sending Volpe to San Diego.  I'm not a huge fan, I don't like to way he presents himself; he comes off as a big dork with the press; he's not lights out and I feel like the guy isn't some superstar we all think he is.  But I respect ANYONE who likes him and wants him in New York.  But what's more... why do we need to make trades to make our team better? We're the New York Yankees. We have money.  Sign some important free agents and mix them in with our young guys.  That would be a helluva lot better than trading away the farm we've been building, wouldn't it?

Look, time will tell... I just know that I want our team to be better and right now we're doing a whole lot of nothing, and fans are angry.  

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