Thursday, May 19, 2022


Carlos Beltran is back, or trying to get back to a job in baseball that he actually wants. For now he has to be satisfied with calling the game from the broadcast booth while I am very unsatisfied with him on my tv screen. This is just a stepping stone though for what comes next. He just isn't admitting that.

Although, Beltran says he's "not sure," you can read more HERE. Who is really buying that though? Not me. Not from Mr. Cheater himself. It's all just an act and he wants everyone to believe in his words and his broadcasting 'talent.' Here's what he wants everyone to believe:

"Honestly, I’m taking this step-by-step," Beltran said of his future in the game. "I think if I show interest, there are gonna be opportunities. Right now, I’m satisfied with what I’m doing. I want to give [broadcasting] a shot and see where it goes. … But I might want to really pursue being back [in the dugout]. I have to make a decision and decide what I want. Right now, I don’t really know. But I love being around baseball."

Translation: I know there will be interest, but I need to buy some time. Until then, this is how I keep myself relevant. I want to get back in the dugout, I want that jersey on my back. I remember how it felt when I was introduced as manager of the Mets. I just need to wait a little while longer to get what I really want.

Beltran still feels singled out from the 2017 ASSTROS cheating scandal and he really wishes we would all stop reminding him about it.
"I don’t really want to get deep into that. I would not go anywhere with that. I hope people have seen how I feel about how everything played out and the person I am. What happened, everyone knows what happened. It was a team. The fact I was in trouble [as the only player], that’s the hard part. But I’ve got to move forward."

Translation: I'm not going to talk about this anymore. This was done by the entire team, not just me. I have done my time and served my suspension. I was singled out and I just want to everyone to stop talking about it.

At the end of this awful YES Network broadcasting experiment there will be another managing opportunity for crying Beltran. Everyone else in this scandal got a second chance and he will too. He has no skills in the booth at all, so if he wants to stay in baseball what else is he going to do? Some stupid team is going to take a chance. Until then....I count down the days until I no longer have to hear his babbling nonsense. THAT truly can't come soon enough.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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