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We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue are not going to make up stories about Aaron Judge. We're not going to write an article every time he meets with a team, and we are not going to try and compare numbers and speculate whether he stays in the Bronx or leaves. In fact, all of that will be done here in one post and then we will be very careful how we share that information with our audience going forward. Why? I'll tell you why. Because the world of misinformation and speculation is irresponsible and sad and to be honest, it's click bait. 

We do not care. We will not fall into that trap and we will not lead you on here at BYB.  It's November 23, 2022.  This is what we know about Aaron Judge and this is the LAST TIME we will break it down for all of you here at BYB with all the information that has come forward from responsible journalists:

1.  Bryan Hoch:

"Cashman revealed that the Yankees extended an updated contract offer to Judge, who turned down a seven-year, $213.5 million extension in March. Negotiations reopened the day after the Yanks’ elimination in the AL Championship Series, according to Cashman, who declined to provide the terms of the club’s new offer.

“We’re in real time, so we’re on the clock,” Cashman said. “We’re certainly not going to mess around. Of course we’ve made an offer since Spring Training. If it hasn’t been said clearly, [managing general partner] Hal Steinbrenner has had face-to-face [time] with Aaron Judge and I’ve engaged with his agents.”

Steinbrenner told Judge “that I want him to be the Yankee for the rest of his life. The rest is up to him and his family and where they want to go from here,” Steinbrenner said. “But we’re going to do what we can, I can assure you.”

Judge said on Thursday that the chat with Steinbrenner represented “a great sign for me in this process.”

2. Dodgers Nation writes:

The Athletic MLB writer Jim Bowden listed five potential landing spots for the 6’7 outfielder, and the LA Dodgers come in at number two on the list; Bowden writes

“However, Judge is the type of player they [Dodgers] would be willing to go to eight years for, like they were with Betts, who signed a 12-year, $365 million extension in 2020. They are a real threat to offer a deal that could persuade Judge to leave the Yankees.”

3. Jon Morosi:

Now what does it mean? Nothing. Judge's parents live in Linden, CA. It's an hour and a half from San Francisco.  Is it weird that he'd be in SF? No. Does he have a meeting with the Giants to test the free agent market? Absolutely.

The Dodgers made an offer to Judge already... and it was rejected. This is a rumor, but for the purposes of this article and exercise, we will report it.

"A source informs me that the Dodgers, knowing that Judge Aaron Judge dreams of playing in California, offered him $214 million this week, he and his agent turned it down, Judge is meeting with the San Francisco Giants to hear their offer, the Yankees continue waiting for him."

Ramon D. Carmona, a quote "Dominican news producer for international networks for 27 years" reported that. Dare I say there has NEVER been an indication that Judge DREAMS of playing in California.

Jeff Snider of Inside the Dodgers states:

"$214 million was probably a five- or six-year offer. Five years would put it at just under $43 million AAV, while six years would be just under $36 million. A five-year offer in that range would be in keeping with L.A.'s rumored preference of a shorter-term, higher-dollar deal.

It's not surprising that Judge turned down this deal, if the report is accurate. While he might not get $43 million per year, he will certainly receive offers well above $214 million in overall value."

"According to sources, the reigning American League MVP will meet with the Giants on Tuesday, sitting down with a club expected to be one of the Yankees’ biggest competitors to sign the superstar.

San Francisco has plenty of payroll flexibility this offseason, something president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi discussed this month at the General Managers Meetings, without specifically mentioning Judge or any other player.

“From a financial standpoint, there’s nobody that would be out of our capability to kind of meet what we expect the contract demands will be,” Zaidi said. “It’ll just be a question of whether there’s mutual interest and how we put together the best possible team.”

Judge is believed to be seeking a deal of at least eight years with an average annual value exceeding $40 million."

We wrote this, October 15, 2022:

"I have a source, a friend, that works for the San Francisco Giants. I will not reveal his name. I will only reveal what the buzz is and what he's hearing on the ground out there. He is not privy to private meetings. This is water cooler rumor, but still a pretty big one I want to share. The phrase he used with me is this:

"It's very real. Judge will be a San Francisco Giant next year."

I asked him why. He would not tell me. I asked him to give me more. He said he didn't have anything more. He told me to "trust him" and said it will come down to the contract, something Judge "could not walk away from."

With all of this, remember, EVERY SINGLE PART OF THIS STORY IS SPECULATION AND CLICK BAIT. I was merely sharing it in one post as we will not be the ones spreading crap every day just to get clicks.

Read it, absorb it and if you're a Yankee fan, say a prayer our boy comes back. We love Judge in pinstripes. The Yankees have a lot of work to do.

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  1. The Yankees could save money by not signing Judge,and use the money on acquiring other talent to build a complete team.Another words teams have to move on from player's.


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