Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Fire Hal. Fire Cashman. Fire Boone. Fuck this team. 

The Yankees don't need Joey Gallo. The Yankees need a solid contact hitter OR a DOMINANT PITCHER! We are doomed.  What has happened to my New York Yankees? We have turned soft and complacent... even in the front office.

We love Jeff Passan here at BYB. He tweeted this a short time ago:

Mind you. I was on the phone trying to find out that this wasn't true. It was. I wanna kill myself. Can this season be any worse? 

If we wanted a power hitter we can look at guys like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. And if we wanna play alittle small ball, score some freaking runs, run alittle, make plays, we could look at a move like Trevor Story, who can also FIELD THE FUCKING BASEBALL AND HIT ONE AND NOT INTERCHANGE HOMERS FOR STRIKEOUTS. What are we doing here???

You gotta wonder what is going through the mind of the Yankee brass right now.  We all thought Hank Steinbrenner was the fuck up. Everyone in Yankee corporate headquarters must have COVID brain right now because they have BLOWN IT!. 

It's clear to me that they really have no idea how to turn this team around. And the only thing they can think of is to TRY AND WOW A YANKEE FAN BASE WITH A FEW HOME RUNS THAT WON'T MATTER BECAUSE WE'RE 9 GAMES OUT. The problem is the manager. Get a few pieces to bring the team consistency and a manager who can actually lead and you will win. Right now they have no clue what's happening with their team. I won't go to a single game the rest of the season. No Way!

This is disgraceful. 

Meanwhile, BYB is hearing from many folks that the Tampa Bay Rays are close to Max Scherzer. No idea is this is true. No idea is this is happening but I can tell you this...  if the Tamp Bay Rays get MAX SCHERZER, OUR SEASON IS FINISHED... not just in 2021, but beyond!

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  1. It's a shame Max won't play for us. Rays will be team to beat if they get Max


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