Saturday, April 17, 2021


Fans don't like last place.  That's it. You invest money and time into a team. These are major leaguers. They are at the top of their game. And then, they suck. And so, fans hate that. 

And so last night, fans went off.  And good for them.

Yahoo Sports writes:

"The New York Yankees had their game against the Tampa Bay Rays paused in the eighth inning on Friday. The reason: a mob of irate fans hurling baseballs onto the field...

The Yankees would eventually lose 8-2, knocking them into sole possession of last place at 5-8."

And Ken Davidoff of the New York Post writes:

"What an embarrassing display of baseball Friday night at Yankee Stadium. What a shocking, distressing start to the Yankees’ season. This early in the schedule, they are threatening impressively to post the sort of nightmarish campaign, with the attendant consequences, they haven’t registered in a generation.

Their return home marked a new low point, an 8-2 debacle of a defeat to the rival Rays that featured three errors, three hits and enough boos — all of them deserved — from the announced Yankee Stadium crowd of 10,202 to fill a non-pandemic sellout crowd. Naturally, a few fans ultimately debased themselves, too, by throwing baseballs onto the field in the bottom of the eighth inning, prompting a delay in play and a polite urging from public-address announcer Paul Olden to quit the nonsense.

“We’ve got to pick it up,” Giancarlo Stanton said."

And that's what the fans were saying last night.  PICK IT UP.  We can sit here and try and scream at the fans for safety and "how dare they" all we want. But frustration is a real thing.  Now think about frustration after a year long pandemic. I don't blame them.  More over, the Yankees need to probably take note and come out today ready to play good baseball.  

No one likes a loser... and the Yankees are that.  So here's the thing... no more excuses. Come to play and win. You want the fans to stop throwing baseballs? Win. It's pretty simple.


  1. The Yankees do suck. Turning our attention to how to fix the issues at hand internally is the challenge.

    1. Release Jay Bruce
    2. Promote Chris Gittens & return DJ to 2B permanently.
    3. We actually wanted Lindor not Odor. Dump Odor also.
    4. Bring Wade back up as the UIF
    5. Give King the 5th Starter Job for now.
    6. Nelson is not a "pitcher" He needs more time. He's got good velocity but he needs to learn how to pitch and keep his composure and be crafty. He's not ready for the big leagues yet. Demote him.
    7. Kick the tires on trading Torres for Corey Seater If the dodgers are willing to do it. Then lock him up long term. Not moving on Lindor this year was a decision that Brian Cashman made based on financial constraints. Time to pull the plug on Torres -- The Yankees are very weak defensively and between a good shortstop and Gittens Who is a terrific defensive first baseman and he can hit. Ford needs to reestablish himself in the minors and I'm putting defense before offense here butI feel very good about Gittens getting a cup of coffee that I feel like he's earned.
    8. Stop sitting Stanton. True he is in a little bit of a funk but he's the best hitter on the team. He needs to be in that lineup every gosh darn day if he's just going to DH. He doesn't need rest. He's just swinging the bat.
    9. Stop over resting everybody. Put the screws to these guys and make them perform. If they don't perform get rid of them.
    10. Look at trading Clint Frazier for a left-handed hitting good outfielder and if you have to package some prospects with him, do it.


  2. The Yankees could live with trading Clint Frazier because they went and signed Gardner. Too many right-handed home run or bus hitters in this lineup. Somebody's got to drop the boom on this and cut the crap. Maybe talk to the Pirates for other teams that have solid left-handed hitting outfielders who could be an upgrade over Gardy.

    Maybe integrate Stanton into the outfield and have him play right field and perhaps Judge left field. When Voit returns he could potentially be the DH. I'm not partying with Gittens at first base because he's too good of a defender and a huge concern with the Yankees is poor defense.

    It won't be long before certain teams are slipping out of contention and these trades that I'm talking about could be initiated for fair return.

  3. The number of errors that the Yankees defense is making is simply not tolerable. From shortstop to second base when DJ LeMahieu isn't there, to first base to Sanchez at Catcher is flat out awful.

    This isn't going to change. This team is going to make a million errors and they're going to have to hit their way to Victory in spite of this & Not to mention the routinely poor starting pitching.

    The Yankees passed on Wheeler. They passed on Ryu. They passed on Corbin...etc. This is what you get when you do that! High upside guys who haven't pitched in several years. The strategy itself isn't bad given that Cashman and Steinbrenner passed on all the talent they could have secured.

    It's fair to say that neither of these two knuckleheads knows how to build a rotation. Nor do they know how to put out a balanced lineup. And lastly, nor do they know how to field a good defensive team even though they have the pieces internally to begin to fix things.

    Who is tolerating this? Hal??? Hello!!

  4. If NY brings up Ford I'm literally going to stop watching games for quite a while. He's done nothing to earn the promotion and quite frankly, it looks to me like he needs to play everyday in the minors & begin to show he's over the fun k he's been in for the past year and a half.

    The naysayer crowd will clamor that Girrens hasn't even played AAA baseball yet but based on his age, his defense, his power and his overall demeanor so what? He can hit Major League pitching. And even if he struggles a little bit with his average at least he'll be playing good defense, unlike Ford and certainly unlike Bruce. Fixing this mess starts with Gittens.


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