Saturday, November 12, 2022


We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue used to rip on Robinson Cano when he didn't run hard to first base.  Cano ended up leaving New York for Seattle and became their problem. 

Then we heard about Gary Sanchez being in the minor leagues and back then it was reported that he was lazy.  By 2018 I called him out in YES, THE PROBLEM IS SANCHEZ IS TOTALLY LAZY.

Yankee fans don't like lazy players. The thinking is you make it to the Yankees, one of the most storied franchises in the MLB, and jogging is not supposed to be a thing.  Well, enter Jasson Dominguez, who, according to one scout, isn't working too hard in the Arizona League.  Why? Who knows... but one thing I do know is he better turn that shit around quick.

"The 20-year-old Dominican switch-hitter put on a show at the Futures Game blasting a long homer at Dodger Stadium and was the hitting star of the Somerset Patriots’ Eastern League championship run with a .450 average, three homers and 10 RBI in five games...

And now for the cherry on top …

Well, it’s been a little sour because Dominguez hit just .159 with no homers in 20 games facing other blue-chip prospects in the Arizona Fall League, which wrapped up its season this week. Of course, Dominguez was one of two 19-year-olds in the AFL, so he faced more polished players.

However, it doesn’t take experience to hustle, and according to a scout who’s been watching Dominguez in Arizona, running hard to first base on groundballs hasn’t been in his repertoire. Scouts who watched Dominguez the two seasons in A-ball have echoed the same thing.

I just wish he would run hard when he hits groundballs. I timed him one time running just average. First to third? He runs hard. He’ll steal a base. But he doesn’t run out groundballs. He runs his 4.4 down to first. I want to see him go out there and play like his hair is on fire one day... The tools are there, but he’s not close to being Major League ready. I’d start him next season back in Double-A and keep him there the whole year.”

Did you catch that? "...he’s not close to being Major League ready. I’d start him next season back in Double-A". That's significant for anyone who thinks this guy is MLB ready.

Hustle matters.  It's like when I was picked up by ESPN magazine because I said Robinson Cano was lazy, and dummy Peter Keating of ESPN said I was the old man yelling to get off my lawn.  Keating's claim was to give Cano a break... he was pacing himself because 162 games is a lot in a season. Well... this is a guy who works with a laptop. Keating was never an athlete, you can tell. Keating also doesn't compete like these players. He just works on story deadlines. Must be nice to know about nothing you're writing about, huh Pete?

Hustle matters. You Hustle to be the best. You get signed and don't hustle? That is what I call a problem.  Gary Sanchez may have been one of the laziest catchers I have ever seen. And the Yankees saw it too... because he's out of the Bronx.  

I just hope Jasson can turn it around. Seems like he's already buying into his own hype, and he hasn't even played a major league game yet... that's a problem.  Gotta fix that Jasson.

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  1. I blame the leadership of the teams who look the other way.


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